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The cowbell is a handheld instrument that one usually uses for genres such as salsa or pop music but they have also been known to be paired with a drum set. Although they may seem like simple instruments, many cowbells can be found in tuned or claperless forms that can be used for music that has taken inspiration from Latin roots. So if you are in the market for a cowbell then the following list will provide you with cowbells you can equip to your drum sets.



Product Name
Price Range
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Stagg CB306BK
  • Removable mounting bracket
  • Six sizes available
  • Lightweight body
LP Rock LP008-N
  • Jenigor bar Dampener
  • Self-aligning bolt
  • Low pitch cutting 
Latin Percussion LPA404
  • Hand-held system
  • Can be mounted
  • Moderate overtones 
Latin Percussion LP204C-MC
  • Six offers available 
  • Custom cowbell graphics
  • Forged eye-bolt 
Latin Percussion LP204AN
  • Two styles available
  • Performance versatility
  • Rounded playing surface 


1. Stagg CB306BK

If you are looking for the perfect cowbell that works well with your drums or if you just need something that can act as a solo handheld instrument then stagg is the right purchase for you.

This product is available in a sleek and shiny black design that can fit right in along with any wooden drum or metal drum set. The high-quality steel assures zero dents from contact with your drumsticks.


  • This is currently offered at a budget-friendly 8% discount
  • It can easily be fitted on a 10.5-millimeter rod
  • The mounting bracket has been made small for less disturbance


  • Some buyers may experience attachment issues when connecting to rods


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2. LP Rock LP008-N

The LP cowbell which is also known as the Ridge Rider is a wonderful and high-grade cowbell. Any amateur or professional musician can make great use of.

It is a versatile piece of metalwork that can fit onto two different-sized rods depending on how and where you attach it.


  • The LP eye bolt automatically fixes it onto any rod
  • Emits a sufficient dry sound that mixes well with other instruments
  • It has a red strip to show where you should strike


  • It is priced in comparison to other cowbells



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3. Latin Percussion LPA404

This LP cowbell is a middle-grade instrument for skilled musicians who like playing music for fun. Each side produces different tones depending on the force you use.

For some extra holding power, it comes with clamps that help you to hold it firmly in place so that it does not come off mid-session.


  • Its small size helps to conserve space on your drum set
  • It comes with a beater for handheld or mounted use
  • It has a lightweight body


  • Only fits ⅜” diameter rods



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4. Latin Percussion LP204C-MC

This cowbell from Latin Percussion features a fun and attractive design with the classic joke of “I need more cowbell” that makes it a perfect gift for any drummer.

This is one of the most highly rated cowbells online which says a lot about the quality and durability of the cowbell backed up by tons of positive reviews.


  • You can return the product if you don’t like it
  • It has been handcrafted with premium tools
  • The round surface creates quality sound


  • Some of the offers are very expensive




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5. Latin Percussion LP204AN

The black beauty cowbells are a classic that was originally used for Latin jazz but that isn’t its limits as you can use it for other genres.

The design promises max durability as it is made from stainless and cold-rolled steel that has been crafted through expense methods to make it such high quality.


  • It is great for live performances
  • The eyebolt is auto aligning 
  • Can be used in tandem by hand or stick


  • The small size is not suitable for wider drum setups



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Buying Guide

Before any purchase, you must know all the facts. You need to double-check that it can meet your satisfaction and can be used for what you intend. So the following will help to further your decision for the final purchase.

The Material They Are Made From

These days most cowbells you will find are made from metals such as Copper,  Iron, or Tin because they have a higher durability rate but there are still some places that offer cowbells made from wood. The weight may depend on the material so get what feels great to you.

The Overall Use

Although cowbells are featured as musical instruments they can also do more than just that. They can be found in caperless forms that require you to hit them with drumsticks. Wooden cowbells are better as handheld instruments as they require shaking for you to use them. Many schools also use these as noisemakers for sports events.

The Size

Depending on the layout of your drums the sizing is important as they show whether you will be able to place them on rods. Some may fit better than others depending on the diameter of the rods. Cowbells are available in 1.5-11 inches tall, where the larger ones produce the most noise.

Quality For Price

Most metal cowbells are found in the double digits which make them great for people who worry about their budget. If you have more money you will be able to afford antique ones which fall in the triple digits.


Cowbells may look simple but do not underestimate their use in making good music because as long as you know how to use them then anything can sound beautiful. For buyers worried about breaking the bank, every item on this list offers high quality for a cheap price so that anyone can afford these. So everything rests on you to make a final decision.


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