Best Cymbal Pack Under 300

The weight of the cymbal plays the biggest role in the sound produced, and how they generally play; thin cymbals will, therefore, produce fuller sounds, a lower pitch with a faster response. Heavy cymbals, on the other hand, have the best stick articulation and a louder volume.

Now the good thing with cymbals is that they are available in a large variety, meaning users have many and different varieties to choose from. On the flip side getting the perfect unit for your ensemble can be a hurdle, let us also not forget the infiltration of knockoffs that have adopted the largest selling brand names.

So as a bid to ease your burden when it comes to cymbal selection, we have consolidated some of the best and original cymbal packs that retail at a budget-friendly price of below $300. Remember that cymbals just like wine get better as they age, as they tend to gain more character, and the tone balances it out.

And as we look forward to getting the best out of our aging cymbals let us review some of the budget-friendly, functional, and best quality cymbals.

Comparison Table for the Best Cymbal Park Under 300

Sizes in pack
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Zildjian I Family Pro Gig Cymbal Pack
14″ pair, 16″, 18″, 20″
B8 alloy
Wuhan WUTBSU Western Style Cymbal Set
14″ Hi-Hats, 16″ Crash, and 20″ Ride.
B20alloy (80% copper and 20% tin)
Paiste PST 3 Universal Set
14″ hi-hats, 16″& 18″ crash cymbals, and 20″ ride cymbal
MS63 brass alloy
Sabian SBR Performance Pack
14-Inch Hat, 16-Inch Crash, and 20-Inch
Meinl Cymbals Set Box Pack


14” Hihats, 20” Ride, 16 inch Crash, 18” Crash, 16 inch China, and a 10” Splash
MS63 brass
GoDpsMusic Zildjian Complete Set
20″ I Ride, 16″ I Crash, 14″ I HiHat Pair,

Reviews of the best cymbal pack under $300

Zildjian I Family Pro Gig Cymbal Pack

The Zildjian I family cymbal pack are available in up to four distinct units, with each of them uniquely designed to offer specific tones. Beginning with the largest one, which is the 20” I family cymbal, is of medium weight, and features a traditional finish. The crash ride 20” I family cymbal has a clean stick definition and offers a fantastic bell sound that will undoubtedly cut through the mix.

The 18” I cymbal, on the other hand, is of medium-thin weight, sporting a traditional finish, and is bound to offers drummers big sounds with traditional washiness; users will also get the bright sounds. The 14” cymbal is a crash type, and of medium-thin weight, the crashat pair sports a versatile size for different musical applications, and offers a bright sound.

We then have the 14” Hihat that is of medium-thin or medium weight, offers the best stick definition, is bright with a well-defined chick. From the above profiles, it is quite apparent that the I family has given lots of consideration to the weights of the cymbals, thus users can remain creative and go all out in their drumming sessions.


  • Good quantity at a fair price
  • Offers good bronze sounds
  • The 20-inch ride is amazing
  • The incorporated crash is responsive


  • Sound more like the brass cymbals
  • The ride is not really good


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Wuhan WUTBSU Western Style Cymbal Set

Drummers looking to achieve the best accents and the crashing crescendos then the 14” Hihat, the 16” crash, and the 20” ride incorporated in the Wuhan WUTBSU western-style cymbal set should do the magic. The Wuhan cymbals are a cheap option but with a construction featuring the best components used in the making of the high-end cymbals and which is the B20 alloy, that is about 20% tin and 80% copper.

Individuals who have previously, used the Wuhan cymbals will agree that the cymbals do make quite a stage appearance, with their high polish look that not only complements the drumming kit but makes out for a professional appearance and performance in the long run, whether in the studio or during a live performance.

And as a show of good faith, the manufacturer has been kind enough to provide its clients with a carry bag, to ensure that the cymbals get to their destination in one piece, while also making them easy to transport.


  • The 14” hats are crisp and clean
  • The 16” crash is nice and thin with a very good wash
  • The Hihats offer a good stick articulation when closed
  • The best upgrade for the beginner drum kits


  • The Hihats have been thinly constructed


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Paiste PST 3 Universal Set

The Paiste PST 3 universal sets are considered the most versatile, sporting a durable construction of the MS63 brass alloy. The cymbal set has been configured to work with all the volume settings, can be used for playing the different types of music genres and styles, while offering bright, clean, and powerful sounds.

Each of the incorporated cymbals performs a unique function, for example, if you are to use the 14” Hi-hats you can expect to be furnished with good sounds when it has been closed and a pretty good slosh when it is open. The 16” inch is not exactly encouraging with the sounds but performs well nonetheless, so users can expect to get very pitches, with the sounds like a splash instead of a crash.

We then have the 18” crash/ride which we think sounds a lot like a crash when compared to the ride; the 20” ride, on the other hand, is light in weight, so we categorize it mostly as a crash with a nice and short decay.


