Best Roll-Up Drum Kits

Whenever we imagine a drum kit, a huge setup pops up in our thoughts. Typical drum kits consist of large snares, cymbals, and toms. While they sound amazing, setting them up can be quite complicated. Not to mention the playability decreases too. Roll-up drum kits can be a solution to this problem.

Roll-up drums are portable and easy to use. That’s why it’s becoming increasingly popular among beginners as well professional drummers. Here are a few features of the best roll drum kits that are available in the market.

Product Name


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  • Solid Drum stick
  • Equipped with a MIDI controller
  • User friendly



  • Wide range of instruments
  • Dual speakers with impressive bass and audio effects
  • Comes with tons of demo songs and rhythms



  • Convenient setup
  • Innovative tap start system
  • Hand percussion mode for freehand playing



  • Stylish design
  • Versatile range of presets
  • Tons of controls and settings



  • Easily accessible settings
  • Impressive USB MIDI function
  • Volume control for adjusting the right amount of audio output



1. RockJam Drum Kit – Roll-Up Drum Kits

roll-up drum kits
RockJam Drum Kit

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About Product:

You might be wondering if a roll-up drum kit can be versatile. Well, it sounds too good to be true but this drum kit on our list offers a wide range of sounds. It comes with 9 distinct drum pads including a low floor tom and a ride cymbal to get the most amazing drumbeat. The drum kit is extremely portable as you can roll up the kit and travel anywhere you want.


  • Great demo mode
  • A plethora of drum styles
  • Very little noise


  • No indicator system for tracking

2. PAXCESS Roll Up Drum Kit – Roll-Up Drum Kits

roll-up drum kits
PAXCESS Roll Up Drum Kit

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About Product:

Double basses are a crucial part of drum kits. Drummer’s feet often go numb if there aren’t any pedals. But sadly, not many roll-up drum kits offer double basses. But don’t worry. This drum kit on our list provides 2 pedals to jam those heavy metal beats. There are a lot of percussion sounds and the overall rhythms are clean. If you are a metal music lover, this one is a definite choice for you


  • Rechargeable
  • Realistic Sound
  • Silent playing with earphone jack


  • Some delay occurs when plugged into a computer

3. Yamaha DD65 Drum Kit – Roll-Up Drum Kits

Yamaha DD65 Drum Kit

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About Product

If you are a music enthusiast and love to look for products online, one brand you will always see on the top of every list is Yamaha. Their electronic instruments are top class. This drum kit is no different. The expressive workflow and features make it one of a kind. The pedals are easy to play. The drum kit offers hundreds of custom notes and songs. If you want to expand your creative capability, then look no further.


  • The pedals sound amazing
  • You can record your drum tracks while playing
  • Perfect for expressive drumming


  • The turning selection dial doesn’t always work

4. Pyle PTED06 Drum Kit – Roll-Up Drum Kits

Pyle PTED06 Drum Kit

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About Product:

Aren’t all roll-up drum kits beginner-friendly? Well not necessarily. There are drum kits on the market that confuse you. But not this one in our list of best roll-up drum kits. It has a unique drum trainer mode that guides you through every single process. The LED display makes it much easy to find the right settings. All in all, this drum kit is a beginner’s heaven.


  • Durable body
  • Seven touch-sensitive pads
  • Compatible with most software


  • The pedals are fragile

5. Roll-Up Drum Kit – Roll-Up Drum Kits

Roll-Up Drum Kit

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About Product:

Last but not least on our list of best roll-up drum kits is this rare gem. This one is a complete package. The drum kit has an exquisite design with tons of features. But the most interesting aspect of it is the power supply. From USB charging to power adapters, you can try out any option. Its accessibility makes it a top choice for drummers all around the world.


  • Easily adjustable control panel
  • Well organized
  • Versatile power supply options


  • A bit expensive

Buying Guide:

Now that we have looked at the drum kits, let’s check out some factors before buying them.


Look for something at a decent price. As most roll-up drum kits are entry-level instruments, they shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. You can find amazing roll up drum kits at a cheap price

Number of Pads:

This is a crucial aspect to examine before thinking of purchasing your drum kit. Check how many pads the drum kits offer. Some roll drum kits include bass pedals while others don’t. It’s best to buy a drum kit with all the necessary equipment and settings.

Is It Easy to Play?

As we’ve mentioned, roll-up drum kits are known for their portability and user-friendliness. Therefore, most drum kits you will encounter should have this quality. Try avoiding the ones with complex interfaces. They do more harm than good.


You are all set to buying your first roll-up drum kit. The product has all the features and the price is cheap. But suddenly you realize that it doesn’t connect with your computer. The sorrows know no bounds when this happens. That’s why it’s a must to check out if the roll-up drum kit is compatible with your PC’s operating system or not.

Final Thoughts:

For a long time, drum kits gave people nightmares. But with the roll-up drum kit, newcomers can now try out drumming. The most important thing is you can travel anywhere with it. You can jam wherever you want. Roll-up drum kits give the freedom that most other drum kits can’t even think of providing.

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