Best Drumming Podcasts

Podcasts are amazing ways to get your way behind the cymbals in drumming and delving deep into the experiences and practices of the most celebrated drummers of the world of today.

You can get the splendid opportunity to get a step closer to your favorite drummer, learn about his or her personal tactics, getting acquainted with their history and journey, teach yourself about their concept and some details which can guide you towards landing somewhere big as well.

Furthermore, if you are in the lookout for new drummers and new sort of music, podcast sessions are another interesting method of getting familiar with them, through some of the most raw and honest discussions, hosted by incredible anchors as well.

Be it to get more motivated in your drumming journey, or getting more connected to the world of the drumming while you are engaging in other daily chores or driving to work, some podcasts can be a great companion.

We have compiled a list of the best drumming podcasts out there which can be highly interesting as well as beneficial for you.

  • “ I’d Hit That’ hosted by Dave Varialle

This drumming podcast started back in 2012, reaching 100 episodes in the third month of the fourth year. Recently, there has not been many new episodes posted in the channel but the prior episodes are incredible to hear back.

You will find some of the best drummers being features in these episodes of the podcasts, sharing their experience, life goals, learning and all that you will love to hear.

This is also available in several other podcast channels and in iTunes. Our personal favorites include episodes with the renowned Zildjian performers like Steve Smith (available in Episode 16) and Eric Harland (available in Episode 52). It is time you visit the page and choose your favorite.

  • “The 180 Drums Podcast” hosted by Jake Nicole

You must have heard about the online drum lessons website, This was an educational site led by Jake Nicole. Around the late 2015, the educators from the site decided to start come up with podcasts as well and spent a good deal of time and effort to bring some of the greatest contents of all times.

They posted 16 amazing episodes till the end of 2017 and published some of the most insightful interviews of many renowned drummers of the world of today.

Starting from topics about geographically moving the career as drummer, tuning the drums in certain ways and gaining audience in social media, and going up to discussing some technical, in depth details about the playing of drums, they have all the information there.

Some of our favorites include the episode of Nov 25, 2015 when Jeff Randall graced the podcast stage, and that of Feb 01, 2017, when Slipnot’s Jay Weinberg shared his thoughts and experiences. You are able to download these episodes or listen directly in their website, iTunes or other channels which include podcasts.

  • “The Modern Drummer” hosted by Mike & Mike

This one is one of the most informative podcasts you will ever come across. It features the managing editor of the Modern Drummer, Mike Dawson and the highly renowned online drumming lessons trainer, Mike Johnston.

The podcasts come with a smooth and frequent publishing of episodes, with around 3 or 4 episodes a month. All the episodes usually feature a discussion between Mike & Mike, whereby they are heard to converse about the cover artist of Modern Drummer, other artists featured in the book, review many great drumming products, share variable tricks and experiences and educate the listener with all that you can think of.

If you are a fan of the legend, Steve Gadd, like we are, make sure you tune in to Episode 88, where they discuss about him.

  • “The Trapset with Joe Wong” hosted by Joe Wong

If you have known or heard Joe Wong, you will know that it is very difficult to find any host who sounds as natural and real as him. This Long Angeles – based drummer as well as composer has recently published the 125th episode of the podcast we are talking about.

Joe Wong does not fail to establish a perfect contact with whichever guest he invites, coming up with interesting, useful, and intelligent questions to them to benefit the audience as well as to keep the conversations alive. These questions bring out the deep details about the incredible story of the personal journey of each drummer in the show and inspire the listener at every step.

Our favorite episodes include the 21st episode where Joe engaged in an exciting discussion with GNR’s Steven Adler and the 59th episode where Dennis Chambers graced the show. You are able to access all the podcasts in the website, besides the iTunes of course.

  • “Ask The Drummer” hosted by Steve Such

This is a little different yet useful podcast for you to tune in to. It is devoted to coming up with the answers you want to hear on topics that you want, and to questions that you ask, with relevance to the topic of drumming of course.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner, intermediate or a professional drummer, this podcast will acknowledge audience of all levels of skills to address the questions and provide answers to common and not-so-common questions related to drumming. Be it tips or advice, you will find it all here, through the website or through iTunes, as you may expect.

Concluding Remarks

You are now aware of the 5 best podcasts related to drumming out there- some still running regular episodes and some which have stopped but have a strong archive of all that you may want to know. Take a good look at the different options; check out the episodes featuring your favorite drummer artist or the questions that have been bothering you.

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