Best Semi-Modular Synths of 2021

Semi-Modular Synth is a great equipment to customize your music. You can mix and muster tunes to create sounds however you want. You no longer have to stick within the basic tunes of instruments. You can create new tunes. 

Synthesizers had a rising popularity in the recent decades. Keeping this escalating demand in mind, the manufacturers are making synths to cater all sort of dynamic customer needs. There are synths available in tight budgets which are capable to making tunes/sounds that are authentic to hear. And there are synths that are super expensive and bring you eccentric features and high quality sound. 

Buying Guide


There are 3 formats of Modular Synth in the market. The first is the Eurorack. This format is 3U high. Then we have Moograck which is 5U high. The FracRacks are 3U high as well. Among these the most popular format is the Eurorack, this allows you to mix and muster the modules into a sole case. 

Cases and Cables

Once you have decided the format of the Semi-Modular Synth. You need to figure out the case you need. You should not take the risk of picking a small case; with a large case you can always build your dream rig. The cables are better to be short unless they will make jolts within the set up. 

Envelope Generators

It is a dynamics module of the Semi-Modular Synth that simulates all sorts of sounds to turn them into synthetic versions. This feature is very important to look into. Different envelope generators works differently, so be assertive about what need. 

Voltage Controlled Filters

To synthesize the sound the voltage does the most of the trick. There are filters installed in the Semi- Modular Synths to condense the sound in high or low pitches. The filters can be band pass, comb or notch. Each filter compresses the voltage to mix and muster the sounds. 


The amplifier uses voltage to module the sounds. It saturates the volume rate of the sounds and modules them. The strength of the amplifiers creates a lot of difference in the Semi-Modular Synths’ quality. 


Oscillators cover the low frequency sounds. These are used to capture rare sounds to feature in exotic tunes. This module is also controlled by voltage. Oscillators can be analog or digital in a Semi-Modular Synth, according to your preference.

Best Semi-Modular Synths in 2021

There are a superior number of Semi-Modular Synths available in the market. We have listed here some of the best features and insights on 5 best semi-modular synth that you can pick from.

Product Name
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Behringer Synthesizer
  • 3340 analog Oscillator 
  • Paraphonic Synthesizer 
  • 36 controls
  • 7 buttons
Korg Volca Semi Modular Synth
  • Monophonic Synthesizer 
  • Multi-touch step key
  • 16 steps and patterned sequencer
Arturia MiniBrute 2/2S
  • Analogue Synthesizer 
  • 48 patch points 
  • 2S sequencer
Moog Mother-32
  • Monophonic Synthesizer 
  • 13 buttons 
  • 1 octave
  • 64 sequences
Pittsburgh Modular Microvolt 3900
  • 16 steps Synthesizer 
  • West Coast Style 
  • Dynamic VCA
  1. Behringer Synthesizer

This Semi-Modular Synth from Behringer has a 3340 analog oscillator. This oscillator is capable of mixing and mustering 5 different shapes. It is a paraphonic synthesizer which recreates sounds of classic performance. It comes with 36 controls and 7 buttons. The synthesizer has VCA, VCF and VCO circuits that will blend tunes in your exceptional creative way.


  • Eurorack format 
  • Perfect for exploring 
  • Budget Efficient


  • No keyboard 
  • Moderately Saturated filter section

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2. Korg Volca Semi-Modular Synth

The Korg Semi-Modular Synth uses a monophonic synthesizer. It has an analogue synthesis engine, which is why it is a very user friendly synth. This battery powered device allows you to carry it around. The input port of this synth is 3.5 mm, sufficient for transferring signals independently. The envelope generator helps shape better control of capturing and realizing high quality sound. Overall, everything you need for experimenting comes in a compact box with this synth. 


  • Compact and light
  • Very experimental 
  • Budget efficient


  • Slightly difficult for the amateurs.



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  1. Arturia MiniBrute 2/2S

This Semi-Modular synth from Arturia has a full analogue engine. It has 48 patch points and includes external audio. The synthesizer has 2 VCO, 1 VCF (12db multi-mode), VCA, 2 EG (AD & ADSR), 2 LFO. The sounds blend in very smoothly in this synth. It’s also fully mapped with over 500 V-collection. The cherry on top, it also runs on battery. All in all, it is an excellent synth for beginners. Semi-Modular Synth


  • Portable and Compact 
  • Perfect for beginners 
  • Highly experimental 


  • A bit pricey

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  1. Moog Mother 

The Moog Mother is a Monophonic Synthesizer. It comes with a keyboard with 13 buttons and 1 octave. The sequencer of this synth has 32 steps and 64 sequences. The number of patch points is 32. The format of this particular synth uses a vintage moog oscillator. Its voltage control resonance is from 20Hz to 20 kHz. By using the LFO and VCO, you can create very rich sound. It however leaves room for installation of Eurorack. Semi-Modular Synth


  • Excellent sound quality 
  • Diversified analogue synth 
  • Budget efficient 


  • Comparatively bulky 

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  1. Pittsburgh Modular Microvolt

This semi modular synth from Pittsburgh has a dynamic VCA technology, the number of patch point in it is 39. It uses West Coast wavedfold to control the voltage. The oscillator can convert harmonic shapes into waveshapes. It features a unique 39 point Eurorack that regulates under a single routing control. The patch cables on this synth are systemed internally, which gives it a very organized aura. Semi-Modular Synth


  • Creative design 
  • Highly developed envelop generator 
  • Rich sound waves 


  • A bit heavyweight 

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Final Thoughts

Getting the perfect semi-modular synth that matches all your requirement can be difficult. It requires a lot of research and background checks. The varieties might get you all confused. Avoid high featured synths if you are just beginning. Once you get the hang of the tools, you will be better at figure out which features you require. 

So, the prime things to consider is how professional do you want to go with your Synthesizer.


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