Best Tablets for Musicians

You will need a tablet that can accommodate all forms of daily use, whether you’re looking for the best tablet for your jam sessions, the best tablet for viewing sheet music, or even the best tablet for using as a handheld recording studio. At present where Apple maintains an undeniable monopoly on the tablet industry, the tablets included in this guide will demonstrate that Microsoft and Android aren’t ready to submit. So lets have a look at the best tablets for musicians.

Buying Guide

Here you get to know about the top five ways you can use your tablet, especially for them who are musically inclined.

Sheet Music

Bring yourself up to speed. It’s no longer 1999. Using all the sheet music with tablature printouts cluttering up your room is a headache and a waste of time. Many electronic sheet music applications also allow users to replay sheets, transpose ratings and even build set lists in addition to reading chord charts having scores and lyrics.

Sound Tools and Apps

Digital audio, multi-track processing applications, synths, metronome, countdown, amp modelers, on tablets, they’re very easy to use. Any time you try to do some of your musical thing, it’s a hassle to pull out a laptop or plod to the next room and sit at a desktop. Investing in a compact, light-weight tablet eliminates all of these nagging issues, allowing you to spend more time playing or listening. 

Music Player

Want to master the groove in a new guitar song you’re learning? Pick your tablet, boot up your favorite music player, and start jamming. If you listen to music from your own music library and are seeking inspiration from online music applications, your tablet can provide you with a plethora of options.


Tablets are among the top devices any musician must have, whether you’d like to record routine rehearsal progress footage, catalog song inspiration, or produce multi-track studio outputs. It is because combining a tablet with accessories like the iRig or Sonic Port of Line 6 as well as your favorite audio tech applications, makes it simpler than ever to record music out and about.

Online Tutorials or Youtube

The majority of what you’d like to know is set out in some video anywhere online, including how to play an intro rhythm as well as how to alter the bpm of your new music app. So, be it for work, studying, or just general browsing, a tablet will be a smart choice. Glancing down at your mobile would be a thing of the past with the extra screen space.

Hold Meetings

Although you should typically pay attention at meetings tablets is indeed a perfect way for taking notes discreetly and play Flappy Bird in silent mode when meetings get dull.

For Traveling

Tablets normally connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or 3G, and their big screen, including storage capacity are ideal for guides, maps and dictionaries. Consider the tablet as your companion to Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.

Best Tablets for Musicians

If you’re looking for a multi-tasking audio processing system or just want to relax while enjoying YouTube videos, take a look into six of the best tablets for musicians.

Product Name
Price Range
Buy Now
Microsoft Surface Pro 6
  • Comes with a 13.5 hours of battery life
  • Intel Core Processor of 8th generation that allows multitasking
  • Designed with a 12.3 inches screen, a RAM of 16GB, a storage space of 512 GB and uses the Intel UHD Graphics
Apple iPad Pro 11
  •  Has a battery exceeding a capacity of 80 percent
  • Comes with a RAM of 6GB, a storage space of 512 GB
  • Screen size is 12.9 inches
Samsung Galaxy P610
  • Comes with a S pen
  • Has a screen resolution of 1600×2560
  • A memory space of 6/8 GB and a storage space of 256 GB
Apple iPad Air
  • Has a LED backlit display with a 10.5 inches screen
  • Screen resolution of 1668×2224
  • Contains a drive space of 64 GB
Fire HD 10
  • Features a 10.1 inches HD display of 1080p resolution
  • Designed with a Quad Core Processor of 1.8 GHz
  • Memory storage of 2 GB with a battery life of 10 hours
Sony Xperia Z
  •  Quad core processor with 10.1 inches screen
  • Built with Exmor camera
  • Uses a Snapdragon S4 processor

Tablets for Musicians1. Microsoft Surface Pro 6

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Are you considering switching from your desktop or Windows laptop to a new tablet but are unsure if it will meet your needs? Microsoft’s new Surface Pro is certainly up to that challenge. And there’s more!

Microsoft’s latest tablet offers long battery life with complete notebook features thanks to an integrated kickstand, detachable keyboard and a customizable Surface Pen.

If you’re aiming for a tablet to produce music and are curious about the consistency and capabilities of the Surface Pro, you’re in good hands. There are three processor configurations to pick from, Intel m3, intel i5, and intel i7, as well as a variety of memory and storage options.

The Intel Core i7 alternative with a RAM of 16 GB and a large 1TB SSD can comfortably handle any CPU-intensive programs launched at it, making it ideal for musicians and music producers who are passionate about their work.


  • Long-lasting battery
  • There are a variety of system configurations to pick from
  • Can multitask without slowing the device down


  • The tablet is a little thicker than most
  • Does not contain the Windows 10 Pro

2. Apple iPad Pro 11

Tablets for Musicians

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The Apple iPad Pro has been a big name with in the tablet industry for years, thanks to its popularity with both professional musicians as well as the general public. If budget is not a concern for you, the iPad Pro has to be your first option to consider due to its whopping great screen, quick processing speed, including commanding choice for games.

