Best Amps for Electronic Drums

Having the best electronic drum kit might give you an edge over other people since it comes with more features but the drum kit really actually shines when it is paired up with a quality amp that can make the audience mesmerized and make your performance that much better. This is why buying the best amp for your electronic drum kit can certainly give you more of a benefit than buying the best amps for electronic drums out there.

Buying Guide

While putting on your headphones and playing your drums can be good for when you’re practicing, when it comes to actually for people or practicing in groups you definitely require an amplifier. 

An electronic drum amplifier is also referred to as a speaker, monitor, wedge or an amp. All of these terms generally mean the same thing but often serve multiple purposes. It can be quite easy to find an amp that works with guitar but it can be a very difficult process with drums. There’s a lot of things that you need to consider like the amplifier needs to be able to properly capture those high frequency sounds from snares and cymbals as well as the low pitched sounds of the kick drums. 

The wide range of sounds that is produced by electronic drums can’t be captured by all amps, this is why you need amps that can be used with electronic drums.

If you’re buying an amplifier for the first time for your drum set then you have to keep a few things in mind to make a good purchase.

Construction and Portability

When you’re out on a rehearsal or to perform gigs, you would n’t just need a set of electronic drums that are portable but you also need to have an amp that you can carry along with you.  It is better if it comes with a handle grip to make the transportation process easier. 

For the reliability of your amp, you need to make sure it is sturdy as well and has strong corners with durable speaker grills especially since your amp is most likely going to go through a few bumps. 

Multiple Channels

Most amps nowadays offer you more than one channel for you to be able to hook it up with another instrument or just plug a microphone in it if you want. This is a great option that you should consider since when you’re making a song it might come in handy to plug in your keyboard, drums and guitar all in the same place. 

The EQ Settings

To help you control the output of the sound most of the amps come with an equalizer. For 2 band amplifiers you get treble and bass and an added middle with high middle and low middle for 5 band amplifiers. You can get a more nuanced tweaking of the tones when you have more access and control to your EQ if it is reliable enough. 

Multiple I/O

It is important to consider the number of inputs and outputs you have on your amp since you can get more versatility out of it in that way by hooking it up with headphones, audio interfaces or even smartphones and tablets.

Best Amps for Electronic Drums in 2021

To make your search easier for you, we have made up a list of the best amps you can get for your electronic drum set.

Product Name
Key Features
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Roland PM-200
  • Has a power of 180 watts
  • Great for professional use
  • Offers independent volume controls
KAT Percussion
  • Very sturdy and durable design
  • Provides powerful 50 watts output
  • Has a carry handle to allow easy transport
ddrum DDA50
  • Gives you 50 watts of power
  • Has an MP3 input
  • Comes with a 10” woofer
 Roland CM-30 Cube
  • Offers a handle grip
  • Has a very versatile design
  • Comes with a two way speaker
Alesis Strike Amp 12
  • Offers you a very powerful 2000 watts power
  • Has a very lightweight design
  • Has drivers to compress high frequencies
Roland PM-100
  • Has dedicated input for V-Drums
  • Comes with an integrated mixer
  • Has a full range audio system

1. Roland PM-200

amps for electronic drums

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This amplifier by Roland gives you a sound output that isn’t just very immersive but also very dynamic and rich in quality with the help of its amazing power of 180 watts. If you want one of the best amplifier and monitoring solutions for your electronic drums then the PM-200 is definitely a great choice.

In order to provide you with highly immersive and detailed audio outputs, this amp has been properly optimized. It is capable of giving you sounds at a professional level for a variety of applications. The versatility of this amp is definitely one of its best features. 

Within its rugged cabinet there is a full range custom speaker set enclosed. You are also given two ¼ inch dedicated inputs that allow you to use a range of instruments with this. Given its 180 watts of power the PM-200 is also easily one of the louder drum amps you’ll find.

It also effectively directs the sound up to your ears with the ideal wedge shaped design that it comes in. To make transportation easy for you, you also get a carry handle on it. 


  • It’s a premium quality drum amp
  • Offers great onboard mixing
  • Gives you direct stage performing and recording outputs


  • The highs sound somewhat muddy and tinny

2. KAT Percussion

amps for electronic drums

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If you’re out looking for an amplifier that can give you a great EQ as well as multiple inputs then this amplifier by KAT Percussion is what you’re looking for. It is also a great choice if you’re going to play at a small auditorium or just practice in a medium or small sized room.

