Best Electronic Drum under 500$

Electronic drum has made its mark in the arena of modern musical instruments not so long ago. Low noise and an arsenal of drum kit simulations has made this instrument a must have in studio and in home.

Producing music or practicing new techniques, everything is possible with the right electronic drum. Starting from the beginners to the expert beat master, everyone can jam and create with the instrument without any hassle.

Best Electronic Drum in 2021

We’ve enlisted the best quality of electric drum with numerous options that are currently popular in the market!

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1. RockJam (DDMESH1000)
  • Mesh Heads
  • 30 authentic drum kit voice
  • 3 high quality rubber toms


2. Alesis Drums (Nitro mesh kit)
  • Premium 8 piece configuration
  • 40 ready to play drum kit
  • 60- built in play along track


3. LyxJam
  • 7 piece professional drum kit
  • 209 pre-loaded Sounds, 50 Songs, 1 Song Recording Capacity


  • 16 levels of reverberation
  • Multifunction Sound Source Control
  • USB interface, MIDI and AUX audio input available


5. Souidmy
  • Dual zone PAD/Cymbals
  • 20 drum kits, 450 sounds, and 43 training songs
  • Duel trigger technology


  • HDS110USB sound module
  • 5 user-programmable
  • High Definition Sampling


7. Donner DED-200
  • Realistic drum sampling
  • 225 timbre and 30 pre-loaded demo songs.
  • 2-inch Silicone Cymbal.


1. RockJam (DDMESH1000) – Best Electronic Drum

Best Electronic Drum under 500$

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RockJam V2 electronic drum set is a complete drum set that includes cables, sticks and power supply in the package. Mesh head provides an organic drumming experience. The fully adjustable drum kit mesh head measures 8 inch in size and highly responsive. The electronic drum module has 30 individual drum kit to produce distinct sound across the board.

The kit is assembled with fully adjustable rack made to be customized and made to last with solid construction design. The electronic drum kit comes with rubberish cymbal that are velocity-sensitive to provide authentic experience and accurate sound. RockJam electronic drum set comes with paddles to control high hat and kick drums with utmost accuracy and sensitivity.


  • 30 drum kit sounds to choose from
  • Highly customizable drum kit rack
  • Velocity-sensitive system


  • Cymbals has low sensitivity


2. Alesis Drums – Best Electronic Drum

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Alesis Drums knows that perfect feel and natural-response is a must have for an immersive experience while drumming. Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit, delivers the most realistic playing experience for modern drummers.

Alesis has teamed up with Melodics to bring Alesis customers a pack of 60 additional lessons when customes register for the drum kit.Alesis drum’s Nitro Kit structures a core sound set for any genre user wants 385 drum and cymbal sounds, skillfully curated into a group of 40 ready-to play sets that plays on demand. Nitro Mesh’s USB-MIDI and MIDI In/Out ports allow transmission of MIDI information directly to a computer and compatible with any digital audio workstation of choice.


  • Practice-centric features with 60 built-in play-along tracks
  • Natural feel and ultra-quiet response
  • Good build quality


  • Pad was not designed with double bass in mind

3. LyxJam (LyxEDs750) – Best Electronic Drum

Best Electronic Drum under 500$

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LyxJam 7-Piece Electronic Drum Kit is Portable, versatile, and easy to assemble. It is a complete percussion kit that enables users to experience an incredibly immersive and educational experience with customized play options, a broad range of preloaded sound, excellent volume control, and advanced recording options.

This electronic drum kit model allows users to adjust the tension of the heads for smoother drumming experience. It comes with ultra-sensitive sensors that can perform hi-hat instant choke with accuracy and ease.


  • 250+ preloaded songs, sounds and patterns
  • Easy instructions for assembly with included tools and hardware
  • Delivers the ultra-sensitive, highly accurate response of an acoustic kit


  • Comes with wooden sticks that can damage mesh heads

4. ZHRUNS GD8008 – Best Electronic Drum

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ZHRUNS GD8008Electronic Drum Kit goes with the tag line, ‘Become A Better Drummer’. The product delivers authentic drum sound and a range of pre-loaded drum kit sounds. It comes with 16-level reverb, easy-to-operate electronic metronome, 254 different tones, 10 sets of hi-hat linkage tones, 60 preset music and a recording function to satisfy modern drummers.

The set has manual silencing capability with Intelligent single-line double trigger, that can be used to perform face and side strikes just like a real drum. The cymbal sound can be stopped with just a pinch to deliver a crisp mute.


  • Multi-function controller
  • Manual silence
  • Natural rebound mimicking traditional drums


  • Height is not adjustable thus, not suitable for tall users

5. Souidmy – Best Electronic Drum

Best Electronic Drum under 500$

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Souidmy electronic drum kit has upgraded mesh drum head that obtains better percussion feedback and reduce physical noise. It also restores real and high-quality drum sounds along the process. Its dual trigger technology provides acoustic drumming experience that is suitable for live performance and percussion practice. It has 450 sounds, 20 drum kits, and 43 training songs to choose from to upgrade user skills to next level.

The kit comes with four-post frame and easy to follow 8 step instructions that makes assembly easy for kids and adults.


