Best Joyo Pedals in the market

Overdrive pedals are good devices to improvise the sound of different guitar effects. These pedals should not create thick sounds, but it should focus on picking the low range sounds. Low range sounds are have an effect of amp tube and are pushed to create harmonic breaks. So the sound is not crystal clear, rather it is unique and harmonically distorted. Joyo manufactures some of the best pedals in the market,

Let’s dive in to check out some of the best Joyo pedals available  in the market and what to expect from these :

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  • 9V DC Power connection
  • LED notched knobs
  • Single input and output jack


  • True bypass wiring
  • 6 knobs
  • Voice Control




  • AC-30 tube amp
  • 6 knobs
  • Bypass wiring


JOYO JF-36 Sweet baby


  • 3 knobs
  • True bypass
  • Compact structure


  • 2 simple knobs
  • True bypass
  • 12 stings sound


1. JOYO JF-01 Vintage Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal

JOYO JF-01 Vintage Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal

JF-01 is JOYOs one of the most popular pedals. It creates very smooth and harmonic tones that are great for genres like blues, rock and fusion. It has three control functions: volume, drive and tone. This pedal comes with a true bypass design that reduces the loss of tone.

The effect of this overdrive is rather soft and smooth. The material used in this overdrive is aluminum alloy. It comes in the color green which is rather sassy and bright looking. It is powered by 9v power supply adapter or battery. Though the power supplier does not come with the kit, you will have to collect it additionally.


  • Versatile sound
  • Good for most genres
  • True bypass to prevent tone loss
  • Budget efficient


  • Doesn’t have power supplier
  • Not a lot of options in color

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2. JOYO JF-16 Overdrive Pedals

Best Joyo Pedals
JOYO JF-16 Overdrive Pedals

This pedal comes with a classic Brit-Rock era amp simulator and a unique voice control. There are 6 controls on this for absolute command on the devise. It has the most popular true bypass wiring that prevents tone loss and keeps the quality of the components intact.

There is a built in voice range that allows midrange shaping between guitar tunes. It also uses a 9V power supply to be charged and good thing the power supply adapter comes with the pedal.

The JF-16 circuits moreover allow you to create sounds that can easily replicate sounds of great amps. It is a perfect go for warmth and harmony in tune.


  • Comes with power supply
  • Has voice control installed
  • Excellent for 60s, 70s rock


  • May not be the best pedal for blues.

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3. JOYO JF-13 AC Guitar Effect Pedal

JOYO JF-13 AC Guitar Effect Pedal

This overdrive pedal comes with an AC tone vintage tube amplifier. This feature improvises the sound of electric guitar sound into crisp rock. It has 6 controls, so you manage to create several combinations. The bypass wiring is an important feature to be mentioned, it saves the loss of tones.

This also has a control drive that helps you decide when to dial tones before playing. The level and drive controls on this have a good range which helps capturing the original sound.

The distortion effect of this pedal is very natural and thick. JF-13 pedal requires 9V battery power supply, but the power supply adapter does not come with this so you will have to get is additionally.


  • 6 knobs to get great proper control on the Pedal
  • Bypass wiring saves any loss of sound
  • Natural distortion effect


  • The power supply adapter is not included.

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4. JOYO JF-36 Sweet Baby

JOYO JF-36 Sweet Baby

This is a low-gain overdrive pedal. The wiring of this is constructed with true bypass design for reduction the loss of sound while picking up the original sound. The focus control is great for shaping the tones.

This is a 3 control oriented pedal, that means we do not get as many as combination as the 6 controls. But structurally it is a very compact pedal. It is quite light in weight and warm in color. It is definitely a funky piece to add to your collection.


  • Compact build
  • True bypass to save sound loss
  • Light weighted
  • Focus control for shaping tones


  • 3 knobs may not provide extreme control.

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5. JOYO JF-05 Classic Chorus Guitar Pedal

Best Joyo Pedals
JOYO JF-05 Classic Chorus Guitar Pedal

This classic Joyo overdrive pedal is a specially used to ornate the chorus of the music. The sound captured by this pedal is very transparent. It shapes the tunes very efficiently. It makes your 6 stings guitar sound like 12 strings. It has two basic knobs to control the rate and the width of the original sound.

The true bypass on this minimizes the loss of sound. It uses the 9vdc battery. And the power supplier comes with it so you do not have to worry about finding the adapter additionally.


  • Transparent sound quality
  • Excellent to improvise the chorus
  • Comes with power supply adapter


  • Not very well suited for other parts of a song.
  • 2 knobs does not give room for diverse combination.

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What You Need to Know

Joyo audio has an amazing wide range of overdrive pedals. They have invented 4 different series with improved technology in each. Those are categorized as the original, vintage, Ironman and revolution series.

These overdrives are popular for reacting well to dynamics. The control levels on these pedals are very efficient for different tones. But the best pedal for you will depend on your personal preferences and necessities.

The Joyo pedals are designed differently for various genres like: blues, rock, pop, classic, acoustic and what not. The large number of knobs and circuits gives you the ultimate freedom to compose combinations that you desire. So fix your genre, the type of song you want to play and the appropriate budget.

Final Thoughts

You will find a lot of variations in the market for pedals that suits different genre of music even for different parts of the song. The pedals listed above are few of Joyo’s best productions. Hope you find what you need.

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