You know that this drum is specifically designed for electronic drums given the EQ on it. With the EQ you are also allowed to fine tune your sounds. 

You’re able to plug in other instruments apart from your drum since this amp gives you a total of three inputs. With a weight of 30 pounds it isn’t that hard to move around with. This little portable amp offers you a lot of versatility when it comes to features.

Another great thing about this amplifier is that it can be used with almost all drum sets. It is definitely a bang for the buck option in terms of the price. 

It provides you with a lot of durability since it is constructed from very high quality materials. It also comes with a handle to easily carry it around. If you’re looking for an option that is not going to burn a hole through your pocket, then this is the amp for you. 


  • Gives you amazing ergonomics
  • Great choice for small studios or smaller rooms
  • Tuned specially for electronic drums


  • It isn’t that loud

3. ddrum DDA50

amps for electronic drums

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When it comes to the world of triggers and amps, the brand ddrum has definitely made quite the name for themselves. This amp was designed to be lightweight and portable while being packed with some powerful features and also has a wedged shape.

With a power output of 50 watts, it is a great choice for rehearsals. This amp also has a driver that is 10 inches with a tweeter of 2.5 inches. This essentially allows for the amp to give you proper mid, bass and treble. The front also has two inputs of ¼ inches to let you connect external devices. 

Not only do you get those crispy highs and the immersive lows with this amp but also really good clarity when you boost its high end EQ in your mix. You can move around with it easily since it gives you a carrying handle as well. This is definitely a solid amp that produces amazing sound.


  • Provides great sound with the snares and cymbals
  • Great amp for practices and gigs
  • Has a headphone input as well


  • The volume knob is very sensitive 

4. Roland CM-30 Cube

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If you’re looking for an amplifier that is reliable for your solo practices and also offers a lot of versatility then the CM-30 Cube by Roland is definitely the one for you. This multi-purpose amp gives you a 30 watt of power output that comes from its high quality coaxial speaker.

This is a two way amp that provides you amazing clarity. This amp can go neck to neck with some of the best amps that are specifically made for drums even though it isn’t a completely dedicated drum amp. 

It is very sturdy and can withstand bumps when you’re carrying them around. It has protective covers on the corners and durable metal grills. Roland is known to deliver quality products and this amp is just as good. This is a very portable amp and it also gives you three inputs that have 2 band equalizers.


  • Offers a stereo link feature
  • Comes with a cover of metal grill
  • Gives you 3 input channels


  • It isn’t that great for stage performances

5. Alesis Strike Amp 12

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With the Strike Amp 12 by Alesis you get a really powerful output of 2000 watts at peak power. With this power you’re provided amazing punch and clarity that lets you easily use on stage or in your home. You get a more controllable power due to the high volume capacity.

It is very versatile and has enough features to fit any place. It also has a pole mount compatible with a tilt back cabinet design. In order for you to control your sounds it comes with a contour EQ. 

To let you eliminate any unwanted noises it also has a ground lift switch. To let you carry it around with ease, this also has molded handles. Even though it comes in a small package it still manages to deliver a ton of output with a response in frequency of 46 Hz to 22 kHz.

With this speaker, you can deliver a ton of explosive power to your electronic drums. It is great to use for both performing and practicing. Whether it is on a live stage, theater or a recording studio, you can use it wherever. 


  • It is great for a band performance
  • Has pretty easy controls
  • Makes sure that there is no distortion


  • It doesn’t get loud enough to be able to cut through bass and guitar sounds

6. Roland PM-100

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This amplifier is compatible with almost all types of drum sets so it is really versatile. It has a rugged cabinet that contains a speaker system of full range. You get a clean and accurate sound within your room with the two way speaker system of this amp.

It has an auxiliary input of ⅛ inch with two line inputs. With inputs like that you can hook it up with smartphones and tablets. You can plug into the audio interface or the onstage P.A with the XLR outputs. 

You get the sound directed to you due to its wedge design. It features a level control with its dedicated V-Drum. With its carrying handle it gives you easy transportation. It also has onboard mixing that is integrated. It is a great option for both experienced musicians and beginners. 


  • Has an efficient wedged design
  • Provides authentic sound and great response
  • Loud for an amp of its size


  • The tweeters may end up failing

Buying the best amp for your electronic drums can be a hard process to go through but only with the best you can make your drums sound the best. We have options here that will fit mostly everyone’s needs. So just get one that fits you the best and start playing!

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