5 Best Electronic Drum Set for Metal in 2021

In case you are a metal head looking for a good quality electronic drum set for your most awaited jams, or to maximize your metal performance, we have got you covered. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best drum sets that you can easily find in the market. If you are buying an electronic drum set for metal for the first time, we have also put together a buying guide with all the important considerations you can make. We will guide you to find out 5 best electronic drum set for metal in 2021.

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5 Best Electronic Drum Set for Metal in 2021

Name of the Product

Key Features


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Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit

  • High performing mesh
  • Premium 8-piece configuration
  • 10 inches cymbals
  • 8 inches tom pads
  • Comes with accessories


Roland TD-1DMK

  • Hi-hat control pedal
  • AC adaptor power supply
  • 150 mA drawable current
  • Accessories Included


Roland TD-27KV

  • Extra trigger input jack
  • Includes accessories
  • 14 inches digital snare
  • 18 inches ride cymbal
  • High-resolution and multi-sensor triggering


Yamaha DTX6 Electronic Drum Set
  • 40 preset kits
  • KP90 kick tower
  • Robust HS650A hi-hat stand
  • TCS heads
  • XP80 snare
  • Closed rim playability


Alesis Command Mesh Kit

  • 8 inch mesh kick drum
  • 10 inch dual zone mesh snare
  • 3 mesh tom pads of 8 inch
  • Inbuilt sequencer
  • Comes with accessories


1. Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit 

5 Best Electronic Drum Set for Metal in 2021

Owing to its all-mesh pads as well as a really good drum module, the Alesis nitro mesh set is one of the best electronic drum sets for metal in a reasonable price. This drum kit is recommended for its value as well as great features. Both mesh heads for the snare and tom pads are included in this electric drum kit.

This Alesis Nitro Mesh electronic set comes with an 8 inches dual-zone mesh snare, a 10″ dual-zone chokeable crash, three 8 inches single-zone mesh toms, 2 additional single-zoned cymbals which can be used ride and for hi-hat including a hi-hat controller pedal, and a full 4-post drum rack.

The drum kit is set up similarly to an acoustic drum set. This enables a drummer to quickly switch from electronic drums to acoustic drums. As a result, it really is ideal for those looking for a comfortable practice room.

This drum kit includes a real kick pedal as well as a pad that replicates the motion of an actual bass drum.  Many beginner kits only have basic bass pedals without any beater.

This can make learning feel less normal. Fortunately, that is not the case with the Alesis Nitro Mesh electronic set. This kit, in fact, has improved playability. 


  • Great value and affordable
  • Editing with this kit is very easy and fast
  • Practical and good quality mesh pads
  • Rather than an electronic pedal, a proper kick pad is used
  • Improved playability


  • Mesh heads are comparatively small
  • Lacks high-end kits

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2. Roland TD-1DMK

5 Best Electronic Drum Set for Metal in 2021

With all mesh heads and Roland’s usual high quality build, this is a reasonably compact kit. The Roland TD-1DMK electronic drum set is a budget-friendly option which could be used for long-term practice. 

It includes four Roland tunable mesh pads that are ideal for learning to play on. The drum pad can also accommodate double bass pedals, which is a great feature.

Roland’s product line has evolved significantly in recent years, and they’ve become more price competitive for entry-level options. Mesh pads were previously only available on their flagship and mid-level kits.

For beginners, the drum module is ideal. It’s less feature-rich than Roland’s mid- and high-end drum brains, but beginners won’t need the bulk of these extras. 


  • Good quality mesh heads
  • High build quality
  • As a compact practice alternative, it’s fantastic
  • With double bass drum pedals, it is amazing


  • Module with a small number of options
  • Many other entry-level kits are less costly

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3. Roland TD-27KV 


The TD-27 module and kit was released at the beginning of 2020, and it can be found in the center of Roland’s electronic kit lineup. The TD-27 drum set, and also the TD-27KV we are talking about here, is the core of Roland’s VAD series kits at the time of publishing.