  • Sensitive reaction
  • Easy assembly with quick installation guide
  • Solid build quality


  • No speakers

6. BEHRINGER (XD8USB) – Best Electronic Drum

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The BEHRINGER XD8USB Eight-piece electronic drum set has everything important included. Professional-grade kick and trigger pad, 3*8″ single zone pads, for standard head and rim play dual zone snare, 3*12″ cymbals; and a hi-hat paddle for control.

The product comes with ten factory presets and five user programmable drum sets. The electronic drum set includes a USB interface any virtual instrument connection and output as well as drum software and High Definition Sampling to provide accurate drum sounds. It provides realistic acoustic drumming feel for studio grade drum, percussion sounds, cymbal.


  • 5 user programmable system
  • High Definition Sampling
  • Realistic bounce back feels like anacoustic drumkit


  • Poor build quality

7. Donner DED-200 – Best Electronic Drum

Best Electronic Drum under 500$

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Donner DED-200 features 8 inch durable all-mesh drum head with average life test of 200,000 times in lab testing. The product features durable and adjustable design to provide utmost comfort to the user experience and sturdy build meant for lasting. With its educational features, any beginner drummer can upgrade skills with ease.

The product showcases an accurate and balanced performance experience between the drum head and the drum edge using the dual-trigger technology incepted from years of commissioning by experienced engineers.


  • Durable drum heads meant for lasting long
  • 225 timbre and 30 pre-loaded demo songs
  • 2-inch Silicone Cymbal.


  • Poor quality stool

Buying Guide

There are countless electronic drum sets available online and finding the right one for your need is a big task. The stores offer kits with different configurations and highly customizable sets with good sound and build quality; which means choosing the right product for your own preference will determine its usability.


The important aspect while choosing the right set for your need is to identify your genre, the drum size and pieces you require. A 5-Piece Common Acoustic Drum Set contains 1 bass drum, 2 mounted toms, 1 floor tom, and 1 snare drum, suitable for several genres such as Rock, Gospel, and Blues.

If you remove one tom from a 5-piece kit, and you have a four-piece kit suitable for classical and jazz music. Having variety of drums will lead to a costlier kit.

A common electronic drum set structure contains 4 drums and 3 cymbals with a hi-hat paddle and a kick drum paddle. Therefore, if you are a beginner then you should look for a beginner set to start you off.

Mesh head

Electronic drums are built to be portable and noise free to provide utmost usability in any setup. But, not all kits provide noise free playing as promised.

When buying an electronic drum kit, having a mesh drum head out of the box is always a plus. Mesh head design provides less noise while practicing and durability in the long run. If the drum heads have Mesh design and tested for hit then you know that it is built to last.

Although, aftermarket third party Mesh is available but finding the right one can be a challenge. Thus, a mesh design is a must have for lasting result.


Electronic drum kits have different cymbal quality that goes up with the price you pay. Rubber cymbals are prone to wear and tear. While choosing the right kit, always check if the cymbals are durable or not. Having a silicon cymbal on the kit can replicate flexibility like real drums and provide durability along your drumming journey.

Make sure to look for durable cymbals with good user review for durability and feel.

Drum Sensor

Electronic drum gets its life from the drum sensors. Quality and sensitivity of the sensor is what you should look for. Most drums advertise sensors but, fail to deliver what they promise. Sometimes the edges of the kit don’t respond to the hit and cymbals don’t provide crisp instant choke mechanism.

It is tough to find a budget electronic drum with a good sensor but fear not; always go for the kit with tested sensor system. There are countless kits with advertised velocity-sensor and instant choke as well as edge sensitivity enabled.

Drum stick

Drum sticks are often out of the conversation as wooden drum sticks are cheap and available. However, when using wooden sticks to play electric drum kit keep in mind that splinters and scratches on the drum or mesh is going to be a common phenomenon. It will also drastically reduce the longevity of the product.

If the kit doesn’t come with a nylon stick than you should buy it separately. If the nylon sticks are included in place of wooden sticks than it is a plus for that kit.


We often see that included paddle in the kits are not responsive enough or suffer from durability issue. To combat that it is easier to buy a set with durable foot paddles for hi-hat as well as kick drum.

Drum Set Frame

By far this is the most important element of an electronic drum. A hefty frame is the only thing that stands between a durable drum set and a broken one. Because, all the drums are connected with the frame and gets pounded thousands of times.

Always look for adjustable frames for height and width that can be suitable for all heights to avoid cramps through those legendary practice sessions and live performances.

Drum Stool

Often we forget to focus on the drumming stool as most kits don’t come with one. Having a good stool that is adjustable and durable is a must to avoid bad posture during long sessions.

Look for a good stool if you don’t have one to satisfy comfort and upgrade your practice time.

Price Range

While the good electronic drum sets will cost a bit more than the average ones, you’ll surely be able to find the good ones within an affordable price range. Find the one you like from our list, all of them are under $500.

Final Thoughts

Electronic drums may look simple but there are more than a few kinks while operating. Make sure you do your research first as different users require different customizability.

Always have a set of headphones or an amp ready to be plugged in because, most electronic drums under 500$ have no added sound system apart from line out port.

Identify your level of expertise and find your own playing style before buying an electronic drum. Keep your research check before you order an electric drum kit from online.

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