Best Drumheads for Rock

The loud, rhythmic beats of a drum set the pace for any music, whether quiet or loud, soft or hard. The punchy sounds of the drums are the foundation upon which a song is built up on. A drummer provides variation in the melody and blends into the sounds made by the other musicians, making their group sound like a single instrument. They provide the base for the song to let the other musicians express themselves. A drummer is able to keep time or provide a beat for the other musicians to follow. Essentially a drummer dictates the highs, the lows and builds up specific parts of a song. A good drum kit is essential when you’re a drummer but it’s even more important to equip your kit with a good set of drumheads in order to make the sound match the music. Rock music is synonymous with punchy sounds, heavy beats and a fast tempo. This sort of playing is quite hard on drums and knowing which drumheads are the best is imperative. We have listed the best drumheads for rock below. 

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Buying Guide

There are many different types of drumheads out there. Each suits a different type of music, so it’s essential to know which ones suit your style.

Single Ply

This is the most used drumhead. It is essentially a single layer of Mylar that is between 7-10mm thick. These sensitive thin drumheads produce a bright sound and are the least durable. It’s common to see these drumheads used in jazz, swing and light rock.

Double Ply

As the name states, this drumhead has two layers of Mylar that are 7-7.5mm thick. These drumheads produce strong, controllable sounds with defined attack and short sustain. Their durability makes them suited for heavier playstyles such as metal, heavy rock, fusion and R&B. 

Dotted Heads

In order to reduce overtones and excess ringing some drumheads have a dot or a patch of Mylar in the center. This patch focuses the sound and makes it drier.

Coated Heads

Sometimes, some drumheads have either white or black coatings to provide a subtle muffling effect and some even have internal sound rings. Basically, a coated head has a warmer, rounded sound whereas a non-coated head sounds brighter and has more attack. This happens due to the difference is mass between the heads.

Specialty Drumheads

There are some drum heads out there which aren’t made of Mylar but other materials such as Kevlar or Aramid fiber. They are mostly custom made for artists looking for that extra edge when playing.

Best Drumheads for Rock in 2021

Product Name
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Remo PP-1470-PS
  • Mylar coating gives durability and low pitched sound
  • Lightweight and long-lasting
Evans G1 Clear
  • Single ply gives great sounds
  • Made with high-quality materials
Evans Hydraulic Glass
  • Gives a deep, classical rock sound
  • Helps to produce amazing sound
Evans Onyx 2-ply
  • Frost coated for increased low end response and attack
  • Long-lasting and durable
Evans EC2 SST
  • Features sound shaping technology for well-balanced sound
  • Durable and well-designed

1. Remo PP-1470-PS

Remo PP-1470-PSThis set of clear drumheads from Remo is made with sound quality and durability in mind. The set is for 10”, 12” and 16” drums and has a lovely pinstripe around its circumference. It’s ideal for most types of music as it produces a crisp sound. 


  • Great starter drumheads
  • Ideal for rock music as it has a moderate attack and response


  • Tuning them can be a little challenging

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2. Evans G1 Clear

Best Drumheads for RockThis set of single ply drumheads from Evans have a fantastic sound and are quite durable, even if they are single ply. They produce a very open and expressive sound and have great versatile function. This set of three is for 10”, 12” and 16” drums.


  • Gives a nice bright, open and expressive sound
  • Works well as a resonant head as well as the main head


  • Mylar coating tends to flex easily

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3. Evans Hydraulic Glass

Best Drumheads for RockThis drumhead from Evans has a thin layer of oil in between 2 plies of film to reduce unwanted overtones. It provides those heavy, fat tones which were prominent in 70’s era rock.

This set of clear, hydraulic drumheads come in 10”, 12” and 16” and provide consistent sounds with a long time in between changes.


  • It has great attack with short sustain, ideal for rock and heavy metal
  • No muffling required


  • Tends to be hard to tune for first timers.

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4. Evans Onyx 2-ply

EVANSThese dark drumheads from Evans look perfect on any rocker’s drums and are made with sound quality in mind. The frosted coating increases low end response and gives it a defined attack.

Each ply is 7.5mm thick for extra strength and short sustain, allowing for a near dead sound, and perfect for metal and rock applications. The set comes in the standard, 10”, 12” and 16” heads.


  • Consistent sound, even after long use
  • Bright sound compared with other brands


  • Takes a while to tune correctly

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5. Evans EC2S SST

EVANSEvans continues to innovate in the music industry with their well-designed drumheads. The EC2S uses sound shaping technology, which gives an extra focused sound in the attack and reduces sustain.

This drumhead is a 2 ply and the set includes 10”, 12” and 16” heads.


  • Built in dampening rings allow for well-balanced sound across entire drum kit
  • Strongly recommended for Rock and Gospel music


  • Is not as durable as other units

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A drummer carries the band and can make or break a good rock song. A good set of drumheads are necessary to keep up with the rigors and stresses of drumming.  Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, this list of the best drumheads for rock should aid in your quest for a quality drum kit.

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