Best IEM under $100

In-ear monitors (IEMs) are generally known as in-ear headphones. Unlike other headphones, they are specifically designed to fit inside your ear canals, allow you to enjoy music with proper privacy and isolation. Nowadays, many of us prefer IEMs over large over-ear headphones. They are flexible and convenient to carry around.
IEMs are not great just for enjoying music anywhere, you can use IEMs to record music, analyze performances, check the sound tonal quality during a performance, and many more. If you are looking for the best IEM under $100, read our article we have covered all the information you need.

Buying Guide

Before purchasing an IEM make sure you check out its features and qualities beforehand. To help you choose the best IEMs we have prepared a buying guide for you.

  • IEM Build Quality

Do not get fooled with the style, color, and design of fancy IEMs. Check whether it has a durable outer covering. IEMs should have a durable and sturdy outer material, so that it does not crack apart when minor pressure is exerted on them. IEMs made of plastic are much more durable than others. Plastic makes them resistant to sweat and water splashes.

  • IEM Ear-Tips

Most IEM ear-tips are made of silicone or foam. Both foam and silicone ear-tips help to remove any background noise, and also prevent sound leakage from ear-tips to the environment. However, they both have few differences that you need to keep in mind. Silicone ear-tips are lighter in weight and stays in place. They will not fall off from your ears and do not exert any force too. On the contrary, foam ear-tips may add pressure to your ears and are heavier than silicone ones. Foam ear-tips block out external noise better than silicone ones.

  • Sensitivity

Sensitivity depends on user’s ability to resist sound. It accounts for the level of loudness IEMs will play at a given volume. Some people prefer volume less than 85 dB, some prefer higher. Each IEM have an average sensitivity at 100 dB. If you prefer a higher sensitivity level, you should check the specifications at the back of the IEM cover before purchasing.

  • Sound Quality

Your IEMs should have the best sound quality. It should have the perfect bass quality, a good mid-range not too overpowering or under-powering. It should also have no weaknesses in low, high, and mid notes. Make sure to try IEMs and check the sound quality before buying them.

  • Type of IEM

There are two types of IEM, wireless and wired. If you do not want any restrictions and find cables uncomfortable you should opt for wireless IEMs. However, if you are someone who loves to choose their song list manually from their phones, and prefer their IEMs to be attached to their devices all the time, you should pick wired ones.

Top 5 Best IEM under $100

To help you choose the best IEM under $100, we have prepared a list of the top 5 products and reviewed them to solve all your queries

Product Name
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SIMGOT MT3 Hi-Res In-Ear Monitor Headphones
  1. Produces a detailed sound of every instrument
  2. Has a comfortable downward shape
KZ ZSN Pro Hybrid In-ear Minitors
  1. Consist of a magnetic driver
  2. Great for low frequency audio
  3. Outer shell made of zinc alloy
TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 In-ear Headphones
  1. Can be used for long hours non-stop
  2. Has touch features
  3. Amazing bass quality
Shure SE215-K In-Ear Sound Monitor
  1. Cables have a wire form fit
  2. Prevent sound leakage
  3. Flexible
CCA C10 High-Performance in-Ear Monitors
  1. Made of 10 hybrid technologies
  2. Body made of zinc alloy
  3. Has external noise cancellation features

1. SIMGOT MT3 Hi-Res in-Ear Monitor Headphones

best iem under $100

It produces excellent quality sound, with clear tones, and has a smooth clarity. It preforms better than most magnetic coiled drivers and has features that prevent it from breaking apart. It comes with a premium quality copper-silver plated detachable cord that does not get tangled.


  • Prevents sound leakage
  • Compatible with most audio devices
  • Flexible and transportable

Cons :

  • Regular use can decrease the sound quality

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2. KZ ZSN Pro Hybrid In-ear Monitors

Best iem under $100

It helps people hear crystal clear audio with proper music details even at a noise place. It has 10mm dynamic magnetic driver for great bass quality. These IEMS can help isolate 25 dB sounds with their ergonomic design.


  • Comfortable ear-tips
  • Durable with zinc alloy


  • The cord gets easily tangled

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 3. TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 In-ear Headphones

best iem under $100

It comes with a built-in Qualcomm aptx codec and peek+ pufidelity. The in-ear headphones produce high-quality CD-level transmission and resolution audio. It is stylish, has an ergonomic pattern, with a smooth black matte finishing. It also has very high sensitivity and amazing touch controls.


  • Can charge within 15 minutes
  • Can be used to receive calls
  • Contains CVC 8.0 noise reduction features


  • Available in a single color


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4. Shure SE215-K In-Ear Sound Monitor

best iem under $100

Contains an advanced sound isolation feature that prevents background noise interferences even when you are up on stage. It is designed with a low profile pattern and has a nozzle angle that is optimized. It is soft, and produces high bass music.


  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Durable


  • Not great for acoustic music


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 5.  CCA C10 High-Performance In-Ear Monitor

best iem under $100

It produces high-resolution audio, has a rich bass quality, and comes with a detachable cable. It contains an armature four driver that are dynamic and is of highly durable quality.


  • Produces good quality and balanced sound
  • Zinc alloy outer body


  • Not great for music recording


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Hope you will find it easy to choose the best IEM under $100 after reading our article. Grab your favorite IEM pairs from amazon now.

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