Bands with Female Drummers

Not too long ago, drumming was considered the job of a man. People would immediately associate the action of drumming or being able to play the drums as masculine. As it would require a significant amount of strength and physical prowess, women were not really seen drumming too widely. But now there are bands with female drummers

Not many bands were even keen on letting a woman drum for them, granted that it was not too long ago that female drummers have become a norm.

So let us talk about that today. Let us talk about the top bands that are known widely for bands with female drummers.

The Bands

 The White Stripes (Meg White)

Meg White is one half of the once extremely famous and engaging crowd pleaser – The White Stripes. Forming the band, or rather the duo, with her husband Jack White in 1997. Meg White was involved in the writing process of the songs, and her percussion style is unique.

One of her best works is featured on what is possibly the most famous song by the duo – Seven Nation Army. The song features a continuous riff where a bass is played by Jack in the front, and a drum pattern by Meg at the back. 

The band had released 7 albums while they were around, popularly well received. Meg’s work on the songs was not always prominent in terms of lyrics, but her drumwork was always great.

The name of the band was a callback to the last names of the two members, who were then husband and wife during the active years of the band. The band has been disbanded in 2011 after having no projects on the way for 4 years. 

Meg White’s contribution to the band is memorable as she had set a standard in some ways. At least in England, which is originally the home country of her, she is considered an inspiration by many female musicians for showing new possibilities. 

Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band (Sheila E.) 

Sheila E. is perhaps not known only for her performance with just this particular band, but quite a few others as well. She has performed with the likes of Prince, Madonna, Beyonce, and others.

While it is unnecessary to just pick out one, we decided to talk about the various times she has worked with Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band. There are some reasons for this though.

Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band is no ordinary group; hence the term supergroup is used for widely in their case. They had a lineup of some of the best performers of their time. And it is due to this that we chose to feature this band for the case of Sheila E.

The band is a live performer, meaning they do not make studio albums. They were formed by the legendary drummer of The Beatles – Ringo Starr, hence the name of the band. They have performed and released over 8 albums, 2 of which Sheila E. was featured in. 

The contribution of Sheila E. towards women in music is great, and even more because of her achievements as a person of color. The time where she is from was not a good one for a woman, let alone a woman of color to explore their success as a drummer. But Sheila E. showed the world how she is amazing at what she does, which is playing the drums.

Warpaint (Stella Mozgawa) 

Warpaint, formed in 2004, is an indie rock band from California, the United States. Their genre of music is not as direct as it may seem. They create psychedelic and art rock, and also share similarities with dream pop.

A reason behind their success is this unique approach to playing music. Their albums have been received positively by the music community, and they are going strong still today.

Their drummer, Stella Mozgawa is a Polish-Australian drummer who is very skilled at her art. Her time with Warpaint has granted her the feat of being able to release three studio albums over time. She has worked aside some famous artists as well, namely Daughter, Shura and Depeche mode. 

 The Runaways (Sandy West)

The Runaways are not too popular in their country of origin, which is the United States. They did however become a complete sensation overseas and the east, namely in Japan. The song “Cherry Bomb” has gotten them a lot of traction. Their success in USA may have been mediocre, but they are still looked at quite fondly by musicians, especially in a context of women in music. 

Their drummer Sandy West was not groundbreaking as a songwriter, but her drumming skills were amazing. And given that this is a band from the 70s, she is remembered by many quite well for her stage performances.

She was one of the founding members, having had a passion for music from an early age. And she is one of the biggest reasons of success and fame that went widespread of the Runaways.

Sandy West was loved widely during her time active as a drummer, and she is remembered today as one of the pioneering rock drummers today. She passed away in 2006, aged just 47. She has left a legacy for female drummers worldwide that many women aspire to stand up to the standard of.

female drummer


This was our look back at some of the more known bands with female drummers. The women of this art are definitely helping to take the music industry to a new level. By allowing room for different, newer approaches of style of music, there is no doubt this is causing positive changes in the music industry.

Drummers are an essential part of a band, and women of this scene have contributed greatly to the success of it. We hope this article has been informative for you, and let you know.


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