Best Electronic Drum set under 300

Electronic drums substitute for a good number of other drumming skills that might have taken longer to acquire, but that is what technology is all about, saving time and making money.

Musicians and drummers alike will always look for a drumming kit that has more drums because it helps with creativity and the production of a variety of sounds that leads to good melodies. Talking about melodies some drum sets come incorporated with the Melodics application configured to adapt the abilities of the drum player and musicals tastes. Even better is that in the long run it helps drummers improve their drumming skills and those of other musical instruments.

Other concerns that most drummers have is the adjustability of the drum sets to the right playing heights. Most new players tend to have a hard time setting up their snares and the hi hat’s to the correct playing height; in essence, therefore, is that with the wrong setting you will find that sometimes the sticks will hit each other or even hit the players legs. Professional electronic drum players, on the other hand, will want drum sets that can be upgraded sometimes with addons that can also be used with the acoustics.

The below review of the best electronic drum set under 300 therefore, seeks to address the above concerns, such as upgradability, versatility, ease of use, and set up including transportation given that most drummers are into performing at live events among other high paying gigs.

Comparison Table for the Best Electronic Drums Set under 300

Available sounds
No. of pieces in the set
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Alesis Drums Turbo Mesh Kit
100+ sounds plus 30 play-along tracks
7 Pieces
LyxJam 7-Piece Electronic Drum Kit
209 preloaded sounds, 50 play-along songs
7 piece electronic drum kit
Alesis Debut Kit
120 sounds, 60 melodics sounds
4 mesh electric drum set pads
COOLMUSIC DD3 Eight-Piece Electronic Drum Kit
Has education features, with 30 built into the tracks metronome
3, 8” rubber drums, and 1 hi-hat snare, and crash.
HXW SD61- Electric Drum Set
Features up to 277 dynamic percussion sounds, 15 songs and 15 presets, and up to 5000 notes recording capability
8 piece mesh head
RockJam, Eight-Piece Electronic Drums
Equipped with 30 authentic drum kit voices complete with a couple of the demo songs
8 Piece electronic drum set with an adjustable mesh head

Reviews 0f the Best Electronic Drum Set Under 300

Alesis Drums Turbo Mesh Kit

Alesis drums turbo mesh kit offers two significant advantages to drummers both new and professional, for one this kit has the best rack setting that enables it to be used anywhere, whether it is in the studio, in your living room or when performing live for a small audience. The second advantage, are incorporated interactive drum lessons.

As a strategy to make the electronic drum set relevant to most drummers in the industry, Alesis has teamed up with melodics, to provide Alessi’s customers with up to 40 bonus lessons, once a drummer purchases and registers their drum kit. Important to note is that for a player to benefit from the lessons they must first download the Melodics application on their devices, and enter the promo code during sign up.

Apart from the lessons, professional players who love to train at home more especially at night can use the drum set with headphones and interact with the 10 modern ready-to-play, classic, and modern drum kits. They can then make good use of the 30 play-along tracks, and the 100+ expertly curated sounds.


  • The drum set comes equipped with a sturdy steel rack
  • The best drum kit for beginners
  • Overall set up and assembly is easy
  • A good supplementary to the acoustic kit


  • The screws don’t hold tight
  • The quality of the drum set is not impressive


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LyxJam 7-Piece Electronic Drum Kit

Lyxjam electronic drum set does have the necessary aesthetics, and the most innovative features, meant to make playing the drum set a breeze. Drummers who settle with this kit will be able to record their sessions, given then 1 song recording capacity; they will also benefit from the incorporated educational features, and can easily connect a USB drive, headphones, or the external speakers for extensive use.

And for users wishing to practice the nuanced percussion techniques, they can do it via the Cymbals multizone capability that includes an 8” ride, and an 8” crash cymbal. What’s more is that the Lyxjam 7 piece has been configured to deliver the most realistic, and immersive dynamic drumming experience. Meaning that it is a good unit for both beginners and advanced players; the unit is also customizable to suit a player’s style.

And users can therefore tweak the volume, record music, and make good use of the various sound varieties.


  • Incorporated tough and springy heads
  • The drum set has the best sound quality
  • Good unit for both practice and performance
  • A good drum set for beginners


  • A bit difficult to upgrade


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Alesis Debut Kit

Parents who are looking to grow their kids drumming skills have a great companion in the Alesis debut kit. And of the various drum sets that we have come across in the various markets, the Alesis debut is among the first kits that comes with a throne. The unit has additionally been equipped with fun exercises, that will help build and improve the drumming skills of kids.

Other beneficial features are such as the electronic drum kit sounds, complete with more than 100 exclusive acoustic drum set that features, the intelligent dynamic articulation technology, which offers realistic sounds complete with fun playability. And to make the whole drumming process fun instead of a task, kids can hook up the drum amplifiers, via the stereo ¼ inch output and boast of their drumming skills, to friends and family.

