Best Professional Drum Sets

Drum sets are probably the most complicated musical instrument to purchase with all their different sections. It does not matter whether you are a new drummer, finding the right drum set can be a hassle. In the midst of different brands and manufacturers we have identified the best ones for you so take a look.

Best Professional Drum Sets In 2021

Product name
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Sonor, 1 inch Drum Set
·        Has 7 ply maple shells

·        Tune-safe lugs

·        Minimalistic yet functional mount

DW Performance Series Low Pro 4-Piece Shell Pack
·        Shell pack with snare

·        Comparatively lightweight

·        Great performance

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5pc Drum Shell Pack
·        Available in 3 sizes

·        Best for stage performances

·        Made in China

Easter 20 Inch Drum Set
·        Available in starry blue color

·        Has double legged plated stands

·        Wooden drum frame

Pearl Roadshow
·        Available in 5 styles

·        Manufactured in 5 sleek colors

·        Set includes bunch of accessories

Pearl Masters Maple
·        Come sin 4 styles and 4 colors

·        Has a lifetime warranty

·        Comparatively pricey

Tama Superstar Classic CL52KS
·        Shell pack with drums

·        Has 22” bass drums

·        Sleek design

Roland Drum Set (VAD-306-1)
·        Sounds can be personalized

·        Space saving drum set

·        Has an acoustic design

Gretsch Drums Catalina Maple CM1
·        Available in four color options

·        Has cymbal holder and tom bracket

·        Sleek hardware designs

Tama Imperialstar IE52C 5-piece Complete Drum Se
·        Has Snare Drum and Meinl Cymbals

·        Includes hardware

·        Sleek looking drum set


1.     Sonor, 1 inch Drum Set

Sonor, 1 inch Drum Set

Sonor is a well-known European brand, famous for making high-quality musical instruments. The Sonor, 1 inch Drum Set is a clear example of that. The first thing that will attract your attention is the baby blue colorway. The matte pastel shade is really an eye-pleaser.

Or cruiser blue as Sonor likes to call it. Starting with the features it has a 22 by 17 and a half inch bass drum, 10 by 7, and 12 by 8-inch track toms. A 16 by 15-inch floor tom and a 14 by 6.5 snare drum. However, you would need to pay additional if you want to get the snare drum. The materials used on this are of high quality as can be seen on the shiny and chrome hardware.


  • Strikes the perfect balance between modern and classic.
  • USA-made Remo heads.
  • Clear single ply reso.
  • Bass drum features a clear power stroke batter.


  • You won’t be getting the full advantage of the large base drum from the player’s perspective.

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2. DW Performance Series Low Pro 4-Piece Shell Pack

DW Performance Series Low Pro 4-Piece Shell Pack

If you want to merge performance and portability in one single set then the DW Performance Series Low Pro 4-Piece Shell Pack would be the ideal option for you. It is so portable that you can almost carry it anywhere you want. The design and looks of the set are top-notch as well.

The tone-enhancing hardware looks gorgeous. Most portable drum sets do not have a good construction. However, that is not the case with this one. It has a stand braced design which ensures it does not flex, rock, or scoots away as you play while keeping the performance punch intact.

If you are someone who likes extra free stuff then you will be happy to know that there is an added 12″ snare with a stand that converts to an atom.


  • Nesting maple shells.
  • Additional 12″ convertible snare withstand.
  • Hand built in the USA.
  • The fine threaded true pitch tension rods will ensure accuracy.


  • The design might not be ideal for everyone.

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3. Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5pc Drum Shell Pack

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5pc Drum Shell Pack

If we are going to be talking about drum sets then it is mandatory that we speak about something from Yamaha. As they are the pioneers in the industry it goes without saying that their products are the best in the market. Yamaha has always provided value for money on all their products.

This is no different. The set includes the whole package including a pair of rack toms, floor tom, snare drum, and bass drum. Coming to the looks the warm tone is a signature for Yamaha instruments and it looks good on this drum set as well.

It is also well designed which you can see when you dig in the low mass lugs and how they make the shells vibrate. Overall, this is a very good all-rounder drum set that can serve all your professional needs.


  • Well crafted.
  • Stylish design
  • Only Yamaha can you give you the birch sound.
  • Low mass lugs.


  • The floor tom is a bit large.

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4. Easter 20 Inch Drum Set

Easter 20 Inch Drum Set

Drum sets these days to keep getting better and better in terms of looks. The Easter 20 Inch Drum Set is a clear example of that. This kit is ideal for intermediate professional drummers.

Most of it has to do with how the drums are constructed. It features a 10 lug construction which enhances the sound and feel of the drum. The drum cavity is made of an A+ poplar which can be swiveled around 45°and 28 precision corners. The drum frame is made from solid wood so you will get a good bang when you hit it.


  • Well made.
  • Adjustable through-drums
  • Double-legged plated stand
  • Provides a bright and clear sound.


  • Some users may expect a bit more.

