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Many people don’t really pay much attention to it since they consider it to be just an accessory. However, buying good boom mic stands is actually really important since they are a big part of any recording studio setup or stage. You need to select a good mic stand in order to prevent your mic from dropping on the floor.

Buying Guide

One of the most popular choices nowadays is the boom arm mic stand. You can make a great difference to your recording setup by choosing the right boom arm mic stand. Whether it is building a studio at home, recording a podcast or even making a movie, you can do just about anything with the flexibility of a boom arm mic stand. 

Your standard floor mic stands come with an adjustable vertical shaft but a boom arm mic stand holds the mic on an added horizontal boom arm which is attached on top of the stand’s vertical shaft. 

Boom arm mic stands come in many different sizes, prices, weights, heights, arm lengths and you can also get them as floor stands or desk stands.

You have a lot of varieties here to choose from which make the whole process of choosing the right one pretty hard and it can be quite intimidating given the number of options of brands and models you have as well. This is why it is important to do your research first when you’re buying a mic stand.

If you’re buying a boom mic stand for the first time then there are some things that you need to consider before you make a purchase. 

The Balance

The type of boom arm microphone stand that you will need is mostly determined by the weight of your microphone. This helps you to sort out your choices better since you only need to be looking through the ones that can actually withstand your microphone weight.

Keep in mind that the stand would fall over if the base is too light and the arm is extended too far. If it is not really necessary it is better to not extend the boom arm too much. 

A Secure Grip

When you’re positioning your microphone at certain angles it is important to have durable clamps with quality screws in order to provide the necessary safety. To make sure it doesn’t swivel, the microphone should be held securely with a tighter grip.

It is better to be sure that your clamp can handle your microphone than to just have a well-built stand. The last thing you’d want is your mic to be drooping down because of screws that are flimsy. 

You shouldn’t just have it taped up to a certain fixed position to avoid the drooping problem as boom microphones stands are mostly used due to the freedom and flexibility of placement that it offers. 

The Mic Setup

This is also something you should keep an eye out for since the addition of accessories to your will only increase the weight on your boom arm. If you’re putting up lots of accessories like pop filters, shock mounts or windshields then you’d do better to go with a durable option with much stronger base and holding capacity.

Best Boom Mic Stands in 2021

To make your searching a bit easier for you, we have made a lineup of the best boom arm mic stands you can get

Product Name
Key Features
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TONOR Suspension Boom Mic Stand
  • Gives you a durable construction
  • The adjustments are flexible
  • Comes with a desk clamp
LyxPro SMT-1
  • Provides very flexible use
  • Has clips integrated to prevent wires from tangling
  • Supports all diaphragm mics
InnoGear Adjustable Mic Stand
  • Has a sturdy base
  • Offers you a durable construction
  • Fits most microphones
Amazon Basics Boom Microphone Stand
  • Has a very versatile design
  • Gives you a clip-on cable holder
  • Comes with a sturdy steel construction
InnoGear Suspension Mic Stand
  • It is universally compatible
  • Has double screen pop filters
  • Offers a high-quality microphone windscreen
Hola! Music HPS-101TB
  • Offers easy height adjustment
  • Comes with 2 clip-on cable holders
  • Has an ergonomic height clutch

1. TONOR Suspension Boom Mic Stand

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If you’re looking for something that makes recording your podcasts from your desk much easier, then the TONOR Suspension Boom Mic Stand is definitely the way to go. Thanks to the amazing desk clamp, this is easily one of the best boom arm mic stands that you can buy for your desk.

People often don’t consider the mount when it comes to stands like these, a good mount provides better stability and this mic stand definitely has a simple yet great mount. 

The mounting may get a bit tricky depending on where you’re trying to mount it to but as long as you have a flat surface, you’re good to go. It also gives you a great weight support and if your microphone does cause it to move around, giving it a spin usually fixes it.

It is great for recording vocals and a great option to go with if you’re looking for something more affordable as well as something that makes recording easier from your desk setup. It is definitely a great desktop mic stand. 


  • Has an amazing bearing capacity
  • Gives you a standard adapter for mics and shock mounts
  • Has a complete 360 degrees rotation angle


  • The rotating base isn’t very stable

2. LyxPro SMT-1

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The SMT-1 by LyxPro is definitely a great choice to go with if what you’re looking for is a mic stand that is more likely to be found at a studio. It is not just durable and large, it is also very flexible. It is guaranteed to help you out in almost every situation.

