Best Analogue Drum Machines

To produce the highest quality of sound, analog drum machines are the best choice. They have the great advantage of providing excellent drum synthesizers which make the tones and sound more natural. The feature of having different volumes for each of the sets makes it easier for the music producer to control the sound without complicated adjustments. For years, songwriters, music producers, live musicians have used analog drum machines to create legendary music. Check out our top 5 list of best analogue drum machines!

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Buying Guide

Before you purchase an analog drum machine, get to know what features are essential to look for before buying the analog drum machine.

Analog drum machines are used to lay down original beats right from the scratch. You need to look for an analog drum machine that can help you optimize your creativity with sounds. Live or solo musicians usually work with analog drum machines as these are more reliable than having an entire set of instruments.

Before purchasing an analog drum machine, you should familiarize yourself with the essential features that are most suitable for you.

Therefore, to select the best analog drum machine for you, you need to pinpoint the different types of layouts and features for your production. These features to look for have been explained below.

Digital Sampler

Presently, there are different analog drum machines available with up to 8-voice digital samplers. This ensures comprehensive sounds to create. So, you need to check the sampler to get the best quality drum machine. 

Analogue Synthesizer

To experience the best voltage-controlled oscillator sounds, you have to try out the feature of using the analog synthesizer while creating. The modulators and sound-generating circuitry avail the producer to produce extraordinary sounds. 

Adjusting Parameters 

To create new and fresh sounds, you need to be able to adjust different ranges of parameters. This comes in handy when you need to settle for a tone and then work your way through it. The adjustment feature is necessary to play or input. 

Easy to Use Board

The whole point of using an analog drum machine is to easily produce original music. So, if the layout of the analog drum machine is too complicated to use, then the whole purpose of it goes in vain. You need to purchase the type of analog drum machine which is easy for you to use and understand. 

Best Analogue Drum Machines of 2021

Product Name
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Mikro MK3
  • Responsive using pads
  • Can swap sounds while playing
  • Gives visual feedback
AKAI Professional MPD218
  • Assignable knobs
  • 16-pad USE and MIDI
Alesis SR-16
  • Performance-driven
  • In-built effects
Behringer Classic
  • Additional parameter
  • 64 step drum sequencer
Korg (KR-55 PRO)
  • Easy to set up
  • Stereo AUX input

1. Mikro MK3 

Mikro MK3The Maschine Mikro MK3 is the compact companion for you to create music. To make fast and fun music, use this analog drum machine to tap betas, create melodies, and make new tracks. It can be used with any DWA. To create music on the go, this can be your ultimate choice to create excellent composed music and sounds. 


  • Has compatible DAW 
  • Dual touch smart strip for easy use 
  • Bigger pads designed for easy play 


  • Requires to connect with Windows-10 to plug-in use 

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2. AKAI Professional MPD218

AKAIThe MPC beats are the perfect choice for incorporating sounds with the MPC workflow. It is available with features to be used for professional producers and music creators. It is compatible with the music industry with its advanced features like AU plugins and other pro production music. 



  • Ultra-portable feature-packed 
  • 3 pad banks give 48 assignable pads to create music  
  • Available with iOS connectivity cover 
  • Comes with software suites for comprehensive use 


  • DJ setting can be hard for solo creators 
  • No warranty available 

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3. Alesis SR-16

Best Analogue Drum MachinesThe Alesis SR-16 is available in the market to create customized music. The MIDI support is compatible with electronic drum kits. The great advantage of this product is the 233 professional sounds that are included in the drum machine. The feature to add digital effects helps to add realism. It is a revolutionary analog drum machine to ensure the best performance. 


  • 4 stereo pairs output with jacks 
  • 12 velocity-sensitive pads for easy play 
  • Available with 50 preset sounds for assignable pads 


  • Polyphony available only for 16 voice 

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4.  Behringer Classic 

behringerThis amazing analog drum machine is designed with 16 authentic drum sounds. For different types of music like modern or versatile, this could be the best purchase for enhanced performances. The real-time trigger helps to create different patterned music. The LED indicators make it easy to use. 


  • 16 original drum sounds available with additional parameters 
  • The advantage to store up to 16 songs 
  • Comes with a dual-mode analog filter      


  • Style best for live performance 

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KORGThe KORG (KAMINI) is best for playing with guitars. To practice with bass, winds, acoustic guitars, and other instruments, this is the best companion and easy to use. The rhythmic machine is available with built-in speakers. It is the companion for anywhere convenient play. 


  • Simple design with patterns 
  • Allows the fill-ins for different songs 
  • Chain function is best for producing different sounds
  • Built-in speaker for use with 2-watt output  


  • Could be cheaper considering the features

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An excellent analog drum machine can help to create unique music. To experience the best performance from the drum machine, choose the best one from the given list and you would not be dissatisfied. From the different options of analog drum machines, the companion for your best compose and produced music with compatibility will help you achieve your best performance. 

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