Best Double Bass Pedal

Double bass pedals are normally useful when playing the extreme forms heavy metals, or the sub-genres of metal. Metal drummers, who play nu-metal, thrash, the southern or the death metal love to use this equipment.

When playing musical instruments, most drummers love the double bass pedal because it has been determined to add power to sound. The instrument is necessary for playing patterns that cannot be achieved with a single pedal, a good example would be when running the sixteenth note or the triplets.

Double bass pedals have also been found effective for use with the electronic drum sets; drummers must, however, be sure of finding a big enough kick pad, that will effectively support two beaters, and the double bass drum pedal. Operating the double bass is not a joke and drummers are, therefore, advised to play beyond their limits, which will then give them the stamina to play as needed.

The idea, therefore, is for one to be able to perform through a show, and the best way to not disappoint the fans is by training for extra hours, like maybe 2 if the show will be going for one hour. The above then means that the double bass training should at least take on a full two hours, but then again we have different qualities of the double bass, so which one is the best for the two-hour show, continue reading.

Comparison Table for the Best Double Bass Pedal

Drive system
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TAMA HP200PTW Iron Cobra 200 Double Pedal
Single chain
Pearl P932 Demonator Right Footed Single Chain
Single Chain
PDP By DW 400 Series Double Pedal
Single chain drive with offset cams
DW 200
Single chain turbo cam
Mapex Falcon Pedal
Chain drive double bass pedal
DW 9000 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal
Double Chain drive
DW Drum Workshop 5000 Double Bass Drum Pedal
Double Chain Drive

TAMA HP200PTW Iron Cobra 200 Double Pedal

The Tama iron cobra 200 series double pedal is subject to a unique and rugged construction, featuring a special spring tension rod, that obliterates sluggish and heavy beater stroke action. The incorporated spring tight special steel has been configured in such a way that it quickly returns to the footboard, which is its original position without necessarily twisting.

The above amounts to a smooth playing experience, the instruments iron cobras, going by HP200PTW, happen to be the best and are available in a single chained offset cam design known to enhance power and increase speed, as the beater reaches the end of the stroke. Operating the unit is pretty intuitive given that the drummer could simply, adjust the beater head, angles and in the process achieve a flat hit to the drum.


  • The highly functional pedals are fairly priced
  • Installation and assembly of the pedal is easy
  • Materials used in the manufacture ensures that the pedals are durable
  • Equipped with easy to adjust returning springs


  • The linkage bar is not reliable
  • Good especially for the new players


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Pearl P932 Demonator Right Footed Single Chain

Pearl P932 Demonator right-footed single chain is among the double bass pedals that are not only fairly priced but highly effective. Assembly of the pedal is a breeze and the rugged construction guarantees durability. The unit can double up as a single pedal but wouldn’t be all that reliable for the faster players.

The double bass pedal pearl demonator does have some interesting aesthetics; the instrument is easy to use by both the novice and professional players; operating the pedal is pretty flawless and fast. Drummers are, however, encouraged to reverse the beaters, so that the felt sides will face them and the plastic sides to face the drum so that it doesn’t damage the mesh.

The double bass pedal works differently with regard to the application, so for the Alessi’s drummers they might want to retrigger the threshold of the kick trigger down to 1, or else it will not work.


  • The pedals are fairly priced
  • Set up is pretty easy
  • Can take the beating of a loud drummer without giving in to pressure


  • Has a steep learning curve
  • The white part of the beater is not as durable as it disintegrates pretty fast


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PDP By DW 400 Series Double Pedal

PDP by DW 400 series is a sufficiently inclined pedal for a drummer to use for extended hours without necessarily getting overly fatigued. The construction is of good quality and comes slapped with a budget-friendly price. A closer look at the pedal boards reveals of a racing-inspired design, which is completed with a single chain offset cam on either side.

What’s more, is that the 400/500 series linkage offers players a responsive feel, a thing that is normally experienced when using the high end double bass pedals. The PDP 400 series double pedal is customizable to a drummers playing style, thanks to the configuration of the 2-way beaters, all the way down to the drum clip that allows adjustability to a personal style.

Set up is pretty easy thanks to the minimal adjustable features; the balance for this particular bass pedals is not exactly up to par, but it works well without lag.


  • The bass pedal is customizable to fit a personal playing style
  • Made of sturdy and highly durable material
  • Can be used by both professionals and the novice players
  • The pedals are easy to set up


  • The pedal is not easily adjustable
  • The beaters are made of hard plastic thus can easily damage the drum head


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DW 2000

The DW 2000series double bass plate retails at a friendly price of $199.99 and enjoys a rating of up to 4.6 out of 5 stars and for good reason, for example, you will find that the bass pedal has a printed scale on the side which helps users decide or judge the angle of the action. Operating the pedal is intuitive, for example, if you want to adjust the footboard angle, you can alter it independently by simply moving the chains fixing point along the seven evenly spaced holes on the cam.

