Best Intermediate Drum Sets

If you’re someone who has been playing the drums for a while now you would of course improve yourself and move to the next stage, you’re not going to be a beginner forever. When you’re ready to take your skills and techniques to the next level and develop even further, you’ll need to have a drum set that can withstand that growth with you, something that is valuable and sturdy enough to not outgrow you. So lets have a look at the best intermediate drum sets.

Buying Guide

Beginner drum sets are great when you’re first learning the drums but when it comes to enhancing your sound quality and making further progress it is recommended for you to move on to a better drum set after you’re done hammering away your first.

You might want to just jump on to the professional level sets but it’s better if you try to sharpen your skills while actually figuring out your own playing style as you move forward.

When you’re looking for drum sets it can be very hard to find the best one since there’s a lot that you need to consider when making your purchase. If you just blindly buy the first one you see, you’ll most likely end up getting a drum set that lacks in quality and isn’t the best value for your money. 

It may be tempting to want to jump the gun to a professional level set but with a drum set at an intermediate level you’ll do better since you can go through some of the best brands for drum sets and pick something out at a reasonable price. 

When you’re out to buy a drum set that you’re going to use to improve your skills and take your drumming to the next level then it is important that you invest in something that will last you and help your growth. This is why you need to consider a few things before you make a purchase.

1. Where Will You be Playing?

This is something that will decide the type of drum that you need to be getting yourself. Are you someone who just started playing drums at your parents’ house or maybe a session drummer playing in a rehearsal studio.

Are you a drummer who often goes touring and needs something that can withstand the constant travelling? 


These are not only going to decide if you’ll need an electronic drum set or an acoustic but also the size of your drum set. You need to keep things like practice space, storage and playing volume in mind. 

2. Long Term vs. Short Term

Also, if you’re someone who is a beginner, do you plan on getting serious and see yourself going on gigs to play? Then you need a drumming that can handle that stress and strain. You can’t show up on stage with a kit that looks poorly constructed, if you want to be taken seriously then you need something that makes you look more professional. 

Is your kit something you’re getting just for the sake of practice and sharpening your skills?

3. Your Style of Music

If you’re someone who is turned more towards EDM or electronic music then a traditional acoustic drum set might not be what you would want to go with, it would simply just be an overkill. You would do better going with an electronic drum set that allows you to use USB and MIDI capabilities with high quality samples that come from your laptop.

On the other hand, you will struggle and lose some things if you select an electronic drum kit while being in a jazz act, since you lose things like ghost notes.

Best Intermediate Drum Sets

To make things simpler, we have brought to you a lineup of some of the best drums out there.

Product Name
Key Features
Buy Now
Pearl EXX725S/C Export
  • Offers you a lifetime warranty
  • Has a P930 Demonator Pedal
  • Gives you matching snares
Pearl (RS525SC/C706)
  • Comes with sticks and cymbals
  • The stands are all height adjustable
  • It has a lot of professional features
Yamaha DTX400K
  • Comes with drum sticks
  • Gives you full sized stereo headphones
  • Includes important accessories
Roland TD-11K
  • Easy user operation with large LCD screen
  • Has a diverse sound library
  • Natural feel of drumming
Pearl Decade DMP925SP/C261
  • You get a lifetime warranty
  • Has a lacquer finish
  • Comes with an opti loc mounting system
Yamaha Stage Custom Birch
  • Made from 100% birch
  • Has a glossy lacquer finish
  • Provides amazing performance

1. Pearl EXX725S/C Export

intermediate drum sets

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This drum set by Pearl is definitely something that has brought about a lot of drumming legends even according to Pearl themselves. It has an amazing shell build, tom mount and hardware. You also get three options of genre customization.

Moreover, you can choose this set in five different colors to whichever best fits your taste. Pearl markets the EXX725S/C Export as the best and all rounded intermediate drumming kit that is suited to all drummers. 

It doesn’t include cymbals in the box but you do get a great tone out of this with its poplar and mahogany 6 ply hybrid. It is amazing to play in gigs, lives and even use in recordings.

However, the provided stock heads aren’t really that great. It is definitely a sturdy set that has upgraded hardware and shells. It is a great kit for mid-levels.


  • Gives you an amazing shell technology
  • Hardware pack from the 930 series
  • Offers great performance


  • The joints are as tight 

2. Pearl (RS525SC/C706)

intermediate drum sets

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At this point the brand Pearl is considered to be the best drum manufacturer with the name that they have made from themselves and the quality of their drums. This drumming kit by Pearl is mostly aimed towards beginners and people who have just started to hone their own skills.

