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Drumming whether done as a hobby or a serious music lesson helps a child improve their motor skills in that they slowly improve their hand to eye coordination and the best of its all is that drumming is fun.

As parents we love asking our kids what they will be when they grow up, knowing very well that they are not smart enough to figure out what they want to become in future. So give them a toy stethoscope and she is a doctor, give them a writing board and he is a teacher, give them a doll and they want to play housewife.

Surprisingly is that they do well in all these roles, so as we try to help them find their footing, have you ever thought of getting your toddler a drumming set; you never know you could be bringing up the next Ringo Starr who currently boasts of a net worth of about $300 million. And besides, drums are a welcome form of play because they promote the forging of social relationships, as the kids will want to entertain their friends or siblings.

Remember that kids will love hitting that drum for as long it produces noise that might throw you off as a parent, lack of rhythm can sound like noise.

The above notwithstanding the benefits of drumming outweighs its cons, the reason we are sampling the best toddler drum sets to help you find the perfect kit for your toddler.

Comparison Table for the Best Toddler Drum Set

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Prextex Kids’ Electric Toy Drum Set for Kids
Drum height 24 inches
12 Piece Kids Jazz Drum Set
3+ years old
Union DBJ3067(DB) 3-Piece Toy Drum
For ages 3 going up
8″ x 13″ Bass Drum

5″ x 8.5″ Tom Tom

5″ x 8.5″ Tom Tom

Dimple Electric Drum Set


3 years and older
Drum height 24 inches

Stool height 8 inches

WolVol Electric Drum Set for Kids


3 years and up
B. toys – Drumroll Please
For kids 18 months and above

Reviews of the best Toddler Drum Set

Prextex Kids’ Electric Toy Drum Set for Kids

Prextex Kids electric toy drum set is quite colorful, you can be sure that kids between the ages of 4 and 12 will definitely get attracted. The cosmetic design is on point more especially the cute flowery stool, the drum set has incorporated a microphone and up to three drumming pads, and each of them has been configured to produce a unique sound.

While most kids might prefer to stand while playing the drum sets; the flowery stool literary begs the toddlers to sit on it.

Other accompaniments meant to make the drumming session lively are the two drum sticks and the pedal like addition, which the older kids of ages 8 and above will be able to fully mimic a drumming session in a live performance. The educational drumming set will keep the kids occupied for a long while thanks to the working microphone, and the 4 light-up music modes.

The unit’s quality is superb, super easy to assemble and the manufacturer has incorporated only the kid-friendly materials; this drumset can be used by both boys and girls.


  • Comes with in-built songs
  • Assembly and use is pretty easy
  • The drumming set is age-appropriate
  • The live microphone is very entertaining


  • The mic has a short shelf life
  • The sound quits with minimal use


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12 Piece Kids Jazz Drum Set

The 12 Pieces kids jazz drum set, is a reflection of the real jazz drum set, and is, therefore, the perfect unit for kids who have shown immense interest in music. The kit comes equipped with up to 5 snare and bass drums, a comfortable kick pedal meant to bring out the real feel of playing the real instrument.

The kids also get a comfortable chair, a cymbal and up to two drumsticks, the above are a perfect combination of fun and education and you can be sure that your kids will have maximum fun as they can create song lines to go with the beats. Notice the 12 pieces, well this is exactly what you need to stimulate your child’s creativity, motor skills, and the eye to hand coordination.

All the safety measures observed as concerns the materials used in the manufacture of the drum set, durability has been enhanced through the use of chromium rims, and durable plastic making it a worthy investment.


  • The drums are entertainingly loud
  • Great price for a great drum
  • Made with good quality durable plastic material
  • Develops a child’s physical and cognitive senses.


  • The sizing is somehow small
  • Breaks into pieces when used with stronger arms


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Union DBJ3067 (DB) Toy Drum Set

Union DBJ3067 series is a 3 piece complete toy drum set that will require mounting hardware for the cymbal, the adjustable throne, the bass drum spurs, the tom and snare, and the bass drum pedal. Accompanying accessories include the drumming sticks and the drum tuning key. Union drum set is among the few kids kit that comes in different colors, and parents can, therefore, pick between metallic red, pink, and metallic dark blue.

Judging by the price of $109.99, we must say it is a bit expensive but with reason, for example, all the materials used to construct the drum are of the highest quality, meaning it can survive the drumming torture of the 3yr olds going up. Important to note is that the Union drum set is a real tunable drum, and once your child has mastered playing the UT3, you can get them the UJ3, the UJ5, or the U5 all of which are upgrades.

