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Session Musician, Recording Engineer, Drummer

Drumming is not only enjoyable for the drummer and listeners but helps create a balance that retains the connection between the body, mind, and soul. Music equipment when used rhythmically tends to absorb our whole being, they keep us entertained, help reduce tension in our system, and in the process strengthen our immune system while creating a state of wellness by releasing emotional trauma.

Hi there, my names is Morris Wright, I am a drummer and have been working as a recording engineer for quite a while now; my main job is to ensure that all recorded tracks sound good thus provide to the mixing engineer the best material to work with. I also ensure that the final product submitted to the artists and producers is of the best quality.

Having been brought up in a strictly religious family, I developed interest in making music for the church choir, not only was it satisfying to the soul but people had so much fun with the perfect synchronization of the instruments. I later specialized in drumming and the reason I provided excerpts that explicated on drums; with the relevant drumming certificate, I can play a variety of the rock drumming styles, I have the best overall coordination, touch, and dynamics.

For the production of good music, drums come in sets, and you will, therefore, find them in five, six, or larger pieces set, which offer a wider tonal range. Important to note is that the larger kits are best when used for fusion, heavy rock, or the metal styles, Drum sets are also designed with two different configurations, which are the standard and fusion, the former are characteristic of the 12” and 13” mounted toms, a 22” bass drum and a 16” floor tom.

The fusion drum sets, on the other hand, are characteristic of 10” and 12” mounted toms, complete with a 22” bass drum and a 16” floor tom. When it comes to purchasing drums, therefore, it is best if you get a set because it will most of the time come with all the hardware that you might need.

Also, drum sets come in different categories, if you are a beginner, best you get the beginner drum set which are also fairly priced but be keen to check on its construction, for example, the type of wood used for construction. Most of the best drums are made of maple because it produces a balanced tone, others are birch, mahogany, lauan, and oak. More actionable information on drums has been provided in the comprehensive excerpts hope that you enjoy interacting with them as much as we enjoy preparing them for you.

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