Best Earplugs for Musicians

Hearing security is perhaps one of the most underappreciated pieces of musical equipment. Long-term listening to a typical concert at a decibel level of about 100db or higher will permanently affect our eardrums, affecting our hearing capacity. Developing tinnitus, that is a repetitive buzzing in the ear which does not go away, is also a possibility. Check out our list of the best earplugs for musicians if your ears have suffered a beating over the ages and if you are not willing to make matters worse.

Buying Guide

Purchasing the first set of earplugs can be quite puzzling, particularly if you are unable to try them on before purchasing. When choosing a pair of earplugs, bear the following features in mind. 


When talking about earplugs in particular, there are several choices available on the market.  When choosing a pair for you, make absolutely sure that they are tailored to your unique requirements.

Different forms of attenuation vary in frequency and length. Using a set of musician’s earplugs during construction purposes cannot provide enough protection. Using earplugs that are of industrial-grade, which can commonly be found in retail shops, on the other hand, has an effect on the sound and quality of the music.

High fidelity earplugs for musicians balance signal amplification and clarification for hearing safety during live concerts or listening. A good pair of earplugs appears to be as though the surroundings have been turned down to a few decibels, similar to turning down the volume button on speakers.

Fit and Sizing 

The fit of the earplugs decides how well they block out any noise and how comfortable and safe they are to use. Many brands sell earplugs with having universal fit.

This usually represents about 75 percent of the people. Ear canals differ in size, but those at the extremes of the scale with exceptionally wide or narrow ear canals will want to seek a custom sizing.

They may not fit properly and might fall off if they are too tiny, and may place too much tension on the ear canals, causing soreness and discomfort if they are too large.

Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) and Attenuation

The amount of decibels which are lowered by wearing earplugs is referred to as attenuation. In an attenuation group, each object contains two numbers. The first figure is a decibel reduction value specified by the manufacturer based on preliminary research, whereas the Noise Reduction Rating seems to be a conservative number calculated using a standard algorithm.

While certain manufacturers feel the NRR does not accurately reflect the entire figure of the reduction offered, they are expected to provide it on their goods. A standard rock concert has a decibel level of 106 to 110. According to Etymotic’s findings, you can be exposed to certain thresholds for not more than five minutes until hearing loss develops.

Earplugs for performers usually reduce noise levels by 12 to 25 decibels, allowing for healthy long-term exposure. 

Usage Life

Earplugs of high fidelity are typically re-usable. Even so, the materials used in designing the ear tips, such as silicone, decay over time. The usage life of a commodity is generally defined in the guide by the manufacturer.

Since this detail is seldom found on product websites, expect that a set of earplugs can last 3 months to 6 months until the ear tip content begins to degrade. Whenever the ear tips begin to reveal signs of wearing out, such as discoloration, micro tears, or a shift in texture or pliability, the product might require new ear tips or a replacement altogether.


Along with the earplugs’ lifespan, another factor to note is whether the touch points can be replaced. Some vendors use replaceable filters and eartips in their products. Other companies wish for the complete earplug to somehow be discarded until the ear tips have worn out.

The ones having replaceable components are normally more costly, and the parts are usually only available from the manufacturer. Before you buy a model with replacement parts, double-check if they are available.

Best Earplugs for Musicians

Product Name
Price Range
Buy Now
  • Comes in small sizes for a better fit
  • Uses a V filter that provides an EPA protection rating of 5 decibels
  • Designed with a silicone covering that is made using a Smart Seal Technology
  •  Comes with a Noise Reduction rating of 17 decibels
  • They are expertly engineered in the Acoustics & Vibratory Lab of the MIT providing a one-of-a-kind blend of sound quality and hearing safety
  • Made with an ergonomic sleek design for a comfortable fit
Vibes High
  • Made of clear and silicone made outer shells
  • The silicone tips come in various sizes
  • Contains a sturdy portable case
  • These remold able earplugs are built using a percussive filter technology, which prevents pressures from any loud noise
  • The filters are IPIL certified and can filter noise up to 166 decibels
  • Comes with the feature of remolding the earplugs acing to the size of your ear
EarDial HiFi
  • Made with transparent silicone material which stay invisible in your ears
  • Comes with a small cylindrical aluminum case which is compact and can be carried anywhere
  • Has a luminous sticker which helps in finding the plugs in dark
Hearprotek High Fidelity
  •  Comes with a Noise Reduction rating of 20 decibels
  • Designed with good quality silicone material which makes them a comfortable wear
  • The curved body is ergonomically designed, with two tips that match the outline of ear canal for a secure and supportive fit
  • All frequencies are reduced by 20 decibels
  • Has a standard fit
  • A heavy-duty neck cable is included, as well as a carrying bag

Earplugs for Musicians1. Earasers

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The small earplugs by Earasers are one of the only few products on our list that are specially designed for musicians. It is due to the filters, which have a flat frequency response similar to studio monitors. An advantage it comes with is that any pitch you’re going to hear will be correctly reflected by the ear buds, though average noise level is minimized as well.

