Best Electronic Drum Set Under 500

Graeme Edge and Professor Brian Groves are to credit for the electronic drums, which have been very instrumental in propelling the music industry. The edrums are therefore, used to switch up sound, to suit any type of song, gig, or band.

Electronic drums are every musician or drummers best friend, because they come equipped with a variety of tones, and allows users to easily enhance their sounds with the virtual instruments and effects. Newbie’s in the drumming industry normally use the electronic drum sets to get themselves well acquainted with their new hobby.

The reason being that most of the edrums modules have incorporated the coach function, and will, therefore, offer comprehensive tutorials in accuracy; they are therefore, designed to turn amateur players into professional on-demand drummers.

The V-drums are equipped with a lot of helpful features, such as the quick record/ quick play function that allows drummers to record passages of their drumming, and which they can later replay to correct their mistakes while conducting an overall assessment of their progress. Electronic drums can also be used at home without bothering other household members or the neighbors, all you need are headphones.

Even better is that, individuals who want to record their work can create professional tracks without necessarily using multiple microphones or the pre-amplifiers. Now you know why you need to get the best electronic drum set, and we will, therefore, consolidate a few of the best edrums retailing under 500, most of which are the beginner types.

Comparison Table for the Best Electronic Drum Set Under 500

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Carlsbro CSD130 Electronic Drum Set
250 voices and reverb effects
Behringer XD8USB
123 sounds 15 drum sets with USB interface
Yamaha Electronic Drum Set, DTX402K
415 drum and percussion sounds and 10 songs
Donner DED-200 Electric Drum Set Electronic Kit
255 sounds and 30 demo songs
Alesis Turbo
100+ sounds plus 30 play-along tracks
HXW SD61-5 Mesh Kit Electric Drum Set
227 sounds and 15 play-along tracks

Reviews of the best Electronic Drum set under 500

Carlsbro CSD130 Electronic Drum Set

Carlsbro CSD130 does not occupy a very large footprint, for drummers who might want the unit in their rooms. So out of the box, you will get up to 10 user drum kits, and 20 preset drum kits complete with the voices and the reverb effects. The unit is highly versatile for players who want to connect external devices, such as smart phones or tablets or the MP3 players through the aux jack.

The 8 pieces electronic drum kit, comes equipped with a rechargeable battery, for users who might want to use the drum at a different location. The unit is made of tough and durable materials, but it is equally light in weight and foldable to occupy a smaller footprint during storage. And for as much as it is for the beginners, professionals can use the V-drum given its sensitive and highly responsive pads.

Applications for the V-drum vary and drummers can, therefore, use it quietly in their rooms, or get a powered amplifier and use the drums set at small venues.


  • The pads feature a non-sticky rubber padding
  • The drum set is compact and portable
  • installation and dismantling is a breeze
  • Fairly priced and comes with additional features such as the MIDI outputs and the USB connections


  • A good number of users experience problems with the cymbals


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Behringer XD8USB

First glance at the Behringer XD8USB and all it exudes is professionalism at only $279.9, the rating for this particular electronic drum set is especially high but with good reasons. For one, the kick pedal comes equipped with a trigger just like the high-end professional drum kits. Assembly won’t eat up much of your time, thanks to the incorporated drum rack.

And for the instrument to work seamlessly with the sound module, users have been furnished with a multi-pin cable, which is used to connect all the pads, to the sound module. The Behringer XD8USB is a good beginner set configured to turn novice players into professionals thanks to the 100 sounds and up to 15 drum sets. The high number of sounds and the drum sets will surely make it a creative way of bringing out the best in the newbies.

Home training is also an option with these drum sets, and users can, therefore, make good use of the preloaded music tracks; what’s more is that the Aux input enables lip-syncing to the player’s favorite music, among other practice tracks. Most parts of the V-drum set have additionally been enhanced to improve functionality such as the pads that feature a natural rubber surface meant to minimize false triggering.


  • Good unit for recording at home
  • Set up is easy and use pretty intuitive
  • Occupies a small footprint and is easy to fold and put away
  • The unit is fairly priced and highly functional


  • Some drums are louder than others
  • The kick drum must be lined up properly


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Yamaha Electronic Drum Set, DTX402K

Equipped with up to 10 inbuilt training functions, the Yamaha DTX402K is the best kit for drummers with the dream of becoming professionals in the near future. Players can also film their sessions and share them from their devices, using the free DTX402 touch application and the Yamaha Rec n Share application.

The unit additionally boasts of up to 10 customizable drum kits, and about 415 percussion sounds meaning that a player can alternate between the different genres and musical moods as they find their footing. The incorporated responsive rubber pads offer the best playing experience and the sturdy new rack system, offers stability. The location of the hi-hats and the cymbal pads, helps to eliminate fatigue on the pressure points, as they enable positional freedom.