It is a great drum to get started with and practice on and it even offers you four different colors to choose from. You are also able to customize this drumming kit by genre. This essentially decides what type of snare you need, how many rack toms are needed and also how big the floor tom and kick need to be. 

Apart from the floor tom and kick, the whole kit comes tuned and this kit also makes a good practice kit for more experienced. It has an amazing feel and look just as any other drums made by Pearl would have.

You also get a bunch of accessories with this drum kit. However, in order to actually make this kit playable there are some rendering and work needed. It’s perfect for beginners and a great low cost practice option for experienced players, it can even be used as an emergency backup.


  • Has matching snare drums of wood
  • Provides you with double braced hardware
  • The tilters all lock to any set position


  • Doesn’t include some screws in the box

3. Yamaha DTX400K

intermediate drum sets

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Yamaha is a company that doesn’t really need much introduction, almost everyone is familiar with their musical instruments and motorcycles. They have years of experience in creating and perfecting their audio equipment and musical instruments.

This electronic drum kit by Yamaha offers you 297 high quality sounds from its drum trigger module. It also offers you ten different kit settings. The cymbals on this are around 10 inches in diameter while the tom pads and snare are around 7.5 inches. 

You don’t get a physical kick drum but a single pedal which is called the silent kick unit. You get a JVC stereo headphone pair, a drum throne and drum sticks as well. It’s a great option if you’re keeping it somewhere with limited available space. This kit is great for people trying to better their skills but don’t have much experience. 


  • Trusted brand
  • Provides you large cymbals
  • Includes a drum throne in the box


  • The bass drum isn’t that loud

4. Roland (TD-11K)

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Another brand that often comes up when you’re looking for musical instruments is Ronald. They are mostly known for their classic keyboards and synths and have climbed up to be one of the best drum manufacturers over the years.

These electronic drum sets, instead of rubber, use mesh head snares in order to give you a more realistic feeling. It doesn’t come with a bass drum paddle but it does however have a Roland branded kick pad. It also offers you onboard presets and even a Rhythm Coach. You can record songs on a USB stick using the USB port on it or use it as MIDI controller. 

This drum kit doesn’t just include a kick pedal, but also sticks, drum throne, headphones or even an amp and the price tag that it comes with despite lacking so many important accessories makes it clear that this drum kit was mostly aimed towards more serious drummers who likely already have those items.

With the ergonomics and aesthetics on this drum kit, it makes for a more natural experience when playing compared to some of its competitors.


  • Allows you to record with ease
  • Has a built in Rhythm Coach
  • Gives you an ergonomic design 


  • The tom pads and cymbal response wear down easily

5. Pearl Decade DMP925SP/C261

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This is another great drum offered by Pearl that will definitely give you amazing sound and performance at a great value. This drum kit is an amazing mid-level kit that makes it a great option for gigs, studio lessons and rehearsals.

With this drum set, Pearl gives you an amazing sounding clear tone with the incredibly strong yet thin maple shell. You get clear highs from the rack toms and the kick drums give you powerful lows. 

This drum set provides you an optimal resonance in the shell with the Opti loc suspension system, some high functional hardware, mini tugs and an amazing durable style that go perfectly with the maple shells. This is definitely one of the best ones for drummers who are progressing and it gives you a lifetime warranty as well. 


  • It has great aesthetics
  • Includes some professional hardware
  • Provides you with amazing sound


  • Doesn’t come with a bass pedal

6. Yamaha Stage Custom Birch

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Another great set of drums by Yamaha, these drums come with 100% premium and high quality birch and also the same hardware that they use on their premium flagship drums. You get a focused and powerful sound from the drums and bring punchy tones due to the birch shells.

They are a versatile set of drums that give you a great sound whether you use them in a recording studio or on live stages. These drums also offer a great build quality and the first grade Yamaha craftsmanship. 

The premium shells of birch give you a great resonant tone and you get features from Yamaha’s top of the line drums such the hoops and lugs quality and the overall premium feeling. You’re given a lot of snap and a strong attack from the snare drum and open bright tones from the toms.

Also, a lot of low end punch from the floor tom and kick drum. Coming in at an affordable price, it is definitely a great choice for people wanting to hone their skills further as well as skilled and seasoned drummers. 


  • Gives you a versatile performance
  • Focused and bright sounds
  • Great tom mounts and hardware


  • The packaging isn’t so good

These are our picks for the best drum sets available for intermediate drummers who want to improve themselves. There is something for everyone in this list and we hope you find something for yourself and can start drumming in no time!

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