We were hesitant to tug too hard upon the antenna like portion on the plug at first, but once we got the hang of it, we discovered that these were among the best earplugs we had attempted.


  • The plugs do not uncomfortably block your ears
  • They are ideal for use both in studios or stages
  • They block out any loud noise but still allows hearing at a comfortable and safe level


  • Not as good as others in terms of attenuation 


Earplugs for Musicians

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Yes, earbuds are available for a variety of uses, including gigs, building sites, shooting, and also sleeping. Even so, the Earos One would be one of the best choices for musicians.

These buds do have some credentials behind their sleek styling, thanks to the feedback from a retired MIT Acoustics Lab owner. Their proprietary sound bore technology reduces noise while maintaining consistency as well as a large frequency response.


  • Reduces noise and provides a natural hearing experience
  • It preserves audio fidelity and comes with a sleek design
  • Suitable for most ear sizes 


  • Suited best in noisy environments

3. Vibes High

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The Vibes High earplugs aim at attenuating – that is, lowering incoming volumes while still using separate filters to fine-tune specific frequencies. They claim that this eliminates overall noise by not muffling the sound. Anyone who has used foam ear buds might know how thick and muffled the sound can get.

This is not the case with these earplugs. They also come with an attractive design. The Vibes earplugs are incredibly low-profile once you wear them, due to their transparent plastic housing, meaning you get to wear these without drawing attention to yourself.


  • Contains sizes for both adult and children
  • Provides precise frequencies under any volume
  • Comfortable and unobstrctive


  • It needs practice to get used to them

4. Decibullz

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Customized fittings are common in the field of in-ear control, but they aren’t often practical for low-priced applications such as earplugs. So we reasoned. The next product on our list is the Decibullz, a noise-cancelling device that can be used in a variety of scenarios. The most intriguing aspect of these earplugs is their ability to be customized and shaped.

The three-flange caps are mounted to something like a thermoplastic portion that becomes bendable after being heated in hot water and can be shaped to match your ear shape. They’re ideal for sleep, and they’ll hold your ears cozy and protected with only a 31db security rating.


  • This aids in the prevention of long-term hearing loss
  • The filters have a lower attenuation allowing you to hear both speech and background sound
  • They also fit under earmuffs and headsets without any difficulty


  • In certain cases, it’s almost too silent

5. EarDial HiFi

Earplugs for Musicians

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We understand if you’re doubtful about choosing a set of earplugs. This is why we prefer the HiFi set from EarDial. Once in use, these buds are incredibly low profile which fit in with your skin’s color. It comes with all the advantages of noise suppression along with accurate filtering while seeming not doing anything. The corresponding iOS app adds a nice feature by alerting you to elevate noise levels around your environment. 


  • Allows you to listen to music and make conversation with friends while being protected from dangerous auditory decibels
  • They’re comfortable to wear for long periods of time, with the most delicate ears
  • You can control the sound level using your mobile app


  • A small size also implies getting easily lost

6. Hearprotek High Fidelity

Earplugs for Musicians

Amzon Link Here

If the idea of wearing earplugs while band rehearsal or a live show is foreign to you, then it might be a good idea to try out a low-cost pair. It’s worth checking out several sets to see what you want or don’t like, much as you wouldn’t go directly to Gibson Les Paul for learning an instrument.

The Hearprotek ear buds are affordable and come with an aluminum holder that can be stowed on your belt or be packed to a gig-bag. These are not designed for extended use, though they’re perfectly adequate for waiting out the supported bands before taking the stage. 


  • Allows you to hear various sound frequencies along with converse with others without the sound being muffled
  • Comes with a spare plug
  • Contains ear tips of two sizes


  • Not comfortable for prolonged use


Amazon Link Here

Vic Firth must logically want to guarantee the hearing wellbeing of its customers as one of the most well-known labels in drumming world. These inexpensive earplugs have a typical sound reduction level of 20 decibels, but we considered them to be suitable for use behind any drum kit during our testing.

The heavy-duty neck cable that comes with it is also a good feature, allowing you to pull them out between sessions without fear of missing them.


  • Both kicks and cymbals have excellent clarity
  • Includes a neck chord
  • Cost effective


  • It needs practice to get used to the

The right earplugs for you will depend entirely on the circumstances you’ll be wearing them in. However, no matter how sophisticated the equipment, earplugs are only effective if you know to carry and use them.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of preparing for a concert or heading to see a favorite band and forget about your ear protection, an error that might cost you a lot of money down the line.

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