Best Electronic Drum Sets for Kids

Versatile and limitless electronic drum sets are a huge upgrade from acoustic drum sets. You can access hundreds of music genres and performance space with the touch of a button. Check out our review as we list down the best electronic drum sets for kids. 

If your child is interested in playing drums, or if you have a grandchild, or nieces and nephews, electronic drums are a great gift for them as well. There is an array of options of electronic drums to choose from. Let the inner musician shine out!

Buying Guide for Electronic Drums 

Electronic drums function differently from acoustic drums. That is why it is better if you know how electronic drums work so that you can look out for these features when choosing your drum set. 

How Electronic Drum Sets Work 

Electronic drums work because of this thing called a trigger. The trigger is connected to the brain which in turn is linked to each drum or cymbal pad. So whenever you hit the drum the sensors of the trigger get activated.

You may feel like there may be a lag time between the times taken for the sensors of the trigger to get activated, but thanks to modern technology and triggering methods, you will barely register lags, if there are any. 

Pads and mesh heads have single or dual triggers. With single triggers, you can hit anywhere on the pad or as hard as you like but the trigger will make only one noise. Whereas with dual triggers, you will get a different sound depending on the area you hit or how hard you hit. Similarly, rims have triggers too. Just like with acoustic drums, hitting the rim will produce a rim shot effect. 

Age and Budget 

The biggest factor when choosing drum kits for kids is their age. Kids of different age groups obviously have different capabilities. There are drum sets with their own unique features catering to each of those age groups. This is more applicable for younger kids, your kids are going to grow out and move to advanced kits over time. So, it is better if you invest in high-end drum sets for older kids and average-priced ones for younger kids.  

Best Electronic Drum Sets for Kids 

Product Name
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Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit
  • Next-generation mesh
  • All mesh drum heads 
  • 8 figure configuration
Roland TD-1DMK V-Drums
  • Dual-ply mesh head 
  • Built-in metronome 
  • 256 polyphony notes 
  • 15 preset sounds
PAXCESS Electronic Drum Kit
  • Professional drum set 
  • Portable with rechargeable battery 
  • Built-in headphone jack and speaker
VTech Kidi Beats Kids Drum Set
  • 4 modes of play 
  • 9 melodies in different styles 
  • Unique LED light 
  • Educational; teaches letters, numbers, and follow along
  1. Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit Best Electronic Drum Sets for Kids

The Alesis Nitro is a great beginner’s electronic drum set for older kids. The set comes with an eight-figure configuration, including an 8-inch dual-zone snare pad, three 10 inch cymbals, and three 8 inch tom pads.

The drum set includes useful educational features such as 385 sounds, 60 built-in play-along tracks, metronome, aux input, and recorder. The mesh drum heads help produce a natural acoustic sound.


  • Tunable mesh drum heads 
  • Sturdy 4 post aluminum rack 
  • Built-in sounds and songs; educational
  • A drum key is clearly labeled 


  • Only suitable for kids above 9 
  • Small kick pad 

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  1. Roland TD-1DMK V-Drums Best Electronic Drum Sets for Kids

Yet another drum kit for older kids, the Roland Drum Set includes an 8-inch snare pad with dual-zone mesh, three 6 inch tom pads, three 10 inch cymbals with dial-zone pads, a bass drum pad, and a Hi-hat controller pedal.

The dual-zone mesh has adjustable hardware for tension which enables natural and realistic drumming. The set also offers educational value in the sense that you will have access to 256 polyphony notes and 15 preset sounds to learn and skillfully master. This is an excellent set to transition to acoustic drum sets. 


  • Built-in sounds and notes 
  • Realistic experience due to dual-ply mesh 
  • High quality and durable 
  • AUX input 


  • Lacks drum thrones 
  • LCD screens not given 

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  1. PAXCESS Electronic Drum Kit Best Electronic Drum Sets for Kids

The PAXCESS drum kit is for children between the age of 3-6, and a perfect gift choice. The kit is professional and comes with 1 snare drum, 3 tom pads, along with a bass drum, 1 Hi-Hat, and 2-foot pedals.

Plus the drum kit is portable with a rechargeable battery power that is 2400mAh with 10 hours of playtime. You can either make use of the built-in speaker or use the headphone option for when the loud sound becomes too much. There is also an option to hook the drum set to your computer for sounds and to play games. 


  • High-quality built-in speaker and headphone jack 
  • 2400 mAh rechargeable battery and 10-hour playtime 
  • Can be connected to your computer 


  • Slightly expensive for the age group 

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  1. VTech Kidi Beats Kids Drum Set Best Electronic Drum Sets for Kids

The VTech Kidi Beats is a drum set meant for toddlers with its bright vibrant colors and unique LED light. The set includes 3 drum pads, a Hi-Hat cymbal, and even comes with two drum sticks. The hi-hat cymbal with its unique sounds helps with sensory developments.

Speaking of sounds, the set features 4 modes of play in terms of music style and 9 melodies. Also, there are up to 16 drum sounds your toddler can learn. The sounds and melodies will familiarise your toddler with the alphabets and numbers, especially when some lights make the alphabets glow. 


  • Helps with sensory development 
  • Teaches numbers and alphabets 
  • Very affordable 
  • Improves visualization memory 


  • Batteries may run out 

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Electronic drums for kids are fun and easy to use and come with their own set of interesting and educational features. We hope with the help of our list, you were able to choose the right electronic drum set.

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