Best Electronic Drum Set Under 1000

Electronic drum prices can be used to gauge, the effectiveness, features, and durability of a particular set of drums. Good drum sets should, therefore, have the potential for hardware upgrades, and offer the relevant feel and tone.

As you venture into the drumming industry, novice players and professionals alike must make conscious decisions on the type of drums that they wish to settle with. The markets are flooded with different brands of drum sets, with every brand doing its best to protect its market share by through innovation and by ensuring that they have the best units for the different categories of users.

In light of the above, finding the best electronic drum set retailing under $1000 is not exactly a walk in the park and we have, therefore, sampled some of the best brands, with the most innovative features that additionally retail under 1000, check below.

Comparison table for the best electronic drum set under $1000

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Alesis Command Mesh Kit | Electronic Drum Kit
600+ sounds and 60 play-along tracks
Yamaha Electronic Drum Set, DTX402K
415 drum and percussion sounds. 10 drum kits, 10 songs, and 10 training functions
Alesis Drums Turbo Mesh Kit
100 sounds and 30 play-along tracks
Donner DED-200 Electric Drum Set Electronic Kit
255 sounds and 30 demo songs
Roland TD-1DMK Dual-Mesh Kit
257 notes of polyphony
Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit
385 sounds and 60 play-along tracks

Reviews of the best electronic drum set under $1000

Alesis Command Mesh Kit/ Electronic Drum Kit

The Alesis command mesh kit is the best electronic drum kit for the newbies in the industry, why, you may wonder, well the manufacturer seeks to equip beginners with lessons that will help them gain their stability. So once you register for the Alesis drum kit, you will be supplied with up to 60 bonus lessons thanks to the partnership between Alesis and Melodics.

Users also have the option of recording their performances, and if they wish to record internally then they can only up to 5 tracks, but if they use an external USB drive then they can save up to 99 tracks. The above encourages growth in that as you listen to the tracks then you can correct where you might have gone wrong.

What’s more is that the incorporated command mesh kit, allows the users to make significant progress out of their practice time, as they will be able to use the metronome to build chops and streamline grooves and rudiments. The unit also features the advanced drum module, which offers up to 629 drum and percussion sounds, users can also load their WAV or MP3 files and proceed to assign them to any zone of their pads.


  • The drum set setup is easy
  • Can be used by all levels of experience
  • The set has the best sounds
  • Produces the studio-quality sounds


  • The module seems to be bug-ridden
  • The kick pad is not of good quality, thus not durable


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Yamaha Electronic Drum Set, DTX402K

Retailing at only $499.44 the Yamaha Electronic drum set comes equipped with some of the most powerful app enhancements; the free DTX402K touch application, which can be used by both android/ios, allows users to choose the sounds that they want to play with. They can therefore, tune and balance drums and cymbals, add reverb or even mute the pads.

The unit boasts of the fast blast feature, which tracks the number of drum strokes that a user can play in a specific amount of time. The feature is, therefore, the best way for any user to improve their drumming speeds and compete with their drummer colleagues or friends.

Another interesting feature is the Rec N Share application that allows users to share their performance on applications such as YouTube or with their bandmates. Users can expect enhanced function as they play the drum sets because it has been equipped with responsive rubber pads; the drums are exceptionally fast and dynamic and the cymbals can be choked to offer the best performance.


  • The drum set can survive the beating of a fast and rough player
  • Easy to dismantle and fold for storage
  • The pads remain stable, no matter how rough you play
  • A good unit for the novice players


  • Problem with the sounds right out of the box


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Alesis Drums Mesh Kit

Talk about innovation and Alesis offers the best product that should be way above the current retail price. The Alesis drums turbo mesh kit features an exclusive mesh head, that are loved by a good number of modern drummers, and which provide a natural feel and ultra-quiet response. The Turbo mesh kit has been equipped with over 100 drum and cymbal sounds, and which have been expertly curated to up to 10 ready-to-play kits.

And for drummers looking to lock down the perfect groove, then they have been provided with up to 30 inbuilt play-along tracks, all of which come with a drum coach and the metronome. The unit can additionally be customized to suit the specific environment; if you, therefore, need for the sounds to be low, you can use the 1/8 inch headphone output or the stereo ¼ inch TRS output. And if both the options are not sufficient you still have the 1/8 inch aux input.

Creative control in the Alesis drum Turbo mesh kit has been enabled where users will send and record MIDI information to a computer and proceed to enjoy the power of the innovative recording technology that comes complete with the virtual instruments.


