Best bongo drums – Top 5 reviews and buying guide 2021

Are you into musicals? If yes, you are probably thinking about getting a drum set. Though drum sets are great for bands, they are massive and heavy to move around with. Save yourself from such experiences by choosing bongo drums instead.

Bongos are not like ordinary drums. They are fun to play with. Since these come in small sizes, many people choose them since they are more portable than traditional drums. Choosing bongo drums can help you enjoy a unique tone since they sound a bit different from regular drums. Once you start looking at bongo drums, you will come across different models. Finding the best bongo drums should be a priority. That is where we come in. This guide on bongo drums can help you find an ideal one for your playing styles. Here is more!

Comparison table

Tycoon percussion
Siam wood oak and buffalo skin
7 pounds
Rockjam bongo drum
Skin and chrome fittings
2 pounds
Meinl percussion
Synthetic shells and buffalo skin heads
6 pounds
Remo bongo drum
Acousticon shells
2. 4 pounds
Latin percussion
Rawhide heads and ash shells
13 pounds

Tycoon percussion

Are you an experienced musician searching for bongo drums to add to your collection? You need to pay attention to this model. The bongo drum is also ideal for beginners. It is a well-constructed bongo drum that you can bring with you at different gigs. You can either choose to play it from your lap as you sit down or mount it on a stand for enhanced stability. This set is made up of two bongo drums that measure 6 and 7 inches.

Tycoon percussion contains buffalo skinheads. The body is made using siam oak wood, which is sourced from rubber plantations. Due to the use of quality materials in making this bongo drum, you should expect it to produce a hollow and deep sound that cuts through big instrument ensembles. You will also notice backing plates and traditional hoops on this bongo drum.

It also comes with tuning lugs with a diameter of 5/16 inches and reinforced plates on its sides. Unlike some bongo drums, Tycoon percussion also has a tuning wrench that you can utilize when making a few adjustments.


  • Its lightweight makes it highly portable
  • Quality construction
  • Most customers are impressed with its elegant design.
  • Produces excellent sound


  • Some people don’t like its thin head.
  • The drum shells tend to warp when exposed to excess moisture.


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Rock jam bongo drum

If you have kids interested in learning how to drum, you can buy this bongo drum. The set consists of 7 and 8 inches drums. Though it is a bit heavier than other models, it feels quite solid and is well constructed. You can rely on this bongo drum to take you through long playing sessions without any problems.

This is made using authentic skinheads and chrome fittings, which enhance durability. The bongo drum can withstand different environments without the risk of damage. The use of skinheads enables it to produce a fantastic sound. It not only sounds nice but also comes in a traditional bongo design.

Instead of tightening the skins one at a time, the manufacturer tightens them evenly. This sometimes tends to put stress on the skin and even frame. Rock jam bongo drum also contains a glossy finish that makes it look nice. This is also a portable bongo drum that can help you play different music genres. You will notice a tuning ring on the base of this bongo drum.

It gives you the flexibility to tune the drum according to your preference. Apart from that, the bongo drum includes a tuning key that gives young players a chance to learn how to drum using it. The supplier offers a carry bag that contains interior padding. This can keep your drum set safe, especially when you have to travel with it. The case also gives this bongo drum a snug fit so that it remains comfortable at all times.


  • Traditional design
  • It is budget-friendly
  • Has a padded carrying case
  • The chrome fittings enhance durability


  • Some advanced players are not impressed with the sound quality.


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Meinl Percussion

Do you prefer playing bongo drums on your lap and are looking for a replacement? You should get a lightweight one that will not cause any strain during drumming. Meinl Percussion is an ideal option since it comes in a compact size. If you don’t find this option comfortable, the manufacturer gives you the freedom to add a stand that you can use to mount and adjust this bongo drum.

You can use this bongo drum to play acoustic music or regular jam sessions. Many experienced drummers choose this model since it fits different styles of music. Meinl percussion bongo drum is made up of synthetic shells that make it long-lasting. They can withstand various conditions, including traveling hazards or changes in weather.

This is also a quality bongo drum that features buffalo skinheads. You will like the classic sound that this bongo drum produces. The sound produced from this bongo drum does not grate the ears yet; any other musical instruments cannot overshadow it. It also features some rounded rims and rounded edges, which give you more control and enhance comfort during playing.

Like in other bongo drums, this model’s manufacturer uses a solid block to attach the two individual drums together. Each drum contains four lugs that you can tune to find the desired pitch. With this bongo drum, you can also make head changes or quick adjustments with the available tuning wrench.


  • It is a versatile bongo drum
  • The drum is quite versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Made from durable materials


  • Some drummers find the sound to be a bit flat.