  • The cymbals work well
  • Offers bright, clean, and powerful sounds
  • Best for playing different types of sounds
  • Can work with different volume settings


  • Have dark overtones


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Sabian SBR Performance Pack


The Sabian SBR performance pack can be used with other cymbals or individually, they have, therefore, been designed to work together and will, therefore, balance any kit that they are used with offering a clean, crisp, and authoritative sheen. Drummers who incorporate the Sabian SBR performance pack in their kits can expect to be furnished with bright and focused sounds.

Individually, the 16” SBR crash will produce some loud and equally powerful accents, the 20” SBR on the other hand, yields a strong and clean stick definition complete with a bright bell. The 14” SBR Hi-Hats, on the other hand, are the best for users who want to achieve a tight and clean closed sound or a loud and full open sound.

And as a show of goodwill and customer appreciation, the company has included in the pack a free 10” SBR splash, which will add fast and punchy accents to the drumming.


  • Can be used alone or with other cymbals
  • They do provide the drum kit with bright and focused sounds
  • The 4 piece set of cymbals are well priced
  • A good kit for the professional drummers


  • Some users complain that they are flat sounding
  • The dynamics are small and don’t bounce too good


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Meinl Cymbals Super Set Box Pack

The Meinl cymbals superset are made from the durable MS63 brass alloy, designed to maintain the best tone, and a part from the great sounds, users can also expect to be provided with a great sounds from the different sizes of cymbals in the set.

Looking at the individual configurations of the Meinl cymbal set, we begin with the HCS HI hat known to provide articulate and clean sounds that will encourage any player to drive the beat. We then have the 10” HCS splash known to offer an immediate cutting bright response which is good for the fast accents. The pack has also incorporated the 20” HCS ride that offers a well-defined ping and comes complete with a nice bell.

We then have the 16” and the 18” HCS crashes which will offer a smooth attack, and even proceed to add a complex spread to the kit’s sound. The 16” HCS China will furnish drummers with an explosive, brash and bright attack, that comes complete with deep and dark trashy undertones. While the 14” is necessary for people who want to drive the beat and will, therefore, provide an articulate and clean sound.


  • The Meinl cymbals are the best way to top of any kit
  • The cymbals are good for both practice and jamming
  • Offers the best value for money
  • Have the best accents to the crashing sounds


  • The cymbals produce average sounds
  • The quality of the cymbals is pretty cheap


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GoDpsMusic Zildjian Complete Set

Want to take your cymbal skills to the next level, then the GoDPS cymbal set is what you are looking for; the cymbal set has incorporated the 14” Hi-hats, a 16” crash, and a 20” ride, thus gives drummers the option of playing anything that they need to play. And unlike the other sets of cymbals that we have reviewed this particular unit comes with other accessories, such as the cymbal sleeves, the Hi-Hat felts; the Chroma cast padded cymbal bag, and the Zildjian bumper sticker.

Digging into the specifics of the cymbals, the 20” I ride will furnish users with a precise and clean stick definition, thanks to its medium weight and a traditional finish. What’s more, is that the fantastic bell sound will easily cut through the mix. Moving on to the 16” I crash, the cymbal sports a medium-thin weight, has a traditional finish and is known for offering bright sounds while remaining versatile for the different musical applications.

And the last cymbal in the set is the 14” HI Hat pair, sporting a medium-thin or medium weight, with a brilliant finish, and is known for offering the best stick definition but with a bright and well-defined chick. All of the three cymbals are of different weights and sizes, a feature that contributes to their functionality and uniqueness in sound production.


  • The sets offer the best quality and sound
  • Offers the best sounds for the price
  • Good versatile cymbals
  • Comes incorporated with important accessories


  • Are best for metal and rock playing
  • The cymbals don’t have the best resale value


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The first thing that drummers should consider when purchasing a cymbal set is the purpose, remember that the genre of music that you play might need a specific type of cymbals in terms of weight and size. So, whether you are a beginner or a professional, the set that you settle with will matter because the professional sets tend to be expensive and are normally used for commercial purposes in live performances, or studio training.

Users should also consider the setup, as it helps a lot with playability, also some drum sets come with cymbals and which are pretty easy to set up. Also, check on the drum set size, will it be easy to reach all the instruments in terms of height. A good drum set setup must also incorporate all three cymbals, for the production of the best sounds. The above is why cymbals are sold separately and we believe you will find a good pack for your kit in the above review.


Do the thin cymbals break easily?

Yes, thin cymbals will crack easily because they are hammered, interestingly some of the cymbals even crack during shaping and that is before they are put out for sale.

What is the combination of cymbals that a drummer should have?

Drummers must have the ride cymbal, which is good for playing jazz music, we then have the Hi-hats, the crash which is a large cymbal with a fast attack normally used for accents, then lastly there are the splash cymbal that serves the same purpose as the crash cymbals.

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