  • Good set for users who want to sharpen their skills
  • The best electric kit for beginners
  • Can be used for a rock band
  • The unit is pretty easy to use


  • The drum set is not of the best quality
  • The lessons are not complete


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Donner DED-200 Electric Drum Set Electronic Kit

The Donner DED 200 Electric drum set is a versatile unit when it comes to use, so whether you are practicing at home or are playing in a band, you have a breadth of genres to choose from. The unit will, therefore, offer you jazz sounds, punk sounds, rock, and blues among others. Talking about the feel, the Donner drum sets, has been equipped with a dense and delicate mesh.

The latter measures about 8 inches, and is characteristic of the mesh drum head hoop technology configured to eliminate the problem of slackness and mesh deformation. The build of the stand used to hold the drums is sturdy, with every screw tightly fixed, consequently allowing the user to only focus on the music and entertainment. Important to note is that adjustments might be necessary if the user is to use the drum sets comfortably.

So, apart from the comfortable, safe, and steady stand, Donner DED-200 features an injection-molded cymbal and which will deliver shock vibration to the sensor. The custom sensors are highly sensitive, and offer a dynamic response, and have the best anti-interference characteristics.


  • The drum set is fairly priced
  • The rack is made of metal thus durable and sturdy
  • The cymbals have dual-zone can thus be choked
  • Comes with an in-built metronome and demo music


  • MIDI does not work
  • The drum sounds are wanting


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Roland TD-1DMK Dual-Mesh Kit

The Roland TD drum set is among the units that will not only help you become a tight drummer but you can also do it as you move around. The set, therefore, comes equipped with a powerful module, complete with a set of the best expressive drum kits, which have been connected to Rowlands, renowned dual mesh pads necessary for the snare and toms that match the feeling of playing the acoustic drums.

Some of the features that drummers are going to like are such as the dual play mesh heads that come complete with the tension adjustability feature, which helps them conduct a quiet and realistic drumming session. Novice and professional players also get to interact with the 15 preset drum kits, that offer authentic and expressive drum sounds consequently enabling users to enjoy accurate drumming that is almost the same as that of the acoustics.

And to make the drum set relevant, the manufacturer has incorporated up to 10 onboard coaching functions, which helps users track their sessions, which in the long run motivates them to play.


  • The best drum sets that cuts down the noise
  • Equipped with chokable cymbals
  • Offers up to 15 kit sounds and a metronome
  • The drum set kit is simple but very effective when it comes to play


  • The sounds played are not as loud
  • The control over the sounds is a bit wanting


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Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit

Right out of the box the Alesis drums nitro mesh kits is characteristic of up to 40 drum kits, and which gives users the liberty to come up with a personalized drum kit, from the provided 385 onboard sounds. The unit has been designed to encourage creativity as the user becomes a tight drummer, to which end they are allowed to play their favorite tunes from their phones or tablet. There is also the option of building chops to the metronome or engage the 60 play-along tracks.

The mesh drumheads are additionally tightly woven and tunable giving the players a chance to customize rebound and sensitivity to achieve a custom playing response. What’s more, is that players who wish to practice late into the night will have a quiet time with the Alesis mesh drumheads. The kit has incorporated all the necessary instruments such as the drum key for easy setup, the cable wraps for power supply, and the drum sticks.

And as usual, the creative control feature available in most of the Alesis drum sets, is meant to give users autonomy when it comes to the control of their studio, players can, therefore, capture their creativity and transmit MIDI information to their computer. They will then unite their synthesizers, and the drum machines, which will expand their performance potential.


  • Good build at the price point
  • Has the capability to mix in music
  • Equipped with high-quality mesh heads
  • Easy to change the sounds of drums and cymbals


The drum set has issues with the sound

A few parts of the drum are made of poor quality material thus less durable


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The electronic drum sets discussed above all retail below $1000, most of which are beginner units and some can double up as professional units to be used for a small live band session. There are some major differences in each of the above units such as the number of sounds that each drum set has incorporated. So, depending on a person’s goals, they will settle with a unit that has the right number of sounds and comes at a price point that is within their budget.

Other features must also be considered such as the durability and sturdiness of the rack, the quality of the drums, the accompanying accessories, and whether the cymbals can be choked.


  1. Can I use my electronic drum sets without the headphones?

Yes, you can use your electronic drum sets without the headphones, but then you must first invest in a speaker, an amplifier, and a monitor.

  1. Is it possible to add cymbals to an electronic drum set?

Yes, it is possible to add cymbals and event the drum pads to an electronic drum set, which in the long run will help you match your favorite acoustic setup.

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