Best Budget Cymbals

Cymbals complete the breadth of ensembles ranging from the heavy metal bands, the jazz bands, the orchestra, and percussion among others. The units are available in varieties, such as the ride, mostly used for jazz, and the Hi-Hats, which are normally played together.

Others are such as the splash, that are smaller in size and we also have the crash cymbals, which are characteristic of a fast attack, and are normally used for accents. Getting the right cymbal to suit your playing style or genre of music is daunting, because if you make the mistake of choosing a unit that does not resonate or complement your drumming kit then you will produce terrible music.

So, as you shop for the right type of cymbal that will resonate with the genre of music that you want to play and complement your drum set; you might as well get one that doesn’t bloat your budget. The below article has, therefore, consolidated the best budget cymbals, making it the best tool to use as a guide, to make a budget-friendly and functional choice.

Comparison Table for the Best Budget Cymbals

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Meinl Cymbal Set Box Pack
14 inch Hihats, 20 inch Ride, 16 inch Crash, Plus a FREE 10 inch Splash
Zildjian 20″ L80 Low Volume Ride
20” L80 low volume ride
Sabian 11 Inch AAX AAX-Plosion Splash
14 inch to 19 inch hats
Meinl Cymbals HCS Cymbal
10” splash and 12” China
Meinl 12inch Trash Splash Cymbal with Holes
12 inch Trash splash cymbal
Foraineam 14-Inch Crash Cymbal
14” crash cymbal
Stagg BM-B6L 6-Inch Black Metal Bell Light
6-inch black metal
Ammoon 12″ / 14″/ 16″ /18″ / 20″

Reviews of the best budget cymbals

Meinl Cymbal Set Box Pack

If you are tired of guesswork when it comes to choosing the perfect cymbal for your ensemble then the Meinl Cymbal set box should do the magic. What you don’t know is that this pack retails at a friendly price of $299.99 on Amazon but the price is subject to change with regard to the specific retailer.

The pack has incorporated 14-inch Hi-hats, has a 16-inch crash, a 20” ride, a 10-inch splash, a 16 inch China and an 18-inch crash. The variety of the German-made cymbals are sure to help you make memories, given that they offer a full range of sound. The cymbals are made of durable brass alloy that can very well stand the punishment of the drum sticks.

The cymbals are in different sizes and types each meant to add a unique value to any ensemble be it jazz, hard metal, or orchestra, as they are well able to offer the basic and the added effect of the cymbals, to come up with good entertaining sounds. The Mein Cymbal pack are a beginner set for teachers and students who trying to make heads or tails of their drum sets.


  • The trash crash offers a unique and prolonged sound
  • Offers value for money
  • Offers the best accents to the crashing sounds
  • Meinl offers good quality cymbals


  • Not convenient for the long term as they crack easily
  • The sounds are not exactly the best


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Zildjian 20″ L80 Low Volume Ride

Forget about the appealing aesthetics of the Zildjian 20,” and venture into the fact that this particular instrument will offer the lowest of sounds as it has been specifically designed for use during practice or in areas where loud noise or sounds are prohibited. You can, therefore, adopt it for use at home during the late-night practice sessions.

And though it looks like a heavy shield from the medieval era, it is actually very light in weight, and sturdy. The brand name embellished on the cymbal and the mix of bronze and black on the upper part makes for a professional design for the serious cymbalists. If you, therefore, want to continue with your practice sessions but your ears cannot take any more loud sounds, then the Zildjian should keep you going.


  • Offer the best low sounds
  • Zildjian 20” is a professional grade practice cymbal
  • Allows users to play with more versatility
  • The Cymbal is quiet and expressive


  • Cannot be used in situations that are not practice-oriented
  • The tones are not deep enough


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Sabian 11 Inch AAX AAX-Plosion Splash

Sabian has over 15 years of experience in the manufacture of cymbals and therefore, knows how to suffice the needs of the different categories of users. The brand is more of a household name among music enthusiasts and even better is that it produces some of the highly functional and budget-friendly cymbals.

The AAX AAX plosion splash has been specially manufactured, for use with modern or mainstream music, the cymbal has been constructed to play with the right degree of speed, and sustain, which in the long run ensures that it cuts through any genre of music. Among Sabian’s strong points is that it uses a unique formula of bronze, silver, and tin, which helps it achieve a wide range of frequency.


  • Great product for the price
  • Produces bright sounds and even distribution
  • Made of good quality material
  • Fairly priced


  • Takes some time to break-in
  • Wears out quickly around the stand hole


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Meinl Cymbals HCS Cymbal

The HCS cymbals from Meinl comesequipped with the felt washers, an attachment that makes it easy to thread the cymbals onto the pre-existing cymbal stand. The above then makes it easy to mount the cymbals on a stack configuration, an attachment that achieves up to 5.5” of spacing between the two cymbals.

