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Locked up at home due to the pandemic, right? We all are. It is time to do something productive. With plenty of time spent within the doors, many people are using music to test their creativity these days. Check best electric piano review in this article.

For the electric piano fans, we have reviewed the top 5 for you. Moreover, at the end of this article, you will find a buying guide to help you with your purchase. Let us take a look at it!

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Price Range

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Casio Casiotone
  • Textured keytops
  • Synth-style keys
  • Pitch bend wheel




  • 6 AA batteries
  • Built-in speakers
  • Controller iOS app


Casio PX-770
  • Dimensions: 1357 x 833 x 299 mm
  • 88 hammer-action
  • 18 sounds


Roland RD-88
  • Line input of stereo minijack
  • USB memory port
  • Mains power


Nord Piano 4


  • Monitor input
  • USB for sound transfer



1. Casio Casiotone (Best Overall)Casio Casiotone


Making it to the top of our list is none other than the Casiotone! At such a budget-friendly rate, this electric piano is an absolute win-win for you.

Although not the best ones, the piano includes 400 sounds that are functional enough for practice purposes. Starting from the basic rhythm to other accompaniment features, Casiotone has it all. 

Casiotone keyboard features velocity-sensitive keys, making it the ideal choice. As playability is a vital aspect, it is needed to hone your dynamic control expertise. Even more, because of the textured keytops, the keys do not look so cheap.

You can get to practice synthesizer-based methods using a pitch bend wheel. For those of you who love to practice silently, it comes with a headphone jack as well. Even more, you can practice and record simultaneously using the Chordana Play app. 


  • An excellent choice for the budget
  • Basic but a complete package
  • An in-built MIDI recorder
  • Durable and portable


  • The sound quality is not always consistent

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2. YAMAHA NP12 (Runner Up)YAMAHA NP12


Looking for the perfect electric piano for your kids? NP12’s compact size makes it the ideal choice for your children. Despite its lightweight design, the 61-key YAMAHA boasts a classic style, thanks to its waterfall-fronted keys.

Strictly slim and no-frills, this electric piano can be powered by the added 6 AA batteries or mains adapter. Look no further if you are looking for an easy-to-play piano. With a collection of 10 sounds, two of which belong to acoustic pianos, this electric piano bags the runner-up position in this list.

No matter where you go, you can carry this with you for its portable feature. How cool is that!

Not to forget that you can connect the USB to host to any of your iOS devices for added functionality and performance. 


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Beginner and children friendly
  • Portable and compact


  • Some consider it too basic
  • Not suitable for advanced players

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3. Casio PX-770Casio PX-770


Next up on our list is the best mid-range electric piano. The PX-770 boasts features like a triple sensor that bestows nuanced control on the onboard music.

Other than that, it has damper resonance and hammer. 3 foot pedals are present – soft, sustain, and damper. It also features a half-damper pedaling that comes with an in-built library of 10 classical pieces, allowing you to play with the recordings of a live symphony orchestra. 

Surprisingly, it offers a high sound quality for this price compared to any stage piano. You will, however, have access to no audio outputs or standard MIDI outputs.

Although there are mini quibbles, you would not come across a better electric piano for this range. 


  • Quality build 
  • Budget-friendly
  • Sounds pretty good


  • Limited connectivity

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4. Roland RD-88Roland RD-88


Bristling with specifications, Roland R-88 is a lightweight and compact electric piano. It blends the hammer action of the piano keyboard and the exceptional sounding Ivory feel keys.

Mix a user-friendly interface for optimized performance. You can have access to onboard speakers and hundreds of tones. For both home and stage use, this piano is your best solution. With its weight, it would not require movers to help you carry it around!


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Vast sound selection
  • Built-in speaker system


  • Too much expensive

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5. Nord Piano 4Nord Piano 4


Last but not least, we have the Nord Piano 4. It comes with a vast range of tried acoustic pianos. It features sample memory, string resonance, and pedal noise. 

When you first look at it, the red case will definitely be appealing to your eyes. If you use dual-powered speakers with it, Nord will deliver the perfect sound. 

For independent processing, you cannot simply route its synth section to its own outputs. 


  • Its technology is tested
  • Distinctive look
  • Fantastic sound


  • No mod or pitch wheels

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Buying Guide

As such, the internet is thronged with questions relating to the best electronic pianos according to their requirements. Now is the perfect time to learn this digital instrument. It all depends on your playing level, how you will use the piano, and what features you are after.

  1. Budget

The best electric pianos are overly expensive. If the budget is up your alley, we would ask you to go for it. Do the research before you purchase.

  1. Features

If you are starting to learn electric piano, be sure of the features you want. Experience players might help you with this. Start with an electric piano that gives you the gist of a proper playing technique.

  1. Space

This might seem like a piece of minor advice, but it is actually a significant one. If you reside in a small house, you might want to avoid mammoth electric pianos. 

Final Words

So that’s a wrap for the best electric pianos. We hope this article helps you to figure out the best one for you. Go through the buying guide to facilitate your purchase.

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