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5. Pearl Roadshow

Pearl Roadshow

Don’t you absolutely hate it when you have already bought a drum set but then you have to get additional gear as well to make the drums run? However, with the Pearl Roadshow 5-Piece Complete Drum set that would not be an issue as it comes with everything that a professional might possibly need. Starting from the drums themselves to the cymbals and drum throne.

You will be getting everything in this. The shells of the drum are made from hardwood and have a hand-cut 45-degree bearing edge.

This might not seem like a major thing but it helps to create a single air resonance chamber. It only enhances the sound but also makes the drums easier to tune.


  • Double braces stand.
  • Comes with everything a drummer can possibly need.
  • Includes cymbals and sticks as well.


  • The hardware could have been better.

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6. Pearl Masters Maple

Pearl Masters Maple

Here is another set from Pearl Masters because of how good they are. All the reasons that make this model so good are down to its construction and design. This provides a nice balance of aggressive and responsive playing.

The shells are made from a 6 ply maple to ensure sensitivity, sustenance, and projection. Speaking of that, even if you are getting a different drum set, does keep in mind to get something that has a maple shell.


  • Premium shell hardware.
  • OptiMount tom suspension system.
  • High-quality finish.
  • Provides a good overall package.


  • The color could have been better.

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7. Tama Superstar Classic CL52KS

Tama Superstar Classic CL52KS

The Tama Superstar has been rocking the stages for over 40 years and for very good reasons. So let us have a look at what it offers. The design features a bold rich tone that will attract anyone.

The lugs hold very little weight and mass and they have a low profile as well. Tama’s star mount system gives you the chance to operate without the stands. And this is surely a distinguishing feature from its competitors.


  • Brand value.
  • Reliable quality.
  • MTH600 double-tom holder included
  • Stars mount system.


  • All the other hardware is sold separately.

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8. Roland Drum Set (VAD-306-1)

best professional drum sets

Roland is surely in there with the top dogs like Yamaha. This particular drum has a V-Drums Acoustic design. This will save you a lot of space. The shallow depth wood shells and double braces chrome stands will ensure the drums stay solid in space.

Sound quality is top-notch on this thanks to the TD-17 sound module that pops up expressive dynamic punching sound.


  • Provides a good balance of response and traditional acoustic with the technology of V-Drums.
  • Rubberized multi-zone V-Cymbals.
  • You can model the engine to let you tune, muffle, size, and process any piece in your kit.
  • Compact, but hardwood shells.


  • Not anything bad we could find out.

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9. Gretsch Drums Catalina Maple CM1:

best professional drum sets

The Catalina Maple has a nice walnut glaze finish and it really stands out from the rest. It also sounds great as well. Starting off, the bearing edges are 30 degrees and this is a feature usually found on expensive sets.

After testing so many drum sets we can ensure that this produces better sound than even the pricier ones. The snare and toms are equipped with 2.3mm triple-flanged hoops. While the bass drum is fitted with wood hoops. Overall, the telescopic drum legs and rubber gaskets provide a low profile for the drum set.


  • Provides good quality sound.
  • Classy low profile design.
  • Easy to mount.


  • The lugs are a bit too firm.

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10. Tama Imperialstar IE52C:

best professional drum sets

We have talked about a different model from Tama and we feel this one should be there with it as well. While other companies are trying their utmost best to add more and more features to their drum sets.

Tama has rather focused on improving the little things and the things they are good at. As this is more of a budget drum set, there might be concerns regarding the durability. Well, you can put those to rest because the Imperialstar is very well made and thanks to the 100% glued wraps it will keep your set intact at all times.


  • Affordable kit.
  • Natural warmth poplar shells.
  • Precision bearing.
  • Well-built.
  • Easy to use.


  • A better variant can be availed with a slightly increased budget

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Buying Guide for Best Professional Drum Sets

Just like every other musical instrument, you will need to keep a few things in mind for buying a drum set as well. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional drummer, finding the ideal drum set can be challenging. With so many brands and models in the market, you can easily get confused about which to choose.

If you are reading this, then you are obviously looking for a drum set for professionals. However, these days it is very difficult to distinguish between the kids and the regular variants. They might look the same at the first glance, but once you dig into the specifications you will realize there is a lot more to it than that. So do not make this mistake.

Brand Value

These days there are loads of different manufacturers making drum sets at cheap prices out there. As good as their prices might be, there is no denying the fact that they won’t give you optimal performance. In order to get the best reliability and performance make sure you get something from a high-end brand like Yamaha or Roland.


All professional drum sets are priced more or less the same. So do not think that as a particular drum set is cheaper it will be better. It will all be down to the construction and the sound that it generates.


The entire list of drum sets mentioned above is professional drum sets. Professional drumsets are a class apart. The high-quality materials used to manufacture these leave a great impact on the overall build of the drum set.

The professional drum sets/kits are mostly sold as shell packs. The shell pack comes without the hardware. However, it’s not a big issue as professional drummers have widespread knowledge of hardware.

The professional drum sets have proper tuning and high-quality sound. This allows the experts to produce and tune what they desire.

It might seem like a complicated procedure but the truth is that choosing the best professional drum sets is very easy if you go through the sets we talked about and keep the little things in mind.

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