Best Keyboards with Touch Sensitive Keys

Sometimes the basic guitar and drums may feel a bit overrated and you may feel like you want to play something a bit unique but also something fun. And for that, you could give an electronic keyboard a try. Touch Sensitive Keys

EDM is all the rage right now and you could make your music with just a keyboard or if you are in the mood for some classics then you can play those too. So check out the following for some of the best touch-sensitive keyboards in the market.


Product Name
Price Range
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Joy 61 Keyboard 
  • Key illumination
  • USB-MIDI cable support
  • 65 preset songs
Pyle Digital Keyboard 
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Audio streaming
  • Audio recorder
Yamaha Portable Keyboard 
  • Two colors available
  • Key pressure sensitivity
  • Play along with songs
RockJam Key Piano
  • Touch Display
  • MIDI output
  • Audio playback 
Alexis Melody Keyboard 
  • Built-in speaker
  • Built-in metronome
  • Split and layer modes


1. Joy 61 Keyboard

This touch-sensitive keyboard from the joy store is one that perfectly blends the sound quality of both the classic and electronic piano style so that you get a mix of both in one neat package.

The MIDI system is great for all young artists who make their music at home and it features an especially easy control system for amateur keyboard players.


  • Each note has been pre-tuned so that you don’t have to
  • The keyboard lights up show the next key in following along with songs
  • You also receive a free booklet with notes to play


  • Power may cause you to miss a few notes

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2. Pyle Digital Keyboard

The keyboard layout is designed in such a way to make it easier for kids to play and it makes a great entertainment source for personal family nights.

You can play sixteen preset tones or if you want to you can play along with your children to teach them a few things with the help of a free music notebook.


  • You receive a free built-in drum pad
  • Your kids can have fun with a wired microphone
  • Its small size makes for easier storage


  • You may need to register to receive the microphone

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3. Yamaha Portable Keyboard

Yamaha as a brand is a worldwide powerhouse and they produce all kinds of musical instruments. And now for any young pianist, they introduce this wonderful touch-sensitive keyboard.

It’s a great keyboard to build up your skill level by allowing you to emulate songs through a waiting system which you can play with both or a single hand. Touch Sensitive Keys


  • This can be played by two people at a time
  • The keyboard is adaptive no matter your play style
  • Its lightweight body is easy to carry around


  • All the buttons may make it a bit complicated to use


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4. RockJam Key Piano 

Emit clear-cut sound wherever you play through quality five-watt speakers that replicate the beautiful tone of the piano.

What makes learning so easy with this is the ability to start from where you stopped thanks to progress recording. Touch Sensitive Keys


  • Use this in tandem with a digital workstation
  • There are two various power systems available
  • Set it to four different heights depending on your comfort


  • The music learning app is not free and only offers a temporary trial




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5. Alexis Melody Keyboard

This is an easy-to-use touch-sensitive keyboard that you can set up anywhere with the help of an adjustable stand that lets you set it to whatever height you want.

The benefit of using this is the free headphones you can use while playing so that you aren’t a nuisance to the environment around you. Touch Sensitive Keys


  • You can add different tones on top of each other to create a new song
  • You can separate a song into different sections
  • Offers online piano lessons for any beginners


  • The speakers on some units may be distorted and create unclear sound




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Buying Guide

The issue with any electronic product is that you need to be well versed in all the features they provide so that you get what you are looking for. So we have compiled a short list to help you decide on the perfect product.

The Definition of Touch Sensitive

If practice is what you are looking for then a touch-sensitive key is what you need. Depending on the amount of pressure you apply the sound generated will be different from time to time.

It is advised you start with these keyboards if you have trouble playing keyboards which usually have a lot of weight behind the keys. This will help to improve all the starter techniques one requires such as where to place your fingers and the variation of each key.

The Price

Approaching any market without knowing what you’re buying may be a big loss so the best thing you could do is to compare multiple keyboards and their prices until you decide on a budget that you feel is the right amount that you are paying for your keyboard.

Key Numbers

Ranging from 25-88 keys you will find many with varying tones in sound but the most common number of keys is usually 61 for any budget-friendly keyboard. The number of keys you need depends on the space you’ll keep your keyboard in and how far your fingers can stretch.


From family time to personal use, the electronic keyboard is best for the price and quality and especially for children who will enjoy learning on this instrument. You can also treat this as an entire studio that allows you to create any song that can be replicated or originated from a keyboard so don’t wait around unless you want to miss out on the perfect instrument for you.


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