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A lot of digital content creator loves the ASMR effect so much that they make their ASMR videos on their own. As most of the ASMR triggers are related with hearing sensation, so, an ASMR microphone can increase the production value manifold. To get your hands on the best ASMR microphone, we have break down the details of some of the best ones in the market. Keep reading to make your purchase from the best microphone for ASMR.

Check out the list of Best Microphone For ASMR given below:

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Blue Yeti
·        Silver color

·        USB connectivity

·        Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and Mac OS X (10.4.11 or higher)

·        Binaural sound

·        XLR connectivity

·        Stand adapter installed in the base

·        XLR connector

·        Unidirectional polar pattern

·        Cartridge replacement available

·        360 degree VR audio recorder

·        4 mic

·        Built in encoding/decoding

AKG pro studio
·        Polar pattern: Front, front+back, tight stereo, wide stereo

·        USB connectivity

·        20hz – 20khz

·        Phantom power

·        Cardioid polar pattern

·        Internal shock mounting

·        48V phantom power required

·        Connector type: XLR

·        Sturdy iron body


  1. Blue Yeti

Blue Yeti

Blue Yeti is a reliable brand when it comes to USB microphones, which offer a great quality of sound with simple set up. This microphone has 3 condenser capsules to record almost any situation.

To add energy and versatility to your broadcast studio, it offers 4 patterns of recording. One can record in any of the patterns of stereo, cardioid, omnidirectional, or bidirectional depending on their necessity.

A built in headphone amplifier monitors zero latency and can control the volume, select the patterns, mute the microphone instantly. It is very simple to set up because one doesn’t need to install any driver.

This is a good microphone for recording, streaming on PC, and voice over. It can provide the desirable crisp sound and can last for a long time. A recommendable microphone in budget for beginners!


  • Budget friendly
  • The mic stand is adjustable
  • Sleek design
  • Multiple pick up patterns
  • Easy to set up, just plug and play


  • Can’t create binaural effect
  • No XLR connector

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  1. 3DIO


The 3DIO FS Pro II is an advanced microphone having all the latest features of ASMR sound. This is a Binaural Microphone and they are currently most hyped tool in the world of digital content.

If you are looking for great sound quality, it will give you the perfect combination of pristine highs and a rumbling low-end creating an incredibly natural binaural sound. It features a pair of matched DPA 4060 Core capsules embedded inside the ear canals which captures the sound exactly the way we hear it.

The DPA capsules are very sensitive and this sensitivity make the FS PRO II ideally suited for a professional studio use.

The additional two XLR connectors support the microphone regardless of the state of the battery. Filmmakers, professional artists, and sound designers out there, you will not one to miss on this great ASMR microphone which will do justice to your creativity.


  • Binaural effect and professional touch
  • Rich and smooth sound quality
  • Ideal for both low-end sound and heavy bass environment
  • Phantom power output for no disruption during the project


  • Very expensive
  • Not ideal for someone not professional

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  1. Shure 


The Shure SM7B is an industry standard product with the professional utility. This dynamic microphone has a smooth, flat, wide-range frequency response making it ideal for all professional audio applications.

One of the best features of it is the greatest shield tackling the noises coming from computer monitors and other electronic devices in the background. The updated models have an improved mounting bracket design to offer greater stability.

It includes two sizes of windscreen, one standard and another A7WS for close talk applications. People have loved it for years for its exceptionally clean and natural sound of both music and speech. This classic cardioid polar pattern microphone comes with an XLR connector which makes it an easy one to set up with any device.


  • Highly effective pop filter
  • Air suspension technology to eliminate mechanical noise
  • Detachable windscreen
  • Ideal professional gear
  • Mounting bracket offering stability


  • It’s on the expensive side
  • Advanced technology with a 2004 outlook

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  1. ZOOM 


The ZOOM H3-VR is a microphone to create 360 audio with the effect of virtual reality. With the H3-VR all of the encoding and decoding is done on board hence no separate equipment are needed to capture the VR audio.

The unique conical design of the microphone fits anywhere and doesn’t get in the way of camera. It has 6-axis motion sensor which automatically captures the audio regardless of the position where it is kept. The Binaural 3D stereo effect provides a hyper-realistic quality of the recording.

This microphone gets an extra point from musicians for the 360 degree live streaming features. No matter in which corner your fans are sitting, they’ll have the same experience as the ones seating in the best seats. There is a H3 control app which helps to control remote 360 degree sounds. A good deal in comparison to other products in same price range!


  • 4 built in microphones
  • 6-axis motion sensor
  • 3 recording modes including binaural effect
  • 360 degree audio creation
  • A product of the future considering all the technology


  • App only compatible with IOS devices

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  1. AKG Pro Studio 

AKG Pro Studio

For 70 years, world’s top artists have relied on AKG microphones for recording studios and concert stages. The AKG Lyra – Ultra HD multimode USB microphone delivers the highest quality of audio in its class.

