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Drum thrones must provide stability and comfort to drummers as they will be playing the various percussive instruments for longer hours. The throne must therefore, be easy to move around on and feel good.

Ever tried sitting for three hours in the same position, sounds hard right, yet drummers can sit for a straight three hours and just move their legs for some little adjustment and more comfort. Well, there is more to the throne than just the puffed up soft cushioning, thrones that are too high will encourage upper and mid-back strain, or cause the drummers slouch.

A throne that is too low on the other hand, will have your upper body’s weight deposited on the lower part of the spine, and over time it would lead to other unprecedented health complications. For most drummers therefore a good throne height, allows the hip bone to stay slightly above the top of the knee. In consideration of the above, the leg will move to its natural angle, which then means that the muscles will be more relaxed.

Well when it comes to sitting positions when drumming there is no one style that will be convenient for all, some sitting angles might therefore, be comfortable for a few drummers and hard on the knees for other drummers, which then forces them to try working from different angles. The same goes for the thrones, some people are tall and others are short meaning that the throne height will defer; below, therefore, is a consolidated list of the best drum thrones with adjustable heights.

Comparison Table for the Best Drum Throne

Seat Type
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Roc-N-Soc Manual Spindle Drum Throne
Double Braced
Drum Workshop CP9100AL 9000 Series
FITUEYES Drummer Thrones Donner
Double brace legs
Starfavor Drum Throne
Saddle drum seat
Double brace support legs
EastRock Height Adjustable Universal Drum Throne
Trigal legs
Donner Drum Throne Upgraded
Three-legged, double-braced legs
Gibraltar Pro Oversized Motorcycle Style Throne
Oversized saddle seat
Solid double-braced leg

Reviews for the Best Drum Thrones

Roc-N-Soc Manual Spindle Drum Throne

The Roc N Soc manual spindle drum throne features, double-braced legs, the latter are believed to be sturdy and will, therefore, contain the different weights of drummers without caving in. The throne measures about 19”-26,” but it is adjustable to be used by people of different heights; at the far end of the legs are a rubber detail meant to keep the player steady no matter how intense the drumming gets.

The Roc N Soc bicycle seat style offers balance support and ergonomics, users who love the seat and would like to include a backrest can do so, they must, however, know that this is optional and is, therefore, not included in the original package. For travelers who want to carry their thrones to the different gigs, they can easily carry their Roc N Soc as it is foldable and compact.


  • The seat is comfortable
  • The incorporated cushioning is stable
  • The throne is comfortable and does not creak
  • The throne remains sturdy throughout performance


  • The throne is not convenient for short stacks
  • The seats front fabric tends to wear out prematurely


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Drum Workshop CP9100AL 9000 Series

The Drum workshop throne features a special foam combination and a round top meant to enhance comfort and stability to the players. The unit also features double-braced legs with a rubber detail at the tip of the legs meant to offer stability when the drummer has to play for extended hours. The workmanship is good, with the outer material neatly stitched covering the seat as a whole while displaying the initials of the manufacturer.

On the underside, the seat has been equipped with a hydraulic height adjustment feature for customization by the various drummers. And comfort with the drum workshop is all-around, as users have been provided with the backrest for the long drumming sessions.


  • The best throne for use by the guitar and bass players
  • The padding is stable and comfortable
  • Adjusts high
  • The double-braced legs and the rubber detail ensure that the sits remains sturdy throughout the performance


  • The seat is somehow heavy


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FITUEYES Drummer Thrones Donner

Fitueyes throne is uniquely designed and comes completely attached with a backrest, the unit can be used both on stage and in the studio; has incorporated some of the softest ergonomically designed comfortable seats, a feature that makes it a great unit for the drummers, guitarist and the keyboard players.

Assembly and folding is a breeze thanks to the incorporated fold function, the backrest is also adjustable and comes equipped with a soft cushion. The throne has been configured to work with all the best microphones, and the slant back angle can be adjusted to suit the player’s style. The legs have incorporated a non-slip rubber support, and drummers and guitarists also get to use the foot pedals which enhance comfort.


  • Fitueyes is the best performance and studio seat
  • The seat can be customized to suit the player’s style
  • Comes with a soft cushioned backrest
  • Comfortable and stable seat


  • Price is a bit on the higher side


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Starfavor Drum Throne

Starvavor drum throne is ergonomically designed for stability and comfort and features the xx millimeter high-quality sponge cushion, which apart from being breathable; they will maintain their structure over time and with continued use. The saddle has been uniquely designed to wrap the hips and minimize pressure on the tail bone.

The double-braced legs have additionally incorporated large support rubber feet, which provide a strong grip that ensures players remain stable even when the drumming becomes intense. The throne also has an x brace support base, which is made of both the round and x shaped iron that conveniently disperses the weight while offering comprehensive support.

