Best Cajon Under 200

Cajons are a little medieval, and at first glance, it is a bit hard to make out how the instrument produces tunes and rhythms. Cajons are characteristic of a round hole at the front part and are mostly made from a combination of plywood and hardwood.

Using this instrument is pretty easy because you can hit it just about anywhere and the entertaining sounds will be produced. Playing the Cajon is not restricted to striking it with your hands as you sit on top of it, as there are many styles, such as sitting behind it and straddling it with your upper body and still make good use of the instrument

As the Cajon is used during performance, the individual’s posture and sitting position are of primary concern, because if care is not observed, then health complications are likely to arise. So, as you look to enrich your ensemble with the rich unique Cajon tones, here is a list of the best units that retail under $200.

Comparison Table For The Best Cajon Under 200

Type of wood used
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Echoslap Vintage Crate Cajon
9 pounds
Siam Oak body and Maple front plate
Meinl Jumbo Bass Subwoofer Cajon
13 pounds
Walnut playing surface, MDF body
Meinl Cajon Box Drum
10.2 pounds
Makah Burl front plate and a hardwood body
Meinl Pickup Slaptop Cajon Box Drum
8.7 pounds
Baltic birch body and walnut playing surface
Pyle Stringed Jam Cajon
8.16 pounds
Handcrafted wooden panel box frame
Pyle String Cajon


9.26 pounds
Handcrafted wooden panel box

Reviews of the best Cajon Under $200

Echoslap Vintage Crate Cajon

Don’t let the old crate design of the Echoslap vintage crate cajon deceive you into thinking that it is less functional, on the contrary, this unit has been equipped with adjustable snare wires across the face of the Cajon, up to about 4 times, and which are used for fine-tuning. The unit is accompanied by a wrench; features an adjustable corner screw, that allows the players to fully control the snap-in their slap.

The Echoslap vintage crate Cajon has been handcrafted, and equally hand adjusted to ensure that musicians make the most of the music that is produced. So to make the best of the Cajon, players, can combine the slap, snare, and bass tones, derived from different locations, on the face of the instrument to add a tone and feel to their beats and music.

The unit features a padded top, can be used for either the live performances or in-studio to enrich a player’s ensemble. The construction of the musical instrument features a circular hole at the back, necessary for mic amplification and to produce bass sounds that will fill the room.


  • Comes with a gig bag which makes transportation easy
  • Produces the best sounds
  • Can be used in place of the drums for a unique tone
  • Has the best quality


  • The stain on the Cajon is not as intense


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Meinl Jumbo Bass Subwoofer Cajon

Sporting an extra-wide body, the Meinl Jumbo bass subwoofer Cajon has additionally incorporated, the internal bass-reflex, which allows a superb low tone development. The unit also features the forward-facing ports, complete with the internal bass reflex, the latter is used to achieve the feel of a perfectly tuned kick drum, as it channels sound waves and air out through the ports facing forward that create the bass note.

The positioning of the ports allows the sound to completely engulf the player, as they keep on playing. The construction of the Meinl jumbo bass subwoofer has incorporated up to three sets of the internal fixed snare wires, which have been conveniently positioned against the playing surface, and consequently adds to the dimensions of the crisp snare drum sound.

And for players who wish to achieve the cutting backbeat snare tone, all they have to do is play close to the top corners of the playing surface. The unit has varied applications and can be used both indoors and outdoors; players who wish to fill large spaces with the percussive sounds can use the Cajon with a mic.


  • Features two large front-facing sound ports
  • Has a jumbo size hand grip at the backside for easy grip
  • The snares perfectly react to the soft finger rolls
  • Comfortable to sit on and provides an adequate play area
  • The Cajon produces the best sounds


  • If too much force is used during playing the structural integrity of the Cajon will be compromised


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Meinl Cajon Box Drum

Are you looking to achieve crisp and articulate snare notes, then the Meinl Cajon box drum is your go-to unit because it has been equipped with strings that enable the same but now with a sensitive response. The unit additionally features a sitting pad, and can be used to create the bass or the snare sounds thanks to the Makah Burl front plate and the hardwood body. The above combination responds with a punchy bass complete with the best snare notes.

The sound port has been conveniently placed at the back, designed to help air escape during use, which in the long run creates maximum resonance. The bass and snare drum sounds can be used to simulate a drum set, and even better is that the Meinl Cajon box can be used both indoors and outdoors and with any style of music.

Aiming at preserving sound quality and aiding stability, the Cajon has incorporated up to four rubber feet, which are necessary for protecting the Cajon and at the same time helps dampen the unwanted vibrations to preserve sound quality.