  • The drum set is easy to fold and store
  • Good for beginners because it is easy to install and dismantle for storage
  • Sturdy pads and do not shift no matter the intensity of the practice
  • The unit is light in weight but rugged material


  • Problem with the sound right out of the box
  • Needs extras to work


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Donner DED-200 Electric Drum Set Electronic Kit

Moving on from the trainer drum sets the Donner DED-200 electric drum set has been designed to help create new experiences in both music and performances. The drum sets can, therefore, be used for training and live performances, as it has been equipped with all types of genres of music from rock, jazz, punk and blues among others.

And as regards construction, users will interact with an eight-inch durable all mesh drum head that comes complete with the hoop technology, which eliminates the problem of mesh deformation and slackness. The overall construction of the rack and the drum sets has factored in the comfort of the drummer, and now they can drum their way into the world of music instead of stressing about the functionality or adjustability of the sets. The drum set is, therefore, fully customizable to suit the drummer’s preferred position when in a session or during practice.

Users who wish to practice with their songs can connect the kit to an external device such as a computer, or MP3 and groove with their headphones on. Well, the above is dependent on location; the headphones, therefore, come in handy when the kit is being used at home.


  • Comes in a stable and sturdy structure
  • Has the best-programmed sounds
  • Good drum set for professionals and newbie’s alike
  • The set is reasonably priced


  • MIDI is not functional
  • The drum set does not come with a throne


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Alesis Drums Turbo Mesh Kit

The Alesis Drums Turbo Mesh kit is a feature-packed 5 piece set, designed to bring the best to every individual who wants to venture into the Electronic drumming world. The unit boasts of a smooth action bass controller that will undoubtedly furnish the user with the relevant feeling of control and impact on the underfoot.

Even better are the equipped tunable mesh heads that offers users the liberty to customize rebound and sensitivity for the customized play response. The incorporated heads are especially silent for individuals wishing to go on with practice well into the night. And while the drum kit might occupy a large footprint when opened, it will fit in a considerably small space once folded for storage.

Alesis accommodates all styles, whether you want to use the intuitive onboard buttons, to create something unique or whether you want to make good use of the more than 100 sounds and become creative. We also acknowledge that the Alesis drums set has raised the competition bar quite high, given its breadth of the practice tools such as the five onboard drums, which help enhance stamina, the integrated metronome that comes complete with a programmable click, and lastly the 40 free lessons from melodics.


  • Can be used at home with the headphones
  • The best drum kit for beginners
  • Installation and use is a breeze
  • Good unit for practice and recording


  • Once assembled the unit does not hold tight
  • The pedals are not as effective


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HXW SD61-5 Mesh Kit Electric Drum Set

The HXW SD61 drum set might seem like the basic drum sets that most people are used to but it is actually quite unique. So some of the features, that you will find important are such as the AUX input necessary for allowing users to use the songs that they love, there is also the USB- MIDI port for easy connectivity to external media devices for easy external recording.

And a feature that makes the drum sets stand out is the SM110 module that has incorporated an advanced chip, which enables high speed and accurate signal processing. Now when compared to the other electronic kit modules, the SM110 module is user friendly, powerful and its rather concise design makes it easy and simple to use.

Drummers will also benefit from the onboard coaching function, where they have been provided with an in-built metronome and a recorder; users can, therefore, record themselves and playback the recordings to pick their points of weakness and find ways of improving. The unit can be used both at home and in the live performances or the recording studios; if you plan to use it at home, then it can offer a quiet practice or play with the drum heads remaining bouncy and vivid.


  • The kit is responsive when used for whichever genre you may want to use it with.
  • Good for beginners who are looking for a functional but budget-friendly e-drum set
  • Produces some of the most realistic sounds
  • Good quality with great price


  • Users report having issues with the kick drum


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Electronic drum sets retailing below 500 are considered cheap, and will, not suffice in a more professional setting. They are, therefore, meant to be used by beginners and the intermediary drummers; the price points as we have noticed vary with regard to features, there are some that are a bit highly-priced and can therefore double up as a professional unit to be used for the live but small audiences.


Are the electronic drum sets worth the purchase?

The thing with electronic drums is that they make it easy for one to achieve things that they would have otherwise have to work hard for when playing the acoustic drums.

Why are electronic drums expensive yet they don’t perform like acoustic drums?

Electronic drums are expensive because of the types of material that go into their manufacture, the high costs are also because of the research costs that go into the development of the product and the components used to make the sounds possible.

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