Assembly might be a little headache but it comes with all the relevant equipment to be used once out of the box.


  • The best drumming set for kids who are just starting out
  • Offers value for money
  • Produces a good kind of noise
  • The union drum set is a good quality birthday gift


  • The seat doesn’t have cushioning
  • The kickstand is not exactly stable


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Dimple Electric Drum Set

The dimple electric big toy drum set is characteristic of 3 different types of drums, each of which has assumed a different position, the kids also get two mallets, that they can use to hammer away their best beats, and as they engage the drums they can take a comfortable position on the cute hefty seat.

And to make the session more entertaining the drum set has incorporated up to 5 buttons specially configured to modify the sound effects of the drum, creating a more realistic experience for the drummer. The configurations of the drum set such as the incorporated music buttons will help your child unleash their creativity either by playing the drum with the background music or by playing the drums only.

Hand and eye coordination is among the cognitive skills that your child will greatly develop. The drum height runs up to 24 inches, which is a good height from the ground and a bit higher from the seat that runs up to 8 inches high. The height combination is perfect for the kids as they can easily interact with the drum set.


  • The kids will enjoy up to 5 different background songs
  • The incorporated microphone makes using the set interesting
  • The drum set works perfectly
  • Helps calm kids and keeps them occupied


  • The drum sets break easily
  • Less actual drum sound


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WolVol Electric Drum Set for Kids

Toddlers love music and you will notice that they are always startled and entertained by the music on their walkers, so as they grow up how about you continue with the culture and introduce them to the Wolvol electric big toy drum set for kids, and let them bust some music that they sing in school and with their friends as they play.

The unit comes complete with a movable microphone, and drums sticks that will keep the kids physically active. The set also features a stool, for the kids to get comfortable as they interact with the drum set. Apart from the kids playing their music, the unit has also been equipped with tons of good beats, melodies, and the kid’s favorite songs, which keeps them entertained for extended periods.

And apart from the bright attractive colors that the drum is made of, the manufacturer included differently colored stars at the top part and which light up enhancing the overall drumming experience.


  • The WolVol electric is a good development toy
  • The drum set kit is durable
  • A good size for use even with the 2-year-olds
  • Helps nurture musical talent


  • The drum pads are not as durable
  • The size is a bit small for some of the three-year-olds going up


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Toys – Drumroll Please

The B. toys drumroll please is quite unique but functional nonetheless, the portable parade kit is equipped with up to 7 musical instruments for the toddlers. The 7 pieces are inclusive of a tambourine, drum sticks, shaka eggs, whistle, and the castanets. The drum doubles up as a carry case and has a strap that makes it easy for use, and the kid will, therefore, hang it on their neck.

The other seven instruments can be used in conjunction with the drum and that is where your child will now be able to think creatively and consequently strengthen their hand to eye coordination. For the toddlers, the B-toys drum rolls is the best unit because it has incorporated other smaller toys that will keep the child busy once they get bored with the drum or the shaka-shaka egg.


  • kids can have fun while on the move
  • Has incorporated a sturdy design
  • The best toy for a child’s brain development
  • The toys are made of good quality material


  • The material quality is not the best
  • Some of the toys such as the egg do not even make the needed noise


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Factors to consider when choosing toddler drum sets

Quality- when it comes to the drum sets, the quality of a particular set has two aspects, one is in terms of the materials used to manufacture, whether they are harmless to the kids if they accidentally find their way into the kid’s mouth. Then we have quality in terms of build and durability both of which must be considered.

Toddler age- the idea here is to get a drum set that resonates with the age of your child, it should, therefore, be neither too big nor too small. The right size toy will be beneficial in three different ways, for one it will develop your child intellectually and help with cognitive and physical development.

Affordability- some of the best drum sets are too expensive and will be in pieces in less than two weeks, while the other cheaper sets are more sturdy, easy to use, and durable. So, a little research before the final purchase is necessary.


Toddler drum sets are available with size variations, but regardless of the age of a child all the drum sets are beneficial and will keep your child engaged and entertained for a long while. Parents should therefore find a drum set that will not damage their bank balance only for the child to get bored with it in a short time of two weeks. During purchase, other additions should be considered, such as the drumsticks or the seats.


  1. What is the best age range for the toddler drums?

The best age range is 2 years

  1. Do all the toddler drum sets need assembling?

Most of the toddler drum sets must be assembled and others will come with simple mounting hardware.

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