The sound quality is taken from the flagship TD-50 and contains a range of innovations that make playing your e-kit as realistic as possible. 

Larger pads (10 inches toms, 12-13 inches crash cymbals, including hi-hats) are included in the complete set. It also has an impressive addition of a 14×4.3 inches stainless steel, 18” CY-18DR ride cymbal for increased reaction and PD-140DS digital snare for physical movement, and realism. 

The Roland TD-27KV electronic drum set is a huge investment, but it can push you to the next levels and last for a lifetime as well. 


  • Next-level ride triggering 
  • Great snare
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Unparalleled dynamics
  • Accurate positional detection
  • Comes with a USB audio/MIDI interface, Bluetooth, and sample import


  • A bit expensive

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4. Yamaha DTX6 Electronic Drum Set


With its fantastic sounds and plenty of editing choices, Yamaha’s new electronic kit definitely one of the best electronic drum sets for metal in the series. If you’re looking for a system that offers fantastic sounds and plenty of editing choices, Yamaha’s new electronic kit definitely checks the boxes.

There is a lot to like about this kit, which includes the pads made of silicon that comes from Yamaha. They are positioned in tom and snare which makes them one of the best, and an acoustic-style hi-hat which includes a stand. 

You can add and modify your sounds in real time using the Kit Modifier controls on the top panel, and you can also import your own samples and map them towards the pads using the DTX Pro module. 


  • Great sound quality
  • Hands-on processor
  • Pad response is convenient 
  • Sample can be imported


  • Does not have Bluetooth
  • Small pads
  • Complicated sample management

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5. Alesis Command Mesh Kit


For those who want to take things a step further than the entry-level kits, this is an incredible option.  The Alesis Command Mesh Electronic Drum Set has a lot of features and is a great value for the money.

It’s a major improvement over entry-level electronic drums. But for the hi-hat pedal and kick pad, all goes into the drum rack. All of the drums and cymbals, along with the snare drum, are in a very comfortable position. 

The drum heads can be tuned in the same way that traditional acoustic heads are, resulting in a much more realistic playing experience. All of the snare and tom pads are dual-zone, adding to the realism.

The drum module in this set has a lot of options. It helps you to choose the sound you like, customize your kit, adjust the your playing sensitivity, and so much more. It has seventy different kits and is a significant improvement over the Alesis Nitro module in terms of overall functionality.


  • Mesh heads are of good quality
  • Excellent module
  • Affordable
  • Kick drum pad with a large size
  • Materials for hardware are of high quality


  • Standalone pedal for high hats

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Buying Guide

Drums are an important instrument for metal songs. For enhanced and more vivid performance, electronic drums are a perfect fit for this genre. Jazz and metal are 2 genres of music with a colossal number of subgenres.

A punchy as well as loud drum kit is a must in all metal types. It does not matter if it is death metal, metalcore, or slash metal; a powerful drum sound is undeniably essential.

Although there are hundreds of different brands of electronic drum sets for metal songs on the market, you can find the best product if you just know the features that you need to look for.

  • Choosing Sound

You have the option of choosing any drum kit, percussion package, or other musical sounds you like. Person customization and the addition of your own samples are possible with some modules.

  • Controlling Volume

The module can be used to adjust the volume. You can adjust the volume of individual instruments in certain modules.

  • Layers and Sensitivity

You can adjust how much force is needed to activate your sounds using sensitivity settings. Some pads are extremely sensitive and allow for dual layering, which means that hitting a pad gently will trigger one sound and hitting it harder will trigger another.

Final Words

Electric drum sets are very essential for playing metal. If you’re a metal-head, you can easily find the best electronic drum set for metal within you price range out there in the market in 2021. You can check our buyer’s guide to het the perfect set for yourself. If you think this article has helped you, do check out our other articles on musical instruments and their accessories.

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