Best Drum Practice Pad

Warming up before a drum session is an extremely important part of the process before diving into the real thing. However, more often than not, you may find it inconvenient to use your actual drum set for this purpose. Practice pads are the answer to this! Noise indoors is never good and unpacking an entire drum set can be rather cumbersome. That is why today we will be reviewing the best drum practice pad in the market!

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Buying Guide

Let us familiarize ourselves with what makes a drum practice pad good first. There are some factors, rather simple, which should be taken into context before you buy one.

Why do I want drum pads?

Drum pads are basically a way for you to practice your drum skills without the loudness or possible disturbance to your surroundings. You wantΒ  set of drum pads that keep the noise to a minimum, but also one that lets you improve your hand skills. Control, wrist movement, speed and hand technique are all factors to take into consideration here.


There are drum pads available in various sizes, but in most cases they come portable. You want a practice pad that lets you unpack and pack them with less effort. If they took up the same amount of time and space as a regular set of drums, that serves less to their actual purpose.


A drum set may be made of some rather complicated combinations of materials – such as wood, metal and plastic. However, most drum practice pads are made of mostly rubber, or alike materials. The main goal of the material used in this context is to make sure they make as little sound as possible when played. Also, the recoil generated upon each hit is taken into consideration when the pads are being hit.

Drumsticks and Metronomes

This article is indeed going to talk about the best drum practice pads in the market. Please keep in consideration that you also want drumsticks that play well with each of the pads in this list. Not all drumsticks will provide you with the same kind of feedback. Please also consider a metronome when you do this, as you may want one to keep track of time even better than you already may be doing so.

Best drum practice pads in 2021

Product Name
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Vic Firth 12β€³ Single-Sided
  • Realistic and authentic feel
  • Natural rubber on wood base
  • Lets you work more on wrists
Evans Realfeel 2-Sided Practice Pad
  • Portable and quiet
  • Two sided for variant feedbacks
  • Versatile, great for everyone
SoundOff by Evans Drum
  • Durable
  • Made to match standard sizes
  • For versatile drummers
Remo RT-0010-00
  • Engineered for beginners
  • 10 β€œ diameter coated head
  • Contains a mount

1. Best Drum Practice Pad: Vic Firth 12″ Single-Sided

Best Drum Practice PadBeing away from your own drum set may be quite frustrating when you want to practice. Moreover, it is frustrating to feel the urge to learn a song at 3 A.M. without bothering the neighbors. In such situations, the Vic Firth 12 inch Single Side is the answer to your problems. This is one of the best drum practice pads that can endure your hardest hits without denting at all. It also provides your wrists with the natural workout you need.


  • Sounds very realistic for a practice drum pad
  • Very durable for the budget, can take a lot of force
  • Single side with natural rubber and wood base


  • Not the best for practicing for beginners

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2. Best Drum Practice Pad: Evans Realfeel 2-Sided Practice Pad

Best Drum Practice PadA travelling drummer will find that it is rather difficult to practice regularly. A whole drum set is not going to be available at all times. That is not a realistic expectation, given how large a drum set can usually be. The Evans Realfeel 2 Sided Practice Pad solves this issue with this supremely crafted set of pads.

These pads are lightweight and durable, but most importantly, they are very portable. They can be carried around as simply as plates or dishes, but perhaps even lighter than that. They are available in a wide array of sizes and types, and can be used as a substitute for acoustic drums for practicing.


  • Fits inside a snare basket
  • Can be bought separately in spares
  • Available in a variety of models


  • Not very durable due to being flexible

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3. Best Drum Practice Pad: SoundOff by Evans Drum

Crafted for both beginners and professionals, the SoundOff by Evans Drums is among the best drum practice pads. This pad makes sure that you do not end up disturbing someone’s sleep while you practice in the next room. It also has a cymbal and stand available (needs to be bought separately) in case you want to take practicing to a new level.

Aside from that, this practice pad also has proven to be very durable.


  • Quality suppression of sound for the quietest of practice
  • Very realistic feel
  • Appropriately durable, can withstand a lot of force


  • Has a significant rebound and recoil issue

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4. Best Drum Practice Pad:Β Remo RT-0010-00

If you are looking to get a good drum practice pad for you to practice your chops and hits, this one has got your back. The Remo RT-0010-00 is crafted for both beginners and professionals. With a flexible surface, you can place this on top of your actual drum body for practicing. Consider this if you are gonna be on tours as well, as this is very portable and compact too!


  • Non-scratch, protective rubber bottom
  • Has the bounce factor of a real drum


  • Not the most durable in this budget.

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We hope this helps you choose the best drum practice pad for yourself or a drummer that you know. Consider getting any of them if you are looking for something to practice on without using your actual drums. Keep practicing!

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