Alesis dm10 mkii review

Alesis dm10 mkii is an electronic kit that drummers play during practice as well as live events. This comes with ten pieces that you can use to produce different sound effects.

If you want to learn how to drum, you should consider this electronic kit. It is a high-quality drum set that contains all the pieces you need to improve your skills. Alesis dm10 mkii comes from one of the leading producers of musical instruments known as Alesis. This manufacturer has been making electronic drums using quality materials for years. Choosing Alesis dm10 mkii can give you value for your cash.

What you should expect from Alesis dm10 mkii

If you like mesh drum heads, then this kit may be an ideal option. Most of the electronic kits for drummers contain Mylar or rubber heads. Though these are long lasting materials, they don’t respond as good as mesh drumheads. This electronic kit is designed to sound well and give you excellent service for many years.

Alesis dm10 mkii is a 10-piece kit. You should expect different elements in it, such as drum pads, a hi-hat, crash, mesh kick pad, and ride. This electronic kit also contains a module mount, chrome rack, cable snakes, snare stand, and realhat pedal. The package cannot be complete without a drum key, drum sticks, and a user guide. In short, it contains all the components you require to start drumming.

Many drummers are worried about the noise level of different electronic kits. When you choose Alesis dm10 mkii, you should expect a minimal noise level. You can use this drum kit to practice from any space since it is not too loud. Some drummers even play this kit indoors without making any significant disturbances.

While most electronic kits come at a high price, the manufacturer of Alesis dm10 mkii offers it at an affordable price. You should therefore expect to save some cash from choosing Alesis dm10 mkii. The manufacturer of this drum kit also offers a one year warranty for it.

The key features of Alesis dm10 mkii


One of the things that make many drummers choose this electronic kit over other models is the sound it delivers. The unit contains at least 50 drum kits that come preset. They can help you come up with numerous customized creations. It lets you choose your preferred sound and even make adjustments as you utilize the different control features available.

You can even add sound effects like a reverb or experiment with the drum or cymbal sounds with this unit. Once you get the ideal sound, you should set the drum kit accordingly. It gives you access to different melodic sounds as well as percussion samples.

Drums and pads

The drum kit includes six pieces. Unlike most electronic kits, the drum size of Alesis dm10 mkii is big. It comes with a snare that is around 12 inches in diameter. The large diameter gives you enough room for you to play what you enjoy. It also ensures that the drumsticks cover a larger surface area. You can play shots and rim click on the snare. Hitting the head surface leads to different sound effects.

Alesis dm10 mkii is different from other drum kits, which come with snare drums that are only 8 inches. Such snare drums leave less room for any errors. This electronic kit also contains an adjustable stand for the snare drum. This stand ensures that the snare drum is always stable while you play. Feel free to reposition the stand at any time so that you can play without worrying about the drum mounts getting loose.

Apart from the snare, Alesis dm10 mkii also contains other drums known as floor toms. The floor toms are positioned on the drum rack. You can utilize the floor toms to play rim shots. Alesis dm10 mkii also includes rack toms that feature dual-zone triggering. These front rack toms are small compared to the snare and floor toms since they have a diameter of 8 inches.

The bass drum of this electronic kit offers a lot of room for customization. This mesh pad comes mounted on the bass drum tower. Since the tower is quite solid, it can easily fit a double or single drum pedal. The manufacturer of this drum kit also gives players the flexibility of adjusting the bass drum pad. The tower bass contains some spikes which offer support and provide a firm grip on a floor surface. The pads of Alesis dm10 mkii not only respond well but also have an excellent feel. Most drummers also like the elegant design of these pads.


Alesis dm10 mkii contains four cymbals. Though the cymbals available in this electronic kit are bigger than what other models offer, they fail to provide a 360-degree drumming surface. You should expect different types of cymbals in this kit, such as two crashes measuring 14 inches, a 16-inch ride, and a 12-inch hi-hat.

You can angle the cymbals such that you get an excellent playable area. The ride cymbal offers realistic playing since it is a three-zone pad. Apart from the large size of the cymbals, they feel quite good during playing.

Other features

Besides the major features, Alesis dm10 mkii also has extra features such as a sequencer. This has numerous preset patterns that you can play along with. This electronic kit also gives you the freedom to import samples. Make use of the available USB drive when you want to import MP3s.


  • Contains numerous features
  • Ideal for drummers who want to practice playing
  • Produces minimal noise
  • Affordable price
  • The mesh drum heads offer a great feel.


  • Some drummers are not impressed with the controller pedal design.


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Final thoughts

When it comes to quality musical instruments, Alesis does not disappoint. This company offers Alesis dm10 mkii electronic kit at a reasonable price point. It is a good drum kit that is easy to play. You can use it for practice in your home or record using it in a studio. The inclusion of large drums and cymbals makes it perform better than most models.

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