Best Clarinet Barrels

The clarinet is a woodwind instrument. They produce a very unique sound and are used in various musical plays. The Clarinet Barrel is a part of the Clarinet which is attached in between the main body and mouthpiece. That’s the part of the Clarinet where it creates airflow to play the instrument.

In this article, we’re going to be showing you some of the best Clarinet Barrels that are available right now.

Best Clarinet Barrels in 2021



Product Name
Price range
Price range
Buffet Crampon ICON Clarinet Barrel
  • Options to choose from 64mm to 67mm range variants
  • Unique Inversed Conical bore design
  • Made of Grenadilla wood
RS Berkeley Freedom Clarinet Barrel
  • An adjustable range from below 60mm to above 70mm
  • Built with Anodized Aluminium
  • Flexible with any medium to large size clarinet
Buffet Crampon Chadash Clarinet Barrel
  • Made of Unstained Dalbergia Wood
  • Silver-plated rings
  • Has a Reverse Cone Taper
Buffet Crampon Moennig Clarinet Barrel
  • Made of Grenadilla wood
  • Features a Reverse Taper Bore Design
  • Metal rings 
Clark W Fobes Cocobolo Rubber-line Clarinet Barrel
  • Focused throat tones
  • Inverted Cone style bore
  • Improved resonance and response with no ring design
  • Closer Twelfth intervals

1. Buffet Crampon ICON Clarinet Barrel

The ICON Clarinet Barrel is available in 64, 65, 66, and 67-millimeter lengths. It is designed to fit all B-flat and A Clarinets. It’s an inverse conical bone and body design giving you the best acoustic-sounding barrel. Besides, Buffet Crampon is known for its quality musical accessories and the ICON Clarinet Barrel is no exception.


  • Available in various size
  • Comes in 3 stunning finishes, Gold, Silver, and Black Nickel
  • Premium build quality with refined and smooth wood


  • A bit expensive for people who’re starting out
  • Won’t fit for C Clarinets



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2. RS Berkeley Freedom Clarinet Barrel

The RS Berkeley Freedom is made of anodized aluminum. It is an adjustable range of clarinet barrels from 60mm to above 70mm. Because of this, it makes it especially flexible among many clarinets to really fine-tune the sound. Hence makes it easier to play and adjust if you need to.

Comes in only black color


  • Premium build with Anodized Aluminum
  • Fine-tuning features
  • Provides clean and refined sound 


  • Doesn’t work on smaller bore clarinet, like C Clarinet



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3. Buffet Crampon Chadash Clarinet Barrel

We all know Buffer Crampon produces some musical accessories. The Chadash Clarinet is a renowned one for sure. It features a Poly-Cylindrical bore design to help improve focus and eliminate sharpness in throat tunes. These are more of the premium budget barrels made to last.

It comes in 2 colors, brown and black


  • Premium build with Grenadilla Wood 
  • The poly-cylindrical design helps in better Intonation
  • Provides a focused, and powerful sound


  • Not budget friendly with beginners




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4. Buffet Crampon Moennig Clarinet Barrel

Another Buffer Crampon product holding up its reputation for having good quality accessories. The products of Buffet Crampon are used by many professionals. The Moennig is one of their flagship barrels with very high-quality sound features. It is assumed to be the first choice by Buffet players. It features their unique hourglass-shaped bore which assures improved tonal focus and intonation. Clarinet Barrels


  • Made of Grenadilla Wood with metals rings
  • Provides better tonal control and focus
  • Very good build quality and durability


  • Some may have a tight fit on some Buffet Clarinets



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5. Clark W Fobes Cocobolo Rubber-line Clarinet Barrel

Featuring an inverted cone design, the Cocobolo promises to deliver a profound effect on modal ratios (Pitch) and good tonal coloration. It fits medium to large bore sizes. They also have no rings for better resonance and warmth. Clarinet Barrels


  • Wooden build provides for good durability
  • Provides solid connection with Clarinet
  • Designed with no rings for improved resonance


  • Does not support small bore size clarinets




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Buying Guide

While going into buying a barrel for your Clarinet, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind. Without proper research, you won’t be able to get a satisfactory sound out of your Clarinet no matter how much money you spend on a barrel. 

So for that, we prepared a shortlist of things you need to keep in mind while buying a barrel.


Different barrels come with different range sizes. You should know what range size you need. Some of the more familiar ones are 64mm, 65mm, 66, and others. There are even some barrels that feature adjustable range sizes which can be really helpful for fine-tuning your clarinet.

Bore Size

Different barrels support different bore sizes. This is just a matter of which size of clarinet you have and buying barrel according to your clarinet’s bore size. Many of the barrels support medium to large bore sizes. But there aren’t any ones which support both small and other sizes too.

Build Quality

Build quality may seem redundant at first but in the case of barrels for clarinets is an important factor. A barrel should be a long-term investment for your clarinet. And so the durability of the barrel matters too. Some are made with high-grade wood and some are made with metals like Aluminum. Both of those are a great option but anything less than that you should be avoiding.

These are some of the more important factors to keep in mind while buying a Clarinet Barrel.


When shopping for an accessory for your musical instrument, you should be cautious. The reason being, the sound of your instrument will also depend on that accessory you buy.

In this article, we chose some of the best Clarinet Barrels that people have used and reviewed and in comparison. We hope this article helped you to choose a better barrel for your Clarinet.


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