Best Bass Drums Under $1000

Bass drums are one of the coolest aspects of a whole drum set. The low and dark pitch it creates travels through the entire room to create a funky beat and most people associate this with the genre of jazz although they aren’t limited to just jazz.

When compared with a regular drum the bass may seem more fun and exciting but the price usually steers buyers away. So to help you we have compiled a list of the best bass drums under $1000 that you can find on the market.



Product Name
Price Range
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Reno P31322-10
  • Twenty-two-inch diameter
  • Response and tone control
  • Resonant bass drums
Evans Emad Drums
  • Adjustable dampening system
  • Batter bass drum head
  • A level 360 collar
Evans Onyx Bass
  • Versatile drum head
  • 10 mil fil head
  • Externally mounted dampening 
Evans Emad2 Drums
  • Five sizes available
  • 360 tonal range
  • 7 and 10 mil ply
Remo P31122-C2
  • White flam patch
  • Thin damping underlay
  • Response and tone balance 


1. Remo P31322-10


With 60 years of experience to fall back on, Remo introduces the power stroke 3 which is a bass drum for any skilled or amateur-level player. They ensure long-lasting use that will get you through any session.

Reno also offers this for the disabled so that even they can enjoy the perks of playing music whether it is by themselves or with others.


  • It creates distortion-free sounds that are clean to the ear
  • Available in various sizes so get the one you feel comfortable with
  • This dot will last you through months without a tear


  • Some users may find it a bit thin




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2 .Evans Emad Drums

Evans’s focus is on the consumer and that’s why they allow a wide range of customization for their drums so that you adjust until the sound you create is the one you are looking for.

You can play more than one kind of genre with the two removable foam rings that this drum is equipped with.


  • Punch, power, and low pitch is perfectly balanced
  • It has a front and back drum head
  • A plastic sleeve controls the tones


  • The drum head may stretch out fast



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3. Evans Onyx Bass

Evans is back on this list with another quality and budget-friendly bass drum you can fit into any small or large drum setup.

It comes with two foam rings with different tones depending on what you want. The wider ring emits a deeper pitch while the thinner ring releases a higher pitch sound.


  • You can get a clear ply option if you want
  • The heavyweight makes it extra durable to strikes
  • The bass drum head keeps it tightly in place


  • To get the warranty you have to get it from the manufacturer



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4. Evans Emad2 Drums

The last drum from Evans on this list, the Emad2 is a bass drum that lives up to the quality and reputation that one associates with the Evans name.

From rock to blues, you can get all kinds of results depending on how hard you strike the drum but rest assured that the sound quality will not disappoint.


  • The 360 collar shape makes tuning very easy
  • Each drum made has 60 years of experience behind it
  • Every kick emitted is heard with no distortion


  • The smaller ring may fall off very often




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5. Remo P31122-C2

Remo has been producing all kinds of instruments since 1957 and now they offer this highly-rated bass drum.

From experienced to amateurs anyone with an ear will be able to tell the quality of this drum just from a single beat thanks to a thin underlay.


  • The response and tone match at the same level
  • High-frequency tones are canceled out 
  • The interlay ring is 10mil for bass drums


  • The 1 ply head may often produce a thinner sound




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Buying Guide

Bass drums come at different quality and prices but the number of brands in the market makes it hard for the average consumer to keep up with all the information so check out the following to find out what you need to know before you make your decision.

The Size

Bass drums come in many sizes and they often range from 6 to 28 inches in diameter. The size of these drums depends on the layout of your drum setup and how far you need to stretch and also the size of the room you are playing in.

For smaller rooms, a smaller setup will save space but if you are performing at a concert or outdoors then you can get bigger drums.

Bass drum pedals

Pedals range from simple to sophisticated and depending on your skills you may prefer the former or the latter. For single bass drums, you should get double beater pedals.

Drum heads

Drum heads come in coated, clear, and single or double plys, and depending on the ply the sound that the drum emits will differ so a certain ply is suitable for one genre while the other will not. Single-ply will create a thinner pitch while double-ply is easier to control and manage.


For any aspiring musician, the right instrument will take them a long way. As long as you have the drive you can learn anything and that is made easier with these quality drums that even professionals will find satisfying.

They also fit the budget so no worries about breaking the banks. And the low price does not mean a lacking in quality as each drum has been handcrafted by experts so why wait to get yours. All that you need to do is to choose the one you want and to watch the magic happen.


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