What’s more is that the incorporated 1.2mm thick plywood, bench has a surface which enables the throne to contain up to 330 pounds of weight. Users must however ensure that they sit at the center of the throne. Sporting a spiral height adjustment, drummers can easily customize the orientation of their bodies, as they perform.


  • The X-brace support helps disperse the weight to offer comprehensive support
  • The seat height is adjustable
  • Equipped with large support rubber feet
  • Allows drummers to change the orientation of their bodies during the performance


  • The seat is not as stable
  • The materials used in the manufacture are cheap


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EastRock Height Adjustable Universal Drum Throne

The East Rock height-adjustable throne can take up to 200lbs weight, it is fairly small and light in weight, weighing about 4.36 pounds. The above can be taken to mean that drummers and guitarists can take the throne to their out of station gigs; the height of the throne is adjustable to fit different drummers, once out of the box the throne is pretty easy to assemble.

The incorporated sponge at the seat is of high quality, and will, therefore, keep the throne from deforming. The metal material used to make the legs and the middle stand are also of high quality and can take the beating of an intense drumming session. And apart from being used by musicians and drummers the East Rock height can also double up as a home stool and can be used by both adults and kids.

The legs of the throne have incorporated an anti-slip detail to keep the players stable even if they have to play for extended hours.


  • Features a simple unique design
  • The drum throne is easy to assemble
  • Doubles up as a home stool
  • Can be used by different musicians and at home


  • The stool is short
  • Adjusting the height is a bit hard


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Donner Drum Throne Upgraded

The donner drum throne has been upgraded and comes with a nice incentive of two drum sticks, the round seat is constructed from high-density sponges, which will minimize any chances of the drum stool deforming even on prolonged use. The throne features a 4 position height adjustment knob, which helps ensure that every user works from a comfortable height.

And just like the other drum thrones, the donner drum throne comes equipped with a non-skid detail that prevents the throne from moving when the drummer is playing. On the underside from the height adjustment bolt, users have been furnished with a high-quality aluminum alloy bracket that is characteristic of a triangular design which helps ensure that the unit remains stable.

Apart from the drums, the donner throne can be used with other instruments, and at home as a stool; and the sweet spot when it comes to investing in this throne is that it comes with a 6-month repair or replacement warranty.


  • The throne is comfortable thanks to the high-density sponges
  • The throne is strong and good for use by tall people
  • Retails at a fair price
  • Comes with the drums sticks as an incentive


  • Height adjustment can only assume 4 positions


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Gibraltar Pro Oversized Motorcycle Style Throne

The Gibraltar pro oversized motorcycle-style throne has the most amazing features, starting from the throne seat, which features a top-grade foam that offers the players maximum comfort. What’s more, is that the oversized saddle seat features a luxurious Cordura top complete with vinyl edges. The adjustment is threaded and has a memory lock height adjustment feature.

And to make sure that a player remains at his seat even as the drumming climaxes, the seat has incorporated a super lock cast fastening system and on the underside, you get a heavy-duty double bracing, which is not only rock solid but has been equipped with the supper foot rubber feet, which offers a solid foundation. Even better is that the throne is oversized, thus can contain different types of players.


  • The best throne for work and home use
  • The throne is a good purchase for the long term
  • It is soft and comfortable
  • Offers the necessary support if needed for long hours


  • Hurts the back sometimes
  • Only best when used by drummers


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Tips for Getting the Best Drum Throne

Foam- most drum thrones come equipped with a high-density foam which in the long run offers stability and comfort even if the player has to push long hours. This feature is especially important to watch out for because it is well capable of affecting drummer’s overall posture, leading to premature fatigue and pressure points.

The finishing material-the fabric used on the top part of a drum throne plays an important role when it comes to absorbing sweat, drummers who play for long hours tend to get sweaty and hot and if the throne is made of a fabric that doesn’t absorb sweat then it can get very uncomfortable.

Height Adjustability- it is almost impossible that a particular drum throne will be used by one person, which then means the that height has to be adjustable for comfort, besides drums sets are never of the same height, and is therefore, much easier to adjust the seat and start drumming.

Double-braced legs- will contain the weight of the drummer without caving in if the session is extended. Even better is that the double-braced legs can effectively hold different weights.


Drum kits are available in different designs; most of them have the same features, with the major differences focused on the seat. Many people will, therefore, focus on the cushioning, the finish material, and the overall design of the seat; some will, therefore, prefer the saddle while others the round seat; whichever you decide to settle with ensure that the finish material is breathable.


How high must the drum throne be?

When you sit on your drum throne, your hips should be positioned slightly above your knee.

Must I use a drum throne when drumming?

No, if you can use any other seat, be comfortable, and not hurt your knees, hip and back, then why not.

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