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Remo bongo drum

Remo is a popular brand that has been making musical instruments for many years. If you don’t have much experience in playing bongo drums but would like to try, you should consider buying this model. It comes as a pair of drums attached together. The drums are 5 and 6 inches in size. Feel free to bring this bongo drum with you when attending outdoor activities such as camping. Since it is lightweight, you will not struggle to move with it.

If you don’t intend on wasting a lot on a drum set, you should focus on this bongo drum since it comes at an affordable price. It can help you save up for other musical instruments such as cymbals. Apart from the cost, many customers also like the colorful design of the Remo bongo drum. It can easily stand out among standard drum sets since it has an inclusive design.

The manufacturer also pre-tunes so that you can start playing it without having to make many adjustments. Its two attached drums are pitched low and high. This bongo drum is made using acoustic shells, and it produces relatively good sounds.


  • Comes in a compact design
  • Ideal for children and beginners
  • It comes pre-tuned for ease of use.
  • Reasonably priced


  • You may need to use sticks to come up with popping sounds.


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Latin percussion

Most intermediate drummers that have experience with bongo drums focus on this model. If you like stylish musical instruments, you should consider Latin percussion. It comes with seven and 8-inch heads and contains gold-tone hardware. Latin percussion is one of the bongo drums that have an elegant design and a natural finish. The manufacturer of this bongo drum pays a lot of attention to detail during its making.

Latin percussion contains curve rims that make it comfortable to use and aluminum bottoms that enhance durability. It also features ash shells and rawhide heads. It looks not only good but also sounds fantastic. You can use this bongo drum to practice and perfect your skills in drumming. This bongo drum is also made up of steel backing plates and lugs that you can use to tune it according to your preference. The problem with this bongo drum is that it is heavy and, therefore, less portable.


  • The large heads lead to more resonance
  • Quality construction and great looks
  • You can tune it with ease
  • Ideal for intermediate drummers


  • It is heavy and expensive


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Use this buying guide to find the best bongo drum

Drums are musical instruments that many people own. If you want to teach yourself this new hobby, you should consider investing in a drum set. Rather than choosing the regular drums, you should focus on bongo drums since they have numerous benefits. Bongo drums come in pairs and are attached using a solid block. The large drum is often referred to as the hembra, while the small drum is called the macho.

Choosing a bongo drum helps experienced drummers add a different element to sounds. You can also introduce such a drum to young ones at home since they are beginner-friendly. Focusing on the following key considerations can help you find the best bongo drum for your needs.

  • Size

If you want to handle a bongo drum well, you should pay attention to its weight and overall size. Though most bongos come in small sizes, not all of them can give the highest level of comfort. Focus on finding a comfortable one. The average size of a bongo drum ranges between 5 and 8 inches. If you want a lightweight bongo drum for a kid, you should find one that weighs around 1.5 pounds. Most adult bongos can weigh between 8 and 13 pounds. A light bongo drum is always better.

  • Materials

Apart from the size, you should also find out the material used to make a bongo drum before paying for it. The shells of such drums are often made using wood. You can also find a bongo drum whose shell is made from siam oak. These are durable materials for a shell. Though rare, some bongo drum shells are made using metal or resin material.

Choose a bongo drum whose head is made using natural materials since it can last for long. Durable bongo heads come with heads made from animal hide like buffalo skin. Such materials lead to a rich tone.

  • Features

Pay attention to the features included in a bongo drum so that you can get value for your cash during purchase. The best bongo drums come with a tuning wrench, which can help you tighten the head. Look for extra accessories such as a carrying case when shopping for an excellent bong drum since this can enhance portability. A carry case can also protect the drum shells from damage, especially when traveling. If you wish to play bongo drums at events, you should also consider getting waist or shoulder straps during purchase. You have to make this purchase separately since they are not included in the package.


Can I tune a bongo drum?

Yes. If you buy one that features a tuning wrench, you can easily tune it. Ensure that the head stretches well before you begin playing.

What should I do if the drum heads break?

Talk to the manufacturer to confirm if you can replace them.

How should I store my bongo drum?

Since this drum has delicate parts such as the heads, you should store it properly avoid any risk of damage. Store the bongo drum away from sunlight and apply drum oil on the head regularly.


Drumming is an entertaining activity that can promote your well-being. If you want to learn this skill fas/?tag=thedrummerguide-20t, you should start with lightweight and easy to use drum sets. Bongo drums give you the perfect opportunity to learn how to drum since they are easy to play and tune. Check out some of the best bongo drums that beginners, intermediate and professional drummers use from our reviews above. Also, pay attention to the key considerations we have also highlighted. Enjoy drumming!

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