The iPad Pro 11 can be used with a Smart Keyboard as well as an Apple Pencil to turn it into something from an audio mixing workspace to even a live recording system for musicians.

The high-resolution 2048 x 2732 touchscreen monitor makes it possible to have multiple screen windows open around the same time on your handheld DAW. Despite its wide 12.9 inches screen, the Pro 11 is convenient to carry around in your bag.


  • Compatible with multiple accessories
  • Displaying many app windows on its large screen is a breeze
  • Has a processor that is lightning fast


  • Battery life is average
  • Expensive

3. Samsung Galaxy P610

Tablets for Musicians

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The Galaxy Tab is a light-weight, compact tablet with results that will astound anybody who doubts Android’s ability to go the entire twelve rounds against Apple. The S6’s sleek 10.5-inch AMOLED panel with Quad AKG audio system makes working and playing a pleasure.

Multitasking from taking notes, reading emails, along with using music apps is a breeze thanks to the Snapdragon 855 cpu. Many users say that media loaded easily and could be accessed like clockwork via WiFi, from movies to music. The tablets battery life is decent.

Despite Samsung’s claims of 15 hours of battery life, normal video playback power tests have only yielded 11 hours. Since battery life remains crucial for everyone using their tablet for music production, keep in mind that you’ll get fewer than 11 hours of use if you use more power consuming applications.  


  • Light weight and portable
  • The AMOLED screen makes watching YouTube a pleasure
  • Slim, sleek and can be easily carried in your bag
  • The display is crystal clear


  • There is no headphone port
  • The back of the S Pen stylus is vulnerable to slipping off

4. Apple iPad Air

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In search of an iPad but cannot defend the iPad Pro’s exorbitant price tag? The new iPad Air will be worth your time thanks to its versatility with both a Smart Keyboard and a 1st Generation Apple Pencil. First and foremost, those of you who use heavy music processing multi-tracking applications will be delighted to learn that Apple has increased the capacity size of the Air to 64/256 GB.

Its battery life has also been improved from the old version with about 10 hours of daily usage anticipated. The screen’s smaller top glass sheet blends seamlessly on top of its LCD panel beneath thanks to a laminated display. This ensures that the colors and brightness of the screen on this new Air model come out considerably better than previous models.

So have you done your homework, found an iPad Mini, but aren’t sure which one to choose? If you’re going to use your tablet mostly for music production, the Air is the way to go. This iPad will be perfect for professionals including anyone who can’t have enough of any type of media.


  • Compatible with the first-generation Apple Pencil
  • iCloud makes it easy to install
  • Comes with a long lasting battery


  • There is no way to add more storage

5. Fire HD 10

Amazon Link Here

TheFire HD 10 by Amazon is the most affordable tablet on our list. Although it may not be a tablet of preference for professional musicians, it can comfortably meet the needs of bedroom musicians who like to use practice aid software, take notes, or browse the internet.

The Fire HD 10 comes with an improved quad-core 2GHz cpu, RAM of 2 GB, and a 12 hour battery life. Many users say that the current HD 10 seems faster than HD 7 or 8 models, owing to its increased processing speed. Reading and recording videos was even more fun on the 10.1-inch screen of 1080p resolution than on other versions.

If you like to binge watch some favorite shows and movies or stream dvds, the larger files will easily fill up your tablet’s storage capacity. Thankfully, the Fire HD 10 also accepts microSD cards having a storage capacity of 512GB, which is twice as much as the previous one.

Ultimately, Amazon’s Fire HD tablet seems ideal for those in search of a low-cost, simple-to-use tablet for casual leisure and entertainment purpose. 


  • Comes within budget
  • GPU is a significant improvement from the previous one
  • Compatible with Alexa


  • The build standard is a little shoddy
  • The camera is just 2MP, which isn’t very good

6. Sony Xperia Z

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Another tablet perfect for musicians, and also daily peeps combined, the Sony Xperia Z tablet might quickly replace your cumbersome laptop. This elegant, ultra-thin, and elegant tablet promises quick sensitive efficiency all thanks to its Snapdragon S4 processor that’ll keep pace with most other music ventures.

The Tablet is both dust resistant and waterproof, making it suitable for use in either sweaty live performances or filthiest of recording studios. It’s quick to read music sheets with lyrics, chords and regular notation with its classy 1920 x 1200 HD screen.

The Xperia Tablet Z’s easy One-touch transference would please those who choose to use their tablets as a multimedia console for other gadgets or distribute content between several monitors. Any possibility to skip the infamous wire spaghetti mess would be a success, as any artist knows.


  • Budget friendly
  • The sound quality of the S-Force 3D system is outstanding
  • The display is crystal clear
  • Carries a good sound quality


  • Not so slim and might be a bit bulky

We hope that our buying guide has given you a better view of what’s available in the market today, as well as which products from each brand you can choose. This list includes something for all, from low-cost tablets to high-end options from Samsung, Apple and Microsoft. It’s now upon you to figure out what you’ll need and which tablet will be better for you.\

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