Best Double Bass Pedals

Double Bass Pedals are used for a wide range of music- starting from jazz to heavy metal. But, to be frank, Double Bass Pedals are for experienced bassists. You barely need it unless you are playing an extreme form of metal.

Drummers who want to diversify their arena of playing should opt for double bass pedals. This gear enables drummers to create a new range of rhythms. This article will guide you to the world of Double Bass Pedals introducing the best ones for an awesome performance.

Best Double Bass Pedals in 2021

Product Name
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Pearl Bass Drum Pedal (P932)
  • Available in two sizes: single and double
  • Adjustable Beater angle
  • Has eccentric cam
Drum Workshop Inc. DWCP3002
  • Available in three styles: Double, Lefty Double, and single
  • Features dual-chain turbo drive system
  • Reliable balance
DW 9000 Double Bass Pedal
  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Flawless design and quality
  • Features floating swivel spring
Pearl P2052C Eliminator
  • Has power shifter
  • Features quad beater
  • Has zero play hinge
TAMA HP200PTW Iron Cobra 200 Double Pedal
  • Features power glide cam
  • Super lightweight
  • Made in China
Mapex Armory Series P800TW
  • Affordable in the price range
  • Has extended footboard
  • Reliable stability and speed
Pearl P3002D Eliminator Demon Drive
  • Eliminates noise slack
  • Features duo-deck longboard
  • Available in two sizes: single and double
PDP By DW 400
  • Great pedals
  • Adjustable
  • Features key side adjust hoop clamp
Tama Iron Cobra 600
  • Made with premium quality components
  • Highly affordable for the value
  • Has no lagging issues
DW 2000
  • Features offset turbo cam
  • Single chain driven
  • Has flyweight beaters


  1. Pearl Bass Drum Pedal (P932)

Pearl Bass Drum Pedal (P932)

Here’s one versatile drum pedal by Pearl that most drummers love. It is a DemonDrive Pedal. The heel-toe drummers would love this as it has a long-board design. The design is just as flawless as the performance of the drum pedal.

It’s easy to use and the adjustability allows you to get to an optimum position. The click-lock feature ensures the drum pedal is tight. It is a super bass drum pedal for professionals.


  • Has circle cam with removable eliminator
  • Has longboard with power shifter
  • Great build quality


  • A bit on the expensive side

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  1. Drum Workshop Inc. DWCP3002

Drum Workshop Inc. DWCP3002

Next on our list is a set of great pedals by the Drum Workshop. Not as premium as its other pedals, this one is made in a budget-friendly manner. This offers a perfectly balanced smooth performance. With zero lag and high speed, this also has great adjustability.

This metal-built double bass pedal is driven by dual chains for turbo drive. Give it a go for better control as a beginner drummer.


  • Fantastic craftsmanship
  • Perfect weight, easy to use
  • Affordable price range


  • Not for professional uses

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  1. DW 9000 Double Bass Pedal

DW 9000 Double Bass Pedal

DW is that brand all drummers get excited for. The DW 900 Double Bass pedal features an EZ Infinite Adjustable cam that makes it even more desirable. This one has a double-chain model that brings out the outstanding capability of DW.

The floating rotor allows it to spin around the driveshaft. The adjustable rig consisting of an interchangeable cam, hex bolt and more helps drummers to get any tune.


  • Has tri-pivot toe clamp system
  • Premium quality with versatility
  • Has framed tension springs


  • Costly for some but worth it

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  1. Pearl P2052C Eliminator

Pearl P2052C Eliminator

Looking for the key to ultimate bass drum performance? Let’s preset the Pearl P2052C Eliminator! We’d argue this to be the best one in the market now. Available as both single and double pedals, this is a feature as a chain drive.

With the price it comes at, it is one unbelievably unique piece of the bass pedal- the advanced technology, craftsmanship, interchangeable cam, you name it. The spring suspension allows smooth playing of the style of your choice.


  • Has Ninja bearings for smooth performance
  • Features click-lock mechanism
  • Redline surface provides better grip


  • Needs some adjustments

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  1. TAMA HP200PTW Iron Cobra 200 Double Pedal

TAMA HP200PTW Iron Cobra 200 Double Pedal

Want a double bass pedal that offers remarkable performance in an affordable price range? Then put your hands on the TAMA Iron Cobra 200. This features a power glide cam that allows drummers to play smoothly. It also ensures proper speed. With such a low price tag, it offers some high-grade components too. The rolling glide and power glide can also be selected.

The beater angle adjustment and the spring tension adjustment are two key features of this one. You can adjust it according to your requirements for smooth or speedy consistency and power.


  • Affordable in the price range
  • Single Chain driven
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Feature ‘Duo-glide’


  • Not the best design

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  1. Mapex Armory Series P800TW

Mapex Armory Series P800TW

This one on our list is a chain-driven action bass drum pedal. The Mapex might not be that famous but the Armory series is gig-quality hardware with memory locks and professional adjustability.

The heaviness of the overall mechanism is controlled by interchangeable weights. With an affordable price tag, you can surely give it a try.  


  • Has torque-free spring system
  • Well-built construction with flawless design
  • Features heavy-duty tubes.