  • The steel cajon strings allows users to achieve crisp and articulate snare notes
  • It is a great instrument for learners
  • A good unit for big players that require a tall Cajon
  • Produces nice and clear sounds


  • The quality of the whole unit is wanting
  • Quickly delaminates


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Meinl Pickup Slaptop Cajon

Unlike the other types of Cajon box drums, the Meinl pickup slaptop is not to be sat on, but rather to be held between the legs and the player will strike the top part for tones. Among its best features is the Piezo pickup and the 1/4” jack used to boost signal through an amplifier or a PA system. The Cajon box is not complicated to use given that the control knobs have been incorporated at the side panel.

The unit greatly minimizes set up thanks to the ¼ “ link jack that allows for the Meinl pickup slaptop Cajon box to be linked to other passive pickup instruments via the Cajon system. Output control can then be done with the Cajons dials. The playing position of the pickup slaptop eliminates the pressure points and fatigue, given that the playing surface has been designed to lay flat on the lap, so that a player can engage the normal Cajon grooves, in a relaxed and natural body posture.

Whether you want to use your hands or the brushes, the incorporated walnut surface and Baltic birch body are responsive given its thin structure that allows it to produce beautiful rhythms and still remain durable. The construction of the Meinl pickup slaptop has creatively incorporated the sound ports at the front, facing forward, a design that allows the rhythm to be projected towards the audience.


  • Ergonomic design allows comfort during play
  • Can play various music genres
  • The Cajon has the best acoustics
  • The instrument can be connected to the amp or the full system


  • Structural integrity can be compromised due to external pressure


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Pyle Stringed Jam Cajon

Retailing at only $78.99, the Pyle stringed jam Cajon sports a compact size and is exceptionally light in weight, meaning that you can take it with you to the various musical circles. The Pyle stringed jam cajon is the best for singers and songwriters who are practicing new beats. When playing the Cajon it is almost impossible to keep off the vibrations but with the Pyle stringed jam cajon, you can be sure that the vibrations will be eliminated thanks to the rubber casing at the feet.

The latter will help in the production of crystal clear acoustic sounds, and apart from supporting the acoustic bands, the Pyle stringed Cajon, offers musical fun for all age groups; from the outlook it does feature some good aesthetics meaning that it will either complement or stand out in your ensemble.


  • The Cajon has the best looks
  • Produces the best sounds
  • The Cajon comes ready to play out of the box
  • Has the best quality


  • Small-sized


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Pyle String Cajon

The simple and fairly priced Pyle string Cajon comes equipped with internal adjustable guitar strings, which then gives the players a chance to express themselves. The unit has been configured to offer smooth, rhythmic sounds for enhanced musical experience. Tuning can be done using the included hex key, and the strings can be adjusted from the bottom of the Cajon box.

The nice-looking upper body is complemented with the rubber capped feet; the rubber detail is necessary as it helps obliterate vibration that may very well interfere with the acoustic sound production. And as a show of confidence and trust in the structural integrity of the Pyle string Cajon; the manufacturers have slapped it with a one year warranty.


  • The Cajon box produces a solid bass sound
  • Made of good quality rugged material
  • Has the best workmanship and offers value
  • The adjustable guitar strings allow it to sound good


  • The front panel delaminates within a short time of use
  • Some units come with the manufacturing defects


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Factors to consider when purchasing a Cajon

Check if it complements your ensemble

When shopping for the best Cajon to add to your ensemble don’t let the good looks deceive you, most people get carried away by the looks and forget to try out the unit while still in the store. So the first thing to check out is the type of wood that was used to make the Cajon. The types of wood used in the manufacture of the Cajons, produce different sounds, so depending on what you are looking for, some will have rich deep tones and others a dull tone with poor projection.

Test the Cajon before purchase

As you test the Cajon before purchase, ensure that you play it with your hands, and have someone else play it as you listen, so that you understand the type of tone or rhythm that your audience will be exposed to and whether it resonates with your style of music. Most Cajons are not sold with casings, which is a very important equipment for people who play gigs at different locations. The casings help protect the Cajon from harsh weather and environment.

Ensure that it has a handle

Check for the handle, you don’t want to be dragging your Cajon all over, just because it hasn’t incorporated a handle, as it will simply reduce its overall shelf life.


Music-making is dynamic and the faster you learn how to use the various musical instruments the better tones and rhythms will you be able to produce. Cajons are among the most unique musical instruments producing some rare sounds but which enrich many genres, finding the best Cajon for your music is, however, not easy, given the dynamics of construction and durability. The Cajons reviewed in this article turn out to be the best, and are fairly priced, we are, therefore, confident that you cannot miss one for your style of music.


  1. Is it hard to learn to play the Cajon?

Once you learn how to play the bass sounds, and the snare the other rhythms will slowly fall into place.

  1. What is the name of a Cajon player?

Cajon players are called percussionists.

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