There is also the headphone output whenever the kids want to practice privately, even better is that the drum set has incorporated 60 free drum kit lessons, that can be accessed using a PC or a tablet, from the Melodics application, to extensively sharpen and develop the electronic drum set skills.


  • The drum set is double bass compatible
  • A good kids drumming set for the price
  • The perfect training or beginner e-kit
  • The sounds of the drums and cymbals are customizable


  • The drum set has issues with the sound
  • The bass drum does not work with the double pedals


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COOLMUSIC DD3 Eight-Piece Electronic Drum Kit

A unique and the best selling point for the cool music DD3 electronic drum set is the incorporated premium rubber drum, which offers a good hitting feel, is incredibly difficult to damage, and is made of high-grade rubber. The same goes for the cymbals, and users will, therefore, be treated to some high-quality rubberized cymbals, and when combined with the electronic drummers can easily engage the choke mechanism, a feature that offers a real kit experience.

The drum head’s construction features a mesh head, which is designed to mute the sound, the mesh drum heads are instrumental when it comes to enhancing velocity sensitivity. The above then gives the drummers liberty to play the drum as they please; and can, therefore, engage the soft rolls, to hits that might threaten to blow the roof off.

The cool music DD3 drum kit has incorporated some heavy-duty pedals, that are resistant to grip and wear, irregardless of the intensity of the sessions and the existing atmosphere. The sound module is characteristic of 30 authentic drum kit voices, complete with a variety of demo songs that gives drummers the chance to express themselves across the different genres.


  • Can be used in studios or for the live performances
  • Offers the best sound quality
  • A good beginner drum set
  • The incorporated mesh on the drum head helps to mute the sound


  • The sound lag is terrible
  • Does not have sufficient expression of the stroke strength


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HXW SD61- Electric Drum Set

Right of the bat, the HXQ SD61 features a high-density fabric mesh, necessary for picking up the different striking. Even better is that it uses the advanced chip and algorithm to respond to shock in high speeds, obliterating any sound delays. Users will also be exposed to the vivid sounds that have been sampled from the world-class acoustic drum kits, and can additionally perform the various genres such as the blues, pop-jazz, and Latin.

Customization of the HXW SD61 is a breeze from tweaking the volume to triggering the parameters of each tom and cymbal and that of course includes the MIDI parameters. The unit has also incorporated the onboard coaching function, characteristic of a built-in metronome and recorder that can be used for learning as the records sounds are necessary to help users improve their drumming skills.


  • Good electronic drum set for musicians who want to expand their skills
  • The unit is easy and pretty fast to assemble
  • Offers great value for the price
  • Has the best sounds


  • Best for learners only


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RockJam, Electronic Drums

The Rock jam electronic drum set is characteristic of an 8inch mesh head that is not only fully adjustable but velocity-sensitive, and exceptionally responsive. The above then means that users will be provided with an organic and natural drum-like experience, and as a move to make the Rockjam drum set functional to users, the manufacturers have furnished the unit with an intuitive electronic drums module, designed to provide users access to over 30 authentic drum kits.

The drum set features a customizable rack that allows drummers to set it up according to their most comfortable playing style, the rack is of solid construction, is fairly easy to set up and fold away when not in use. And to make it even more usable the drum kit features, up to three highly responsive, velocity-sensitive, and rubberized drum cymbals. Moving to the lower side of the drum set, we are presented with two high-quality metal constructed kick pedals that come complete with a rubberized footing.

We also have the inputs and outputs; the electronic drum set has incorporated both the USB and the AUX inputs, in addition to the MIDI and Headphone outputs, not to forget the three high-quality rubber toms.


  • Offers value for money
  • A good beginner drum set for kids
  • A perfect fun drum set for both kids and adults
  • The drum set is easy to assemble and has the best sound quality


  • Assembly of the drum set is not exactly easy
  • The cymbals must be hit hard for them to work


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Acoustic drums are the real deal but depending on the use and style of different users, the acoustic drums could turn out to be a little bit limiting. When it, comes to the electronic drum sets therefore, you will realize that these units are easily customizable, and have been designed to help nurture and grow an individual’s drumming skills, using the record and playback feature.

Electronic drum sets can assist a drummer play different styles that would have taken longer to achieve when playing the acoustic drums. What’s more, is that they can be used by both kids and adults who want to play the drums but have limited time.


Are the electronic drums better when compared to the acoustics?JJ

Electronic drums are at their best when used in areas that require minimal to zero noise pollution or disturbance, because they have impeccable sound control features. Acoustic drums on the other end can be quite loud and noisy in a quiet environment.

Are electronic drums the best when used for practice?

Electronic drums are completely superb when it comes to practice because they have incorporated all the relevant features that any beginner drummer might need, some drum sets have thus teamed up with Melodics to offer advanced drumming lessons and other units are customizable to suit a player’s style of drumming.

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