  • Doesn’t have a proper grip

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  1. Pearl P3002D Eliminator Demon Drive

Pearl P3002D Eliminator Demon Drive

The Pearl P3002D is a pedal that caters to the specific needs of a drummer with adjustability.  The direct drive this offers is better than a lot of double pedals in the market. The increase and decrease in weight help better controlling of aggression. The usage of Japanese NiNja bearing makes the pedal smooth.


  • Has 8 setups
  • Allows fine-tuning
  • Comparatively lightweight
  • Features click-lock spring tension


  • Doesn’t have a flawless construction

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  1. PDP By DW 400

PDP By DW 400

Next on our list is this affordable, all-in-all double bass pedal. With such a price tag, it offers great things. It is a beginner-friendly bass pedal that allows you to explore the drummer’s game overall.

The flawless construction and high durability are additional. It comes with an offset cam on both sides. This single-chain-driven bass pedal provides similar performance as many high-end products. Give it a go if you want to learn more about bass pedals.


  • Available in 4 styles
  • Has sleek, racing-inspired pedal boards
  • Features 2-way spurs
  • No-frills product


  • Not for all music genres.

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  1. Tama Iron Cobra 600 

best double bass pedals

The Tama Iron cobra 600 is a similar product to the other one we have enlisted here. Both have the same flawless construction and technology, with little to no difference. Offering a lot of adjustability, this one comes at a comparatively lower price. The duo glide helps with its smooth performance.

The brass sleeve enables more tension and fluid motion change. You will also not get any friction issues here. So, go for it if you want to buy a double bass pedal without breaking your bank account. 


  • Features duo glide
  • Has cylindrical brass sleeve on the hinge
  • Helps achieve aggression


  • Needs time to adjust pedals.

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  1. DW 2000

best double bass pedals

The last one on our list is yet another one by Drum Workshop.  It offers great value for money. This beginner-friendly model by DW doesn’t offer much adjustability, but it still does the job.

It offers a patented single-cast design that makes movement easier. This is a single chain-driven one that is lightweight. Give it a go if you want budget-friendly gear from DW.


  • Has velcro and retractable spikes
  • No lagging issues
  • Mid-ranged gear


  • Doesn’t have a delta-bearing hinge

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Buying Guide for Best Double Bass Pedals

Which drive to go for?

You might be confused- chain drive, belt drive, or direct drive. Each one caters to different requirements. But you’ll notice that chain and belt-driven bass pedals are similar. The only difference you will notice is the lighter feel on your feet. Also, chain-driven can be little noisy compared to belt-driven ones.

However, the direct drive bass pedals are excellent for speed and control. We would suggest you go for a direct drive double bass pedal for overall uses. But, try out all the drives to better understand your style and requirements.


Double bass pedals are quite an expensive gear for musicians. It isn’t usually used until some intense sessions as bassists. Most people consider it a luxury item.

Though the price is a secondary concern, we can’t overlook it. In order to make sure you are getting what you are paying for, go through reviews online. Most prices vary due to the drive of bass pedals.

The price of a double bass pedal is way more than a single bass pedal. While you go shopping, you may approximately have to spend from $200-$700 for a double bass pedal. The price range is massive, depending on the brand value, construction, and technology.

We have listed products that are more on the affordable side. Most of the gears we recommended also have single styles. Single styles are way cheap compared to double bass pedals.


Like all other gears, double bass pedals also come with manuals. There isn’t any requirement for additional tools to build it. A screwdriver will do.

Adjusting the kick pedal is the key. Depending on how tight or loose you want, you need to adjust it. For a double bass pedal, it is important you match the tensions.

Next comes the height you prefer for the double bass pedal. A beater needs a soft side and a hard side. Depending on your preference, set a soft and a hard side. This choice of yours will help get a better level of intensity and proper sound quality according to the genre.

Bass pedal for metal

For metal, you need a lot of aggression. To gain that level of velocity, you need a double chain or direct chain-driven double bass pedal. These allow you to perform for long hours with constant tension.


Balance is a must here. You can’t comprise with it as it impacts your footwork. Make sure to have the left and right pedal on the same level. There are some faulty drum pedals that have uneven and loose ones. These will drag you to produce an unsmooth sound from the drum pedal.

To ensure that you have an even sound, you need to test it a bit. Take two drum sticks and pull back both beaters simultaneously. Release the beaters and see if these swing back at the same time. If yes, you are good to go. If not, maybe they require some adjusting. However, time is a great factor here. If it takes a long time to swing back, don’t go for that double bass pedal.


As a drummer who needs to perform on various stages, I can’t stress how important a zip-up bag is. You can keep it safe from dust and dirt, increasing its useful life. Besides, it helps you carry the double bass pedal around here and there. Some bass pedals come with beater heads and beater tips. These come off very handy in the long run.

Final Thoughts

You are here looking for the best Double Bass Pedals most certainly because you’re a professional drummer. Bass Pedals aren’t any necessity; it’s a luxury item for tasteful sound quality. Most drummers go for single bass pedals. But, if you are a drummer who plays 64th bass, you can buy one. This will allow you to play exhilarating rhythms.

With all that being said, our favorite among the list is the Pearl Bass Drum Pedal (P932). This one offers at a comparatively affordable price tag and delivers instant responses.

We hope our article came in handy for you to get your perfect double bass pedal.

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