Best 6-piece Drum Set

Did you know learning how to play drums can help reduce anxiety, stress, and even enhance your immune system? Unlike other instruments, playing drums regularly can be a great workout for your brain and body.

If you are a new drummer it is better to start learning drums with a 6-piece drum set. If you are a professional drummer you are ought to know that 6-piece drum sets are the best drum sets to play at a concert, live gig, or any other event.

However, choosing the best 6-piece drum set can be a challenging task. To help you with this problem we have listed down all about 6-piece drum sets and reviewed the best 6-piece drum set in for market for you.

Buying Guide:

Types of Wood

Many of you are unaware of the fact the type of wood used to make drum shells are responsible for producing various characteristics of sound and tone. Mahogany wood makes drums produce a soft and low sound. These are good for low-end punches.
Maplewood helps to produce a hard tone quality. It has a higher pitch than mahogany and is a top wood choice for producing drum shells. Birchwood is one of the toughest that helps to produce a bright sharp attack and a transient sound quality. Lastly, Bubinga wood is used to make the inner shell for attack sound.

Size of Drums

The size of your drum set depends on what kinds of music you will be playing. If you will be playing heavy metallic music or rock your drum set will require more cymbals and additional bass drums. Rock music requires drums that can produce louder thumping and strong bass music.
On the other hand, if you want to play jazz you will need 18-inch toms, bass drum and a snare drum. Jazz drums are the most versatile of all the drum sets.

Drum Set Hardware

All drum sets should come with drum stands and pedals. The bass pedal is the most crucial hardware as it needs to be carefully adjusted. All the hardware should be of high quality, durable, and should be able to support the drum set.
While choosing a drum set make sure that the hi-hat is made of excellent material, as hi-hat should not be displaced from its place or wobble around when drums are being played. Also, the throne, which is considered to be one of the most important hardware by drummers, should be of perfect height. It should not be too long or short in comparison to the drummer’s reach.

Best 6-piece Drum Sets

Product Name



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Sawtooth Command Series Drum set
  • Produces warm smooth punchy sound
  • Has heavy-duty toms
Tama Imperialstar 6-piece drum set
  •  Wraps are adhered using glue
  • Comes with hardware
ab Drums set Classic Natural Maple
  •  Made of 100% Maple wood
  •  Easy to optimize and tune-in
Premier Series H289962QBSX Elite Drum Set
  •  Available in many sizes
  •  Great Sound
  •  ISO certified Mounts
Premier Series H289962QRHL Elite Blue
  •  Contains a lacquer finish
  •  Flush-fit mounting is ISO certified
  •  Produces rich quality sound

1. Sawtooth Command Series Drum set

Best 6-peice Drum Set
Sawtooth Command Series Drum set

This drum set includes Toms, 2 Floor Toms, Snare, Rim mounts, And a bass drum. It produces a loud sonic sound with great pitch control. The toms are heavy-duty and highly durable. It is good for both live and recording sessions with its clear loud thumping sound.


  • Drums contains suspension shocks
  • Can be configured according to the drummer’s choice


  • Does not come with any hardware

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2. Tama Imperialstar 6-piece Drum set

Best 6-piece Drum Set

It comes with double-braced hardware and cymbals that are adjustable. The drums help to provide a great tone, and are highly preferred for live performances. The drum set is made of special edge-bearing technology for producing rich sound. It is great for jazz and acoustic sessions.


  • Cymbals are full-sized for sound and good projection
  • Shells are 100% poplar


  • Heavy and difficult to transport

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3. ab Drums set Classic Natural Maple

Best 6-piece Drum Set

This drum set is made of American Maple wood. It is not too heavy, has a sleek design with a shiny appearance and is easily transportable. It is an acoustic set that produces a deeply warm and strong sound. The drum set is long-lasting and requires less maintenance.


  • They are versatile
  • Produces clear sound
  • An be tuned and optimized 


  • Additional price for hardware and cymbals

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4.Premier Series H289962QBSX Elite Black Drum Set

Best 6-piece drum set

Contains quick Toms, Floor Toms and bass drums. These drums are made of Maple shells from North America and are lacquered internally. They produce a powerful sound that is great for outdoor concerts. Has an ISO Flush fitting mount and is highly durable.


  • Has a sleek design and is easy to play. 
  • Requires little effort to set up.
  • Good drum tonal quality


  • Very expensive and requires maintenance


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5. Premier Series H289962QRHL Elite Blue

best 6-piece drum set

It is an exciting drum for both beginners and professionals. It produces an exciting, loud, thrusting sound that goes best with metallic songs or for a rock concert. Has an ISO flush-fitting mount and has a very classy appearance. Its Rene blue color makes it highly appealing and stand out amidst other drum sets. 


  • Lacquered internally
  • Great for both live and studio recordings
  • Bass drums can be catered without or with a Tom mount


  • Very expensive and requires high maintenance

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Not that you have read our article, you should have an idea about the kind of drum set you want. Grab the best 6-piece drum set for yourself and have a great time playing drums. Cheers!

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