And in reference to the accelerator AD3 that had initially been incorporated on the 5,000 series pedals, users can expect to interact with a responsive and exceptionally fast pedal on the 2000 model. Notice the single post casting on the double bass pedal, well this particular configuration enables the quick movement from the hi-hat to the pedal.

From afar, the double bass pedals are quite attractive especially with the dw 2000 logo clearly printed at the top part. Assembly of the unit does not involve a learning curve, and when being used, the pedals run smoothly with a more fluid action.


  • The pedals are high quality
  • The pedals are also highly responsive
  • Set up and operation is a breeze
  • The perfect unit for the novice drummers


  • The bass trigger pad is not exactly durable
  • Not convenient for the long haul


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Mapex Falcon Pedal

Mapex Falcon double bass drum pedal is all about innovation, and users have, therefore, been provided for, with beater weights that they can customize. The angle of the beaters are also adjustable and users can also interchange the drives. In short is that the unit is fully customizable, in that even the footbed’s height can be adjusted for comfort.

The double bass pedal is the best unit for professional drummers, given that it can taken the beating of a high speed and retain its structural integrity. And in cases the drummer feels that the attack power is not sufficient, then they can use the bulks to add on power. The weights are available in 10g increments and are thus put into the beater head, to boost the force on the attack consequently customizing the playing style and experience.

The incorporated self-adjusting hoop clump can be used on all hoops at different angles, thus protects the hoops from damage. as the base plate is positioned flat on the floor. Assembly and installation should not concern the drummer because the bass pedals are pre-configured by the manufacturers so that they are ready for use out of the box.


  • The pedals are equipped with the durable stainless steel driveshafts
  • The bass pedal is pretty responsive during use
  • Can be customized to suit individual style, thanks to the interchangeable cams
  • Operation is smooth and fast
  • Has a sturdy build


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DW 9000 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal

Beginning with what makes the DW 9000 special is that it has incorporated the floating swivel spring which helps increase efficiency when initiating both the down and the return stroke. The above is so that the resistance can ease giving room for a smooth experience. And still on innovations the DW 9000 series features a Nylon strap which can be easily transformed from a chain drive to a nylon strap.

Professionals who are fond of love to switch between the accelerator and Turbo drive have been provided with an infinite adjustable cam, which allows the pedal to be easily adjusted. Among the things that contribute to the smooth operation of the bass drum pedal is the free-floating rotor drive system configured to permit the shaft to turn autonomous of the rotor and in the process easily direct power from the pedalboard and to the beater.


  • Incorporated innovative features that make riding the pedals smooth
  • Made with sturdy material thus durable
  • The non-slip rubber plate helps keep the beat going
  • Features memory locks on the tube joints and the base assembly


  • The double bass pedal is highly-priced


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DW Drum Workshop 5000 Double Bass Drum Pedal

The heavy metal DW Drum workshop 5,000 series, features a rugged construction that helps it counter the intensity of a long heavy metal session. And the first feature that supports our statement is the double kick pedal that has incorporated a Tri-pivot toe clamp system designed to keep the pedal and the bass drum connected.

The above is regardless of the hoop size or the angle; the configuration of the contact points of the clamp system feature a rubber covering all of which are meant to ensure that the drummer enjoys a secure connection. During use, the double bass pedal is highly responsive and fast thanks to the incorporation of the dual-bearing spring rocker, which by extension also aids in the provision of the right amount of drag during the rebound.


  • Operating the double bass pedal is ultra-smooth and fast
  • Is a good pedal for drummers who are working on a budget
  • The construction is strong and durable
  • Can be used for extended hours and still maintain its structural integrity


  • Not the best unit for the novice players


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Getting a right double bass pedal for your long shows can be a challenge, as many of them break apart after a few uses. In essence therefore drummers should check on the build quality, the innovative technologies included, and the ease of use and installation. If you are on a tight budget, we have the right double bass pedal for you in the review and if you are looking for a professional unit to use in the extended shows, then you cannot miss a pedal that will match your style.


Is it mandatory for me to use a double bass pedal?

No, it is not necessary unless you plan on playing the extreme forms of metal

How long can it take me to learn to play the double bass pedal?

It will take you up to 2 months but with the relevant practice intensity then you will have mastered your way around the double bass pedal.

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