With the boom arm being able to be extended up to 76” and the shaft of this stand being adjusted up to 93” this mic stand definitely does a great job at suspending studio mics. You definitely do get some amazing length out of this when you combine the shaft and boom arm length.

Even with heavy setups with extreme equipment, the SMT-1 shows some impressive strength. The telescoping arm doesn’t tilt or sway and it has locked in, sturdy legs as well.

It is definitely a great microphone stand but it isn’t for people who are working from smaller spaces or even a desk. It is great for places like stages or studios since it ends up taking quite some space.


  • Can easily be folded and stored away
  • Able to handle heavy equipment
  • Provides great extensions


  • The boom isn’t very stout

3. InnoGear Adjustable Mic Stand

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If you’re looking for a mic stand for your desk setup but you’re running on a budget then this adjustable mic stand from InnoGear is worth checking out. Instead of a mounting clip this boom mic stand comes with a weighted base which makes this mic stand a much more versatile choice. You can easily fit it on your desk and bring the mic up close to you without any problems, even if you keep it on a raised section. 

You can make great use out of this mic stand if you’re a drummer as well and you’re in need of a microphone that sits on the floor, it definitely makes great use for kick drums.

No matter where you use it you’re assured of sturdiness with the rubber bottoms on this stand. Compared to some of the more common mic stands, this one by InnoGear can hold almost more than twice the weight, making it a great choice to work from your desk. 


  • Has a reliable clutch 
  • Provides easy height adjustments
  • Has a versatile and flexible design


  • The cable management clips are somewhat flimsy 

4. Amazon Basics Boom Microphone Stand

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This tripod boom mic stand from AmazonBasics is definitely a great choice considering the price it has on it. This microphone stand is quite impressive overall. It gives you 85.75” of maximum height and also a several feet long boom arm making it useful almost everywhere, from the stage to the studio, it can be used anywhere. 

However, this boom arm microphone stand does have a maximum of 21 pounds weight and this is pretty good for almost everyone. It still can handle things pretty well even if the microphone is slightly heavier. You have the option of attaching weights for further support on the legs if your microphone is too heavy for this.

Considering the price, if you’re running on a budget and you can’t spend too much on a boom arm microphone stand then this is definitely one of the better choices out there.


  • Can be folded flat to be used as a straight mic stand
  • Holds the microphone in place securely
  • Has a very lightweight design


  • The boom is mounted on the stand permanently 

5. InnoGear Suspension Mic Stand

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This desktop mic stand by InnoGear is essentially a more affordable and cheaper version of the best desk mic stand in our list, the TONOR Suspension mic stand.

A great thing about this microphone stand is that even though it comes in at a cheaper price, it includes extra accessories like a windscreen and a pop filter which can come really handy when you’re recording. The pop filter is used to reduce the plosives, these are essentially the unpleasant sounds that are produced when you’re pronouncing B’s, P’s and T’s. 

You’re able to reduce wind noises as well as any background noises with the help of the windscreen, while they may not be necessary in every situation, they are still worth a shot if you want that perfect recording.

The stand is quite average itself and is best for those condenser mics on the lower end. It isn’t really recommended to be used for heavier mics. The stand is great considering the price, moreover you get the added accessories as a bonus.


  • Offers free accessories in the box
  • Provides you with ease of use
  • Gives you a flexible microphone clip


  • It is small knobs which make tightening a bit difficult

6. Hola! Music HPS-101TB

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The Music HPS-101TB by Hola! is a tripod style boom arm mic stand that makes use of different clutches in order to adjust angle and length. It can reach a maximum adjustable height of 63” and the boom arm can be extended up to 27”. It also allows you to detach the boom arm which makes this mic stand much more versatile and flexible.

The tripod is locked when it is opened with its unique patented leg housing so the legs stay in place securely without needing screws. This makes setting this mic stand up much easier than using nuts and bolts on every leg.

It offers you a European style telescopic boom arm as well as an ergonomic clutch at the center. With the two cable clips you get, you can keep away the cable cluttering. It has a very sturdy build especially considering its price.

It is recommended to be used with lighter microphones since it doesn’t have counterweights and can fall over with heavy microphones. Overall this microphone stand is made for lightweight use with portability kept into consideration. 


  • Comes in at an affordable price
  • Provides overall ease of adjustments
  • The legs are locked automatically


  • The boom arm doesn’t extend too far

We have sorted out a lineup of some of the best boom mic stands that you can get for your studio, home or even your stage. This list has a variety of versatile options that can surely meet almost everyone’s requirements. So just grab the one that fits your needs and get recording!

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