There is an internal self-adjusting shock mount which minimizes contact noise. AKG’s proprietary internal element automatically reduces noise, eliminate pops and improve signal levels. You can choose from four versatile capture modes perfect for recording a podcast interview, a YouTube voice over, or your next Spotify signals.

The front part isolates the target source from distracting background noises while the tight stereo setting provides discrete left and right audio. If you are looking for a complete production studio microphone, then you can undoubtedly go for this one.


  • Simple plug and play set up
  • Zero latency headphone jack
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Modern design
  • Supports both iOS and Androids


  • Binaural effect compromised
  • No XLR connector

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  1. Rode

best microphone for asmr

The RODE NT1-A 1’’ microphone has maintained industry standard which can deliver clear and warm sound in an extended dynamic range. This microphone is well known as one of the quietest microphones with a self-noise level of 5dBA. The low noise makes it an ideal microphone for your studio.

To create binaural effect the microphone comes in a matched pair which can be used as a stereo. The kit includes a RODE SM6 shock mount, pop filter and dust cover making it a complete one for your studio. Wide dynamic range of sound ensures picking up sound of any frequency and delivering it just right.


  • High SPL capability
  • Low noise and ultra-low self-noise
  • Wide range of sound


  • More on the expensive side

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  1. TZ

best microphone for asmr

The Stellar X2 Large condenser microphone is built with all the latest technology. This microphone has a high quality diaphragm which is manufactured with the most precise machinery. There is a low noise circuit which makes it perfect for variety of sources.

Unlike most condenser microphones, this microphone will give you warm and smooth sound for a long time. You can buy this microphone because the brand makes no compromise in the quality and the product go through strict quality control.


  • Highly optimized circuit
  • Comes in a kit including additional accessories
  • The capsules are hand tuned


  • Can’t create binaural effect

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Buying Guide

What is an ASMR microphone?  

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) has become a very trending concept in the world of digital content in last few years. We keep watching the thread of soap cutting, eating foods, slime videos and get a weird satisfaction.

These all are ASMR videos tingling our sensation and giving us a relaxed feeling. The intriguing ASMR videos can score millions of hits on YouTube and other internet platforms and is a great tool for financial gain.

Why Do You Need an ASMR Microphone?

An ASMR microphone is not a basic tool and you wouldn’t want to invest chunk of money on this until you discover your interests. So before you buy one of that ASMR Microphone, think wisely that what kind of content you are going to make.

Because, the benefit of microphones cam be different depending upon the type of ASMR videos you are going to make. What your ASMR videos will feature is the key question you need to figure out before you buy an ASMR microphone.

Types of ASMR Microphone  

There are mainly two types of popular ASMR microphones and they are the omnidirectional polar pattern and the binaural polar pattern.


The name explains it all, that is, an omnidirectional polar pattern can pick up audio coming from all direction in the same way. In the beginning of the ASMR videos trend, they were the most common and most used type of ASMR microphone. At present, omnidirectional microphones are more used for ASMR gameplay videos, teaching role play videos and more.

Binaural Pattern

We all are familiar with the 8D audio effect on songs creating a ‘left side, right side’ trigger. Binaural pattern works in the same way picking up audio differently unlike omnidirectional recording. A binaural type of ASMR microphones pick up the audio based on the direction it’s coming from. The Binaural ASMR microphones are more used than the omnidirectional ones at present.

They are great for almost all audible triggers. But they are of no use for audible triggers that do not benefit from a change of direction. If you do not have a binaural microphone, you can still create the effect by using two omnidirectional microphones. The effect sounds almost same that it’ll take an expert to find out the difference.

  • Features You Must Look for

Once you have decided the right pattern of microphones for you, you have to take into consideration few more features such as power source and background noise.

Power Source

Your microphone can be plugged into power source in two ways. The options are either an XLR connector or a USB plug. Microphones with an XLR connector are at first plugged into a recorder and then can be connected to any device you want to camera, phone and more.

On the other hand, USB plugged ones can only be directly connected with your computer. One can make it compatible with other devices as well simply by using an adapter. Keep in mind that most high-end ASMR microphones come with an XLR connector.


Another important thing to consider is how your microphone deals with noises coming from the other objects of the studio including its own noise. Cheap microphones can’t deal with noises effectively and it’ll require a lot of post-production effort.

  • How much you may need to invest for an ASMR microphone

The average price range of ASMR microphones start from 100$ and can go a both higher or lower. The cheapest microphones will be omnidirectional and have low quality noise dealing properties. On the other hand, the more the price, the more the possibility of getting a clearer, noise-free ASMR effect.


All the microphones mentioned above are from different price range. If you are on budget, you can go for the RODE microphone and for high-end microphones we will recommend the Zoom one.

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