Users also get a free cymbal stacker attachment that easily threads, onto the various types of the cymbal stands, which in the long run helps reduce the number of stands used. Bearing a made in Germany label, you can be sure that you are getting a durable unit, best for use by both beginners and students.

Apart from producing the modern sounds fit for the different genres of music, the HCS cymbals are durably made from a strong brass alloy which not only responds with a balanced sustain but users can also expect a clearer tone.


  • Users can play any style of music
  • Are durable made from brass alloy
  • The China works amazingly great
  • The best addition to a drum set for people who are operating on a budget


  • The splash does not work so great
  • The China tends to give in first ( bends ) with short time use


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Meinl 12″ Trash Splash Cymbal with Holes

The Meinl 12” Trash splash combines the convenience of a trashy effect and any stack configuration thanks to its thin profile and the cut-out holes. These particular cymbals can be used either on top or under, other cymbals, as you try out the different stack combinations. The trash splash has a lot to offer drummers, where they can come up with unique sounds, such as the unexpected but highly musical cymbal effects.

From the outlook the 12” Trash splash features, a reflective shine, which can be easily maintained using the common cymbal polishes. The cymbal is made with a durable bronze material and the cut holes help dry the cymbal out while shortening it’s sustain. Players who are in for the fast accents and the punctuating grooves will have a ball with these cymbals.


  • The Meinl 12” Trash splash are the best for stacking
  • Are loud and aggressive but with a dialed-in sustain
  • Great units for metal, pop, rock, and fusion
  • Can be used instead of the high hat in isolated occasions


  • Price a bit high at $67


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Foraineam 14-Inch Crash Cymbal

The Foraineam 14” crash cymbal has been designed for use when playing jazz, the unit features a shiny professional finish and is made of brass; users, therefore don’t have to worry about its durability. The all-purpose crash cymbal will complement the various musical applications even though its manufacture application is jazz.

Additionally, the unit is known for producing a bright crash sound, and is exceptionally easy to play, in short, is that both the professionals and novice players will find comfort in the Foraineam 14,” because it produces the best sounds that most drummers look for.


  • The cymbal is nicely loud
  • The perfect cymbal for indoor use
  • Offers value for money
  • Great cymbal for beginners


  • The sound quality is not as expected
  • The outer finish scratches easily


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Ammoon Brass Alloy Crash Ride Hi-Hat Cymbal

The Ammoon crash ride hi-hat cymbal sports a quality brass alloy finish, which leaves it with a shinning metal luster thus exudes a professional look. The sizing is also perfect for the different levels of players who can be sure of not missing a hit.

The cymbal is available in various sizes, beginning from 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20 inches; these units have all been configured to offer a melodious tinkle sound when hit with the drum sticks. The Cymbal can be adopted across the board of players, students, and beginners. At a weight of only 0.6 pounds, the Ammoon cymbal offers the right tones and sound when used for the different applications.


  • Has the best aesthetics
  • Offers some great sounds
  • Retails at a good price
  • Can make for a good Christmas or birthday present


  • Some players complain of the sounds, which apparently is not so great
  • Are a strictly entry-level type of cymbal


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Stagg BM-B6L 6-Inch Black Metal Bell Light

Drumming enthusiasts looking for high-class sounds, should not look further than the Stagg BM-B6L, this particular cymbal is not exactly great looking but you can be sure of the sounds that will be produced. Stagg BM is fairly priced and comes from a brand that has overtime produced some of the best cymbals already in use in the music industry.

The cymbal is quite durable and sturdy made from alloy and can work with any ensemble by adding the best effects. Players, students, and beginners who are out to make expressive performances without breaking the bank will enjoy using the Stagg Bm-B6L.


  • Offers the best bing
  • A nice cymbal for beginners and students
  • The cymbal is durable given the alloy material used in the manufacture
  • Cheap and functional


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Cymbals are available in a wide variety of configurations, some brands have good units and others have completely failed to meet the relevant quality control standards. Some will, therefore, sound like aluminum metal while others will offer the best tones and to an extent enhance the user’s creativity. The list of cymbals compiled in this article should therefore, suffice the different applications and the different categories of players from the novice, players, the intermediate and the professional players.

Remember also that cymbals can also be sold individually or in sets, and with regards to quality, you will find individual pieces that are highly-priced and sets of differently sized cymbals that retail at budget-friendly prices.

The above, therefore, depends with the level that you are playing as the best quality cymbals and which are also highly prices are used by the professionals for commercial purposes among other live performances.


  1. What is the best size cymbals for beginners?

Cymbals that are within the sizes of 14” to 18” are the best, and as you scout, the markets ensure to get one that is thick as it will offer a higher pitch.

  1. Are the thin cymbals any good?

No, thin cymbals crack easily most of which are hand hammered like the Istanbul Cymbals.

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