Best Beat Machines with Keyboards

Digital approaches are popularized and improved upon every day in the music industry. And this increases the popularity of beat machines, namely beat machines with keyboards. Artificial, auto-tuned methods are used to ensure that the listener gets the perfect sound that the player wishes for them to listen to.

Beat machines have taken over the mainstream side of music quite some time ago. So today, we will be talking about the best beat machines found in the market with keyboards.

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Buying Guide

Before buying a beat machine, there are certain factors you must get an idea of. This will decide exactly what kind of a beat machine will satisfy your needs.

Why do you want a Beat Machine?

While it is easy to tell musicians to hire a drummer, the art gets more and more expensive due to popularization of artificial methods. Beat tracks can be generated in computers, and beat machines are ever so popular today in Pop and Hip Hop. You want a beat machine to ensure that you can deliver quality drum beats without needing to spend your entire budget to hire a professional drummer.

  • Equipment Size

First factor to keep in mind is the size of the machine you would like to purchase. Do you want something that is portable? Or do you wish to get one for your home or professional studio? Try to familiarize yourself with the purpose and make an investment based on that.

  • Analog or Digital?

Next, would you like to keep your outputs fully analogically processed? Or would you prefer a more digitized combination with analog signals? If you are not familiar with these concepts, let us explain in short.

An analog sound will give you a more authentic sound, but it may not sound as powerful as a digitally processed output. On the other hand, a digital sound will make your beat machine sound extra powerful, while not really sounding authentic.

  • Multi Output vs. Singular Output

Lastly, it is rather necessary to consider whether you want a multi output service from your beat machine? Or do you want it to be singular? For live performances, it is better to go for the first. This way, you can have a separate output channel for each of the necessary output devices. But for a home studio recording sessions, a singular output is just fine as well.

So let us proceed to take a look at the 3 best keyboards in the market with a beat machine as a central feature. We will mainly be judging them based on performance, features and amazon reviews. Let us get discussing them.

Best Beat Machines with Keyboards

Product Name
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M Audio Oxygen Pro 25
  • Customize the sound of your beat
  • Daw control is seamless, auto-map feature
  • Features a smart-control system to let you really customize the sound
Novation Launchkey Mini [MK3]
  • Live control for excellent customization
  • Has a fixed chord mode to let you be linear with recording
  • Detachable MIDI keyboard.
M-Audio Oxygen 25 IV
  • 25 key keyboard, portable
  • 8 velocity sensitive trigger pads
  • Plug and play functionality

1. Best Beat Machines with Keyboards: M Audio Oxygen Pro 25

Best Beat Machines with Keyboards

This keyboard essentially provides you with all the tools that a professional might need to get started with their recording sessions. Provides with premium response, and has 25 keys with a USB powered MIDI controller.

All the tools you will need to get creative with your craft! The smart controls with the smart chord and smart scale technology makes the Oxygen 25 an extremely good piece of hardware for any recording studio.

Premium software that will let you mix your audio tracks with professional DAWs, including ProTools ship with the Oxygen 25.



  • Professional level audio recording.
  • Excellent quality of sound from beat machine
  • Mixing is made simpler with professional software as a part of the package
  • 25 keys with excellent feedback


  • Rather heavy for a keyboard of the size.

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2. Best Beat Machines with Keyboards: Novation Launchkey Mini [MK3]

Portable and compact, the Launchkey Mini is one of the best designs in the market by Novation. All the tools you will need to get started with your craft in the market is present here in Ableton Live. It lets you create your music wherever you want to – making the best use of its portable size. There are 16 super sensitive pads present that let you drum and clip launch according to your will.



  •  Fixed chord mode lets you play chords with a single finger.
  • MIDI out lets you take the mini and send applications and program changes accordingly to your preferences
  • The hardware is extremely fine-tuned with 16 velocity-sensitive RGB pads
  • Ships with a 3 year warranty


  • Cables have to be bought separately, none in the shipping module

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3. Best Beat Machines with Keyboards: M-Audio Oxygen 25 IV

The Oxygen 25 IV is powered by a USB connection to your computer. It has been equipped with a build that lets you music wherever you are, but also lets you work with amazing quality in the studio. The keys are sensitive to touch and velocity for playing bass, chords and drumming samples.

There are also controls that let you do the basics such as play, stop and record, and also record in the DAW.



  • Portable size, but has the performance and quality of a professional keyboard
  • Velocity sensitive controls lets you record beats
  • 25 different full sized keys for synth
  • Supreme quality software packages for Mac and Windows


  